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5631RE: Hero Pack 5 is out

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  • alienmastermind
    Sep 24 11:04 AM

      Sorry about the lack of announcement, folks! I think Steve might have shouted about this on his facebook feed and blog. Yeah, this book was as much fun to write as it was to draw -- OH! And Ron Frazier's team will be featured in the Nemesis Crisis module -- free for backers of the Hero Pack (stay tuned for details) -- along with the villains and a transport for their team! 

      Right now, finishing artwork on the follow up to Flight of the Nova-1, Cold-War Conundrum -- then it will be Nemesis Crisis, and then another unrelated module - Be ready for ICONS goodness this holiday season! 


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      Didn't see anything announcements for the public release of this Hero Pack on this mail group nor did I get the usual notification email from rpgnow so I thought I'd mention it, but non-backers can now get Hero Pack 5 from Rpgnow or Drivethru. 

      At $10 it might seem a bit expensive, especially as we've had quite a few big ICONS releases recently,  but it is substantial book with roughly 60-70 characters. half of which are villains.  At first glance the villains seem, on balance, a little more versatile that those found in the Villainomicon.  More to the point most of the villains are organised in teams which is very, very handy because team vs team tend to make for the most fun supers fight scenes.

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