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4348Re: Alas, no ICONS Team-Up Yet

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  • Jack
    Aug 1, 2012
      No, you are being reasonable. I'm tired of delay after delay. I wont preorder from them again.

      --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, "B.C. Wendel" <BCKixAzz@...> wrote:
      > --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, "Tim K." <silverlion@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Personally, I'll take a game a little late, and have the person's whose
      > > work I respect in my hands and know that I've treated them humanly as
      > > people.
      > I didn't realize I was being inhuman. Or an Inhuman.
      > Obviously I don't wish any ill health on anyone - I just want to know why we get told one thing, then something else, then something else. We were told the PDF was coming out in a couple weeks back in April - what has taken it so long? I pre-ordered the book because I want to support this game and company - but after a while, these delays and endless excuses get old. Has the family sickness caused the 4 months of delays?
      > Some people would just give up on this game altogether - I'm not going to do that, but these delays can't be good for business, and I want them to be as successful as they can be.
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