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4441Re-announcing... An ICONS adventure on September 22, over the Intartubes

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  • John McMullen
    Sep 5, 2012
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      Well, if you missed it, it's likely that others did, too.
      So, I'm trying to plan ahead. On Sept 22 (a Saturday afternoon for me), I'm going to run a variant Gangbusters on Roll20. If you're interested and able to attend, I'd love to have characters by Monday before. Characters are either roll up or 45 points: tell me which, but I'll generally trust you unless you do something terribly egregious.
      The variation is that the Storm Agency has already been successful in Stark City, so this is an attempt at forming a franchise in another city. I do ask that characters have a reason to be joining such a franchise, whether they are new or established heroes.
      If I get interest, then I'll figure out what the name of the city is.
      John McMullen (Searching for a .sig)

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      On Sep 5, 2012, at 9:00 AM, John McMullen <jhmcmullen@...> wrote:
      I'll repeat: I've scheduled running a thing on Roll20 for Sept 22. I have had zero responses so far, which might indicate a lack of interest.

      Sorry … I must have missed the original announcement. What sort of thing?


      Chris Heard
      Icosahedrophilia Blog and Podcast

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