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4937New setting Peacekeepers is now available on RPGNow.com!

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  • Jakub
    Mar 3, 2013
      So there you have it.


      A horde of super-powered troopers attacked Earth, demolished the most important cities, killed the major superheroes... but a masked supervillainess somehow drove them back. We survived the invasion. Now, it's YOUR turn to become the global superhero team, maintain the peace and delve into the origins of the invaders. Hopefully, you'll get to save the world.

      Peacekeepers is a mini-setting for Savage Worlds (requiring Super Powers Companion) or ICONS describing the world after an invasion of Ultimians. You could use it on your own or incorporate it in an existing campaign.

      In this book you'll find new threats and opportunities, some optional rules (like a Wealth system for Savage Worlds and Icons), some new Edges and Hindrances, a superheroic adventure generator and a random civilian events generator (to roll up what happens when you're out of costume). It contains an outline of the Plot Point campaign, and two semi-related Savage Tales, complete with a collection of unusual suspects.

      Everything is statted for Savage Worlds and Icons.
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