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  • Gerry
    May 3, 2012
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      Well I did state I took some liberties with the Aspects/Challenges; Kryptonite didn't appear until 1943 in the radio show, and didn't appear in the comic until 1949. Since it's something most people associate with him (as well as the whole Truth and Justice motivation), I felt it best to include it

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      >> It did! I got the file fixed, so I made 2 pdf copies, each with different art I found on the Superbuddies forums way back. 1 has his original costume from Action Comics #1, and the other his regular Golden Age costume. Will upload the pdf files a little later, but here is the text for what I came up with. Let me know what everyone thinks (though keep in mind, this is his original, early power set, and not what the modern version can do):
      >> Qualities
      >>  Motivation : Truth, Justice & The American Way
      >It's worth noting that Superman's original never-ending battle was
      >just for "truth and justice". The phrase began in 1940 on the
      >Adventures of Superman radio show, and had the "American Way" part
      >tacked on '42 because we were into the War by that time. It was
      >dropped from the opening in '45 following the end of the war, and not
      >picked up again until the George Reeves TV show. By that time, we were
      >Commie smashin', so it stuck around like the new national Motto and
      >the new words in the Pledge of Allegiance.
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