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5195Re: Question about Strength and Speed

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  • stevekenson
    Jun 2, 2013
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      On Jun 1, 2013, at 4:07 PM, devlin1@... wrote:
      Roll Strength. If he hits the speedster, he threw it fast enough. If not, he didn't.

      I agree with Mike's sentiment. In Icons, it's really not a matter of figuring out how fast either character is actually going (or throwing), but can the strong character hit the fleeing fast character? Just roll Coordination vs. Coordination (or Super-Speed, if the speedster has the Defending extra) to see if it hits.

      If you want a fast-and-easy rule of thumb, subtract the object's weight (the minimum Strength level needed to lift it) from the thrower's Strength level to get the speed at which it is thrown. So Strength 8 guy could easily heft something weighing 20 lbs. or so (around Strength 2) and hurl it at Speed 6, but what's really going to matter is will his Coordination test to hit the speedster be successful?

      The damage of a thrown object is equal to the thrower's Strength. See page 59 of Icons for details on throwing.
      Steve Kenson

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