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  • Colin T
    Apr 7, 2012
      How about a student is struggling with life at the Academy because their family doesn't realise he/she isn't fitting in and how the PCs handle this they could create either a new supervillain or find someone who can help this student before things explode as the student tries to solve their own situation with potentially fatal results.

      A Supervillain approaches Hope requesting their help with his/her estranged child who is determined to become a hero to redeem their villainous parent unaware their parent is willing to make amends to protect their child from their former allies and enemies some of whom call themselves heroes but are far from that!

      The PCs discover a new hero group calling themselves the Elementals gained their powers from a magic ritual cast by a fifth member who they abandoned because they thought she didn't develop powers.
      However another student has discovered this secret and is targetting them to try and steal their abilities kidnapping them and holding them captive.
      With precious little evidence to track down the perpetrator the PCs have to persuade the remaining members to reveal their secret as their only hope is the missing fifth member who has kept secret about her power after she was dumped because she was afraid it was their empowerment that caused the situation and unlike them she has the ability to locate the others being a powerful neophyte mage in the Zatanna style except she doesn't speak her spells backwards she simply uses stage magic as part of her spellcasting style!

      A new supervillain is targetting neophyte hero groups and Hope Academy has been warned, however the villain has a connection with Hope Academy that leads to a dangerous threat to both the school and the students.

      A teacher at Hope has been replaced by a doppleganger who is working behind the scenes leading to several of the teacher's being kidnapped and the only students who suspect anything are being held in detention which is handy because the school is closed down locking down any of the students in their dormrooms or outside of the facility and the only ones who can do anything have just witnessed their detention teacher kidnapped in front of them, what will they do?

      Sorry trying to make them as brief as the previous posters did, hope they're clear enough!

      --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, Curt Meyer <curtmeyer@...> wrote:
      > Here's some high school tropes I think you ought to cover:
      > Unrequited or forbidden love between students;
      > Coming out;
      > Love affair between teacher and student;
      > Drug use, perhaps introduced into the school by villains;
      > School Food, maybe made into an amorphous killing machine or given sentience by an alien pathogen or a super science experiment;
      > villains taking over funding sources to shut down beloved programs, or the entire school;
      > And events like class reunions, home coming, UIL competitions and standardized testing of super abilities.
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