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4436Re: Batting around a campaign idea: young heroes

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  • Steve Kenson
    Sep 5, 2012
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      See Timothy Zahn's novel "A Coming of Age" for just this concept: children with telekinetic powers that fade with the onset of adolescence until they're gone by adulthood. Some concepts that might apply to the "super-teen" setting include:

      • Adult "Fagans" who organize and run gangs (or cults) of young, impressionable supers.
      • Special schools (ala Xavier's or Sky High) for training and containing young supers.
      • "Upperclassmen" charged with keeping younger super-peers in-line and teaching them discipline.
      • Unscrupulous governments, corporations, and individuals recruiting and exploiting young supers, along with many seeking political asylum from homelands where they face exploitation or persecution.
      • A spike in depression and related problems for young supers in transition. College-age can be hard enough without going from super-powered celebrity to relatively powerless has-been.
      • Legal issues surrounding the fact that 99% of supers are minors. Is letting them fight crime or handle disaster relief child endangerment? Should super-criminals be tried as adults? The very fact that they're not legal adults might be why supers wear masks and conceal their identities.
      • Kids being kids: dealing with school-age drama, personal relationships, etc. Everything is magnified for an adolescent, so much more so when they have powers!

      Game system and character creation wise you can play around with a random age-category roll (for early-, mid-, and late-development, say ages 11-13, 14-16, and 17-19, or just roll d6+12 for random age). Aspects may include interpersonal relationships and related teen Challenges.

      Lots of fun possibilities and potential!
      Steve Kenson

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