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4345Re: [icons-rpg] Re: Alas, no ICONS Team-Up Yet

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  • Tim K.
    Aug 1 4:44 PM
      On 8/1/2012 6:29 PM, B.C. Wendel wrote:
      > I kinda feel like we were forced into pre-ordering it back in March, and now five months later there is no release in sight. I'm pretty sure we'll get it someday, but it seems like in the RPG industry there is always somebody with a personal problem or family sickness that always makes stuff come out late - except for Wizards of the Coast, they seem to be more timely/professional that the rest.
      > But hey, the DC Adventures 4th book is way late from whenever it was due out, and the new Marvel RPG is already way behind their announced schedule, with only one product in stores - so it is what it is.

      It has nothing to do with professionalism. It has everything to do with
      the fact that when you have few employees, these kinds of crisis impact
      you more directly.

      It isn't that WOTC doesn't push things back too---just that they're
      less likely to tell you why.

      I'm a small press publisher, and I know what causes my delays personally.

      Plus Hasbro/WOTC can most likely just fire the person who is their
      freelancer and hand his or her work off to another, likely citing some
      part of their contract to do so and making sure that they're real sorry
      about how the person's family is ill, but it has NOTHING to do with
      their job loss.

      Personally, I'll take a game a little late, and have the person's whose
      work I respect in my hands and know that I've treated them humanly as

      Heck, this is a superhero came, hero up, and think of what Peter Parker
      or Superman would do in this situation without the powers, just with
      their hearts.
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