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4957Re: [icons-rpg] Never Run Supers

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  • Theron Bretz
    Mar 16, 2013
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      Do you read superhero comics?  If so, figure out what fits the style of play you want. If not, I recommend watching some cartoons or movies. My personal faves are the DCU cartoons from WB, particularly Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Marvel's got some good ones too in Avengers Assemble! and Wolverine and the X-Men, not to mention the live-action movies. 

      The next step is to make sure your players are on the same page for style. Nothing kills a zany Silver Age campaign faster than a loner gunbunny. 

      After that, I recommend a fairly light hand. Let the heroes be heroes. My approach to plotting is to come up with the villain's plan, how the heroes find out about it, and what happens if they don't do anything about it. How they stop it is part of my fun. 

      As for good beginner adventures, The Skeletron Key is a good intro session. Danger in Dunsmouth is fairly straightforward, but does have a couple of potential stumbling blocks. 

      The best intro supers adventure of all time is Crisis at Crusaders' Citadel for V&V, though if you can find a copy, it would be pretty easy to adapt to ICONS. 

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      On Mar 16, 2013, at 11:11 AM, Michael Garcia <thecrazygm@...> wrote:

      How do you go about prepping for a supers game? I'v had *years* of experience as a GM, but never in the Super genre. I know I need to consider power level i.e. Batman vs Superman would make two totally different arcs.

      On the same note what is the best module to introduce and teach a beginner in the Super Genre?

      Michael Garcia, a.k.a. The Crazy GM

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