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  • Chris Tavares
    May 6, 2013

      As one of the players (thanks again Mike!) I think it’s interesting that you’re taking a different approach to the one we took in the play session re. # of zombies/bystanders.


      During the game, I don’t remember at any point being told how many zombies were attacking the beach, or being told which civilians were being attacked by who. Instead, we just kept attacking zombies, making up bystanders (of course there had to be a family with children at the beach!) as needed to make the game more interesting. Tracking priorities wasn’t that hard – we waited until we saw the civilians were basically out of danger, then ZOMG GIANT MECHANICAL SQUID!!!!


      I thought it worked well for the game and the group we had (plus the time limits). I can certainly understand wanting a more precisely tracked “battle map” instead, though, even if only in your head.


      I see what you mean (looking back at the game) about the rules things. I don’t remember even seeing the “-1 from movement” rule – I’ll have to look that one up again.


      It’s kind of funny. My home group recently started a hopefully long-term game of the classic Marvel Super Heroes. Playing it again, I can see where most of the mechanics of Icons originally came from – Determination is a lot like Karma, the stunt rules are almost identical, power descriptions look very familiar, etc. What Icons does really, really well is remove a lot of the “fiddly”. While I remembered it as a simple game, in actual play MSH is actually pretty detailed. At least the advanced set, which we’re playing.





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      I'm not in a habit of listening to podcasts but as I may be running this scenario soon I figured I'd give it a shot.


      The best part for me was Dark Pharaoh's defeat monologue at the end of the scenario. That was just priceless!

      From a GM it was useful in it highlighted the complications of running scenes with crowds and lots of minions and lot#s of things happening. In the opening scene you have a lot of civilians on the beach and good number of zombies. Unless you are using miniatures (which have their own problems) it's hard for the player to keep track of how many zombies are left and where the greatest danger or most urgent need is to be found. I think when I come to running this I need to be very disciplined at the start of each page and  recap the situation.


      Another couple of points of interest.   It confirms my experiences, both running and playing the game, about on how the rules get a little mangled in actual play. Specifically:


      Nobody, but nobody uses the -1 penalty for movement rule. It's one of those rules that is easily forgotten I guess feels unnatural and in the same spirit of the rest of the rules. I only really apply it the character is getting up from a knockdown or if they are really pushing in in terms of how complicated a move they want to make.


      Also nobody uses the Stunt rules as written. They don't enforce the invoke a Quality bit nor do they make separate test to activate it and another to apply it, the just pay the DP cost and and make a test to apply its affect. To be honest I never used the test to activate a Stunt as usually when players come up Stunt ideas they are usually pretty cool ideas  that really add flavour to the adventure, the last thing I want to do is see it fizzle. Of course if the Stunt is also an attack I expect them to make a normal attack roll.



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      Subject: [icons-rpg] ICONS actual play session on the Bamfcast


      Stacey Montgomery (aka Princess Stacey on rpg.net) stops to run an ICONS session for us. The adventure is Aquazombies of the Kriegsmarine

      Chris Tavares, Adrian Smith and yours truly (Mike Lafferty) are the players.

      This sessions gave us a chance to highlight the Dream Control and Probability Control powers

      You can check out the podcast here: http://mikelaff.podbean.com/2013/05/01/icons-actual-play-aquazombies/

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