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  • John McMullen
    Apr 7, 2012
      Ooh, I like that one. (scribbles it down to steal it)


      On 2012-04-07, at 11:34 AM, "Seamus" <sotp_seamus@...> wrote:

      > Yeah, then you offer players the chance to create and play as their hero's parent. It's like 'Heroes', only the plot doesn't have to fall apart halfway through.
      > --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, John Dunn <john.dunn@...> wrote:
      >> Great ideas, Seamus!
      >> The Homecoming game is actually the backdrop for "The Substitute."
      >> Halloween Ball is actually the "big fall dance" at Hope Prep. That's
      >> covered in the adventure named "Halloween Ball" (my creativity knows no
      >> bounds). There is a homecoming game that's mentioned in the Freshman
      >> Handbook, but we haven't specifically addressed it yet. That's something
      >> we'd likely cover in year
      >> I do like the way you're spinning the idea about flashing between parental
      >> and student histories. That's a cool idea.
      >> -John
      >> On Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 10:24 AM, Seamus <sotp_seamus@...> wrote:
      >>> **
      >>> I'm getting in on this a little late, but have you planned something
      >>> special for homecoming? I imagine the heroes' parents were a previous group
      >>> of heroes at Hope Prep. Then the next adventure is a flashback that focuses
      >>> around the parent heroes. The whole thing can then connect to what the main
      >>> team is focused on in the present.
      >>> Just casting a line. Hope it's useful.
      >>> --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, John Dunn <john.dunn@> wrote:
      >>>> All great ideas, Colin! Thanks for sharing them.
      >>>> One of the published scenarios bears a bit of a resemblance to one of
      >>> your
      >>>> suggestions (I'd rather not post spoilers here, but shoot me a line
      >>>> off-list if you want to know which one).
      >>>> -John
      >>>> On Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 9:51 AM, Colin T <colinfit20@> wrote:
      >>>>> **
      >>>>> How about a student is struggling with life at the Academy because
      >>> their
      >>>>> family doesn't realise he/she isn't fitting in and how the PCs handle
      >>> this
      >>>>> they could create either a new supervillain or find someone who can
      >>> help
      >>>>> this student before things explode as the student tries to solve their
      >>> own
      >>>>> situation with potentially fatal results.
      >>>>> A Supervillain approaches Hope requesting their help with his/her
      >>>>> estranged child who is determined to become a hero to redeem their
      >>>>> villainous parent unaware their parent is willing to make amends to
      >>> protect
      >>>>> their child from their former allies and enemies some of whom call
      >>>>> themselves heroes but are far from that!
      >>>>> The PCs discover a new hero group calling themselves the Elementals
      >>> gained
      >>>>> their powers from a magic ritual cast by a fifth member who they
      >>> abandoned
      >>>>> because they thought she didn't develop powers.
      >>>>> However another student has discovered this secret and is targetting
      >>> them
      >>>>> to try and steal their abilities kidnapping them and holding them
      >>> captive.
      >>>>> With precious little evidence to track down the perpetrator the PCs
      >>> have
      >>>>> to persuade the remaining members to reveal their secret as their only
      >>> hope
      >>>>> is the missing fifth member who has kept secret about her power after
      >>> she
      >>>>> was dumped because she was afraid it was their empowerment that caused
      >>> the
      >>>>> situation and unlike them she has the ability to locate the others
      >>> being a
      >>>>> powerful neophyte mage in the Zatanna style except she doesn't speak
      >>> her
      >>>>> spells backwards she simply uses stage magic as part of her
      >>> spellcasting
      >>>>> style!
      >>>>> A new supervillain is targetting neophyte hero groups and Hope Academy
      >>> has
      >>>>> been warned, however the villain has a connection with Hope Academy
      >>> that
      >>>>> leads to a dangerous threat to both the school and the students.
      >>>>> A teacher at Hope has been replaced by a doppleganger who is working
      >>>>> behind the scenes leading to several of the teacher's being kidnapped
      >>> and
      >>>>> the only students who suspect anything are being held in detention
      >>> which is
      >>>>> handy because the school is closed down locking down any of the
      >>> students in
      >>>>> their dormrooms or outside of the facility and the only ones who can do
      >>>>> anything have just witnessed their detention teacher kidnapped in
      >>> front of
      >>>>> them, what will they do?
      >>>>> Sorry trying to make them as brief as the previous posters did, hope
      >>>>> they're clear enough!
      >>>>> --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, Curt Meyer <curtmeyer@> wrote:
      >>>>>> Here's some high school tropes I think you ought to cover:
      >>>>>> Unrequited or forbidden love between students;
      >>>>>> Coming out;
      >>>>>> Love affair between teacher and student;
      >>>>>> Drug use, perhaps introduced into the school by villains;
      >>>>>> School Food, maybe made into an amorphous killing machine or given
      >>>>> sentience by an alien pathogen or a super science experiment;
      >>>>>> villains taking over funding sources to shut down beloved programs,
      >>> or
      >>>>> the entire school;
      >>>>>> And events like class reunions, home coming, UIL competitions and
      >>>>> standardized testing of super abilities.
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