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  • Hollis McCray
    May 8, 2013
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      And  my statement was not intended as a rebuke directly against you, just as a general  warning. Discussions about Team-Up have tended to get very ugly, very, very fast. I think that everyone is justified in their frustrations about this product, but one of the things I require on this list is keeping things civil.

      So the ban is now lifted, just Keep It Cool. Gareth, progress reports would be appreciated and will do much to keep things calm at this point. I think the fact that Far West has been getting frequent updates and Team-Up has not is something of a sore point.

      On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 10:22 AM, Curt <curtmeyer@...> wrote:

      If a community doesn't evaluate its past, it is destined to perpetuate it. That's why I ask about Team Up every couple of months. Just think of my questions as analogous to the student loan collection agency. ...oh, I think I just branded myself a villain.

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      On May 7, 2013, at 11:28 PM, "B.C. Wendel" <BCKixAzz@...> wrote:


      --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, Hollis McCray <ascensionschild@...> wrote:
      > Understood. But keep keep in mind that Team-Up is a very touchy subject
      > among long-term Icons fans. So I tend to keep a close eye every time the
      > subject comes up. I think everyone would been happier if Gareth had given
      > us detailed, regular status reports about Team-Up.

      Yeah, I thought Team-Up was never to spoken of again here. I guess those restrictions have kind of eased up. For anyone who pre-ordered this product over a year ago, they have good reason to be annoyed/upset/frustrated/whatever.

      I am happy that Great Power is out, and though I did not fund it, I will definitely pick up a print copy when I can.

      Hollis McCray
      aka The Fifth Wanderer


      "GMing is like herding cats. Wet, angry cats who are pumped full of LSD and methamphetamines." - Stolen from some forum sig somewhere
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