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5071RE: [icons-rpg] [ICONS] Your favorite adventure and why

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  • Soylent Green
    Apr 30, 2013
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      I have praised Sins of the Past before, but that won't stop me from doing so again.

      I'll start with the simple things that Sins of the Past get's right. The story has a strong premise that offers equal amonts of action, investigation and human interest. The latter is very significant in Sins of the Past; this is an adventure that has heart.

      This adventure also provides a very flexible framework. The events in the adventure do not have to happen in the way or order described. There are no fights you have to win (or are expected to lose) to progress the story and the outcome is wide open.

      Sins of the Past also has a really large cast of supervillians. I find it surprising that so many superhero adventure shy away from the classic hero team vs supervillain team scraps in  favour of an opposition consisting mostly of aliens, robots, critters or generic henchmen with perhaps just one boss supervillain at the end. Sure that works too, but personally I find that fight scenes between a group of superheroes against a group of supervillians, each with unique abilities and personalities, is where it really gets fun. 

      But what makes Sins of the Past really shine is how it has a very authentic comic book feel. At it's core the plot is a basic supervillian grudge match. 

      The more casual superhero fan might be forgiven in thinking that the typical supershero adventure revolves around protecting the public by stopping a threat. The scale may vary from preventing a bank robbery or saving the universe, but the principle is much the same. 

      That of course happens in comic books, but in my experience the most authentically typical superhero plot is in fact the grudge match, a supervillian attacks superhero seeking revenge or to prove a point. I'm pretty sure there were entire years in which the Avengers or the Fantastic Four did nothing but defend themselves from a succession of grudge matches from the Frightful Four, the Mole Man, Dr Doom and that really obscure villian that back from the 60s that no one though they'd ever see again. It's is good to see an adventure that actually acknowledges this.

      And of course the contrast between modern and golden age superheroes is again something might not mean much to the casual superhero fan but it sure to strike a chord among those of us whole probably spend more time reading comics than we probably should have.

      All in all Sins of the Past is a class act.

      I feel I should also mention the Mastermind Affair as that adventure shares many of the best features of Sins of the Past. It is actually even more flexible though the human interest aspect isn't as pronounced.

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      I'm just curious what is your favorite published ICONS adventure and why!

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