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4011Re: [icons-rpg] Re: Supplements with new rules?

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  • Fabrício César Franco
    Jun 15, 2012
      And following the footsteps of jaerdaph, on my blog I started discussing new specialties and powers too, with suggestions on how to apply them in your games.

      By the way, how would you, fellow members of this list, classify the following comic book characters' powers:
      • Marvel Comics' Speedball: just Leaping? specific Force Field? totally new Speedball Force?
      • Marvel Comics' Taskmaster: Power Duplication limited to Coordination? totally new Reflex Memory?
      • Marvel Comics' Cypher: enhanced Intellect limited to Language? totally new Linguistics?
      • Marvel Comics' Marrow: Extra Body Parts' Carapace? specific Blast? totally new Bone Growth?
      • Marvel Comics' Collective Man and New Universe PsiHawk: totally new Gestalt?
      • Marvel Comics' Avalanche: Earth Control limited to quakes? totally new Earthquake?
      • Marvel Comics' 2099 Krystallin: totally new Crystal Control?
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