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4516An ICONS zine?

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  • John McMullen
    Oct 4, 2012
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      ICONS stuff has been thin on the ground lately (not nonexistent, but thin).
      Is the market large enough for an ICONS magazine, probably distributed in PDF through DriveThru/RPGNow?
      I have no idea what the size of the audience is for ICONS, and I have no intention of actually starting one. I might buy one, though--
      But I wouldn't want to take money from Steve or (for that matter) from Fainting Goat or Vigilance or any of the other publishers I favor.
      I don't know if you could even do a magazine. This is sort of similar to the chapbook idea I floated a while back--but my experience with magazines for any but the biggest couple of games is that they tend not to meet their deadlines until they miss a lot of them, and then they don't meet the new deadlines. :)
      John McMullen (Searching for a .sig)
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