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4336Re: [icons-rpg] Alas, no ICONS Team-Up Yet

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  • John McMullen
    Aug 1 5:15 AM
      I feel the sorrow, for I am affected, too. And the only way it can be dealt with is to preorder (so Gareth has money to work with) and then smile whenever a release date is announced and say, "It would be marvelous to have it on that date." Make no plans, book no party hall, set aside the intention for an adventure. 

      Make no mistake: we like Adamant, we like ICONS, we like Gareth--we're here, after all. But stuff comes out when it comes out, and Adamant does not have the redundancy of staff to deal with these products and external emergencies. 

      It's like that for any one-man shop. 

      John, a one-man shop

      On 2012-08-01, at 12:42 AM, "Chris Tavares" <cct@...> wrote:

      The only way to deal with Adamant’s release “schedule” is to be patient. I’ve never known them to drop stuff without letting people know, but I’ve also never known them to hit any proposed release dates. I’ve done four preorders from Adamant at this point.


      Mars for Savage Worlds was late (I think that was the one).

      Icons was late.

      Villianomicon was late.

      And now Team-Up is late.


      I am sensing a trend here. J




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      Midnight came, and ITU didn't. I am bereft. Let the laughter commence.

      But I'm grateful for the update and I extend all best wishes to the GMS clan for a speedy recovery.

      I suppose this is my cue to make with the melted-face freak-out jokes, but I'm genuinely disappointed, so my heart isn't in it.

      Next week. I shall cling to the hope of next week...

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