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  • jaerdaph
    May 2, 2012
      Gerry wrote:
      "I found a wiki article listing his powers. It's interesting to see how much weaker he originally was than he is today. I started the build in the folio, but am having a problem with it. Maybe someone can help me, as the forums for the folio didn't have much info in the faq.

      I'm trying to add in supersenses. He started with two (telescopic vision and enhanced hearing). However, when I try and add 2 options, only one displays after I save them. How do I fix that? It's the main thing preventing me from finishing the build right now...."

      I played around with this a little just now. It's a little buggy, especially if you go back into the power to edit it later. I suggest just deleting the power from your powers list (select the power with the mouse to highlight it and hit delete) and adding it again. Go in to edit, set the power level, hold down the control key to select the option(s) you want from the list. Hit save.

      If you go back in to edit it again, it gets all buggy. Only one selection remains highlighted in the list and if you save again, you lose the others you had selected before. To complicate matters, the control key function to select multiple options stops working too.

      I suggest just deleting the power and adding it back if you need to make changes. Know what you need before you go in, set it and (hopefully) forget it!

      Hope that helps a bit.

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