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  • John McMullen
    Apr 5, 2012
      When I decided to go ahead with adventures I had written myself for HPS  I put together a short list of some high school dramas I could include. I understand your desire to be kid-friendly but I didn't have one when I was making this list. :)

      Ideas, as they say, are cheap. 

       - mind control as metaphor for bullying?
       - alien takeover?
      - some celebrity comes to talk about bullying and triggers an adventure

      Getting driver's license
      Learning to drive 
      Borrowing the car/skycycle and damaging it

      Overshadowed by parent or parents

      Doing what's expected

      Plans for the future
       - Too many plans for the future
       - a precognitive who's right meets someone  who messes up precognition

      Taking responsibility (or not)

      Moving higher on Maslow's hierarchy of needs

      Present play on English class and stage-fright (unless in costume?)

      Do drugs or not
       - so many superheroes seem to come from drugs
       - kid really wants to go to hope prep, takes drugs to qualify, sees the competition, takes more drugs

      Have sex or not

      Being without cellphones! Or Internet! (Earth day!)

      Volunteer hours required to graduate in Ontario

      Parental expectations (superhero *and* college)

      Status: having it, losing it, getting it back

      First date
      First kiss
      First relationship, maybe first serious one
      First breakup

      First crush on Member Of Appropriate Sex
      Having MOAS not reciprocate 

      Creating image

      Helicopter parents

      Absentee parents: "mom and dad are always saving the world or the city or some cat in a frickin' tree. Never coming to my stuff."
      (Maybe someone should be bummed that folks aren't coming to Halloween game/ball.)

      What's cool or what's right

      Hope Prep needs Orphans Anonymous!

      On 2012-04-05, at 11:47 AM, John Dunn <john.dunn@...> wrote:

      Thanks for the suggestions, Curt!

      Several of the items you've mentioned are things that we've actually specifically covered. I'd rather not go into spoiler materials, but, you listed 10 different items. Of those, we've published 5 and have things in progress to cover 2 more. So, your thoughts are pretty well in sync with my own.

      The only one that I can tell you that I won't specifically cover is the notion of a love affair between a current teacher and current student. I very much want the setting to remain reasonably kid-friendly and approachable. All of our player characters are minors, while all of our instructors are above the age of consent. I am not comfortable including something that would cross that line.

      Good gaming!

      On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 11:27 AM, Curt Meyer <curtmeyer@...> wrote:

      Here's some high school tropes I think you ought to cover: 

      Unrequited or forbidden love between students;

      Coming out;

      Love affair between teacher and student;

      Drug use, perhaps introduced into the school by villains;

      School Food, maybe made into an amorphous killing machine or given sentience by an alien pathogen or a super science experiment;

      villains taking over funding sources to shut down beloved programs, or the entire school;

      And events like class reunions, home coming, UIL competitions and standardized testing of super abilities.

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      On Apr 5, 2012, at 9:49 AM, John Dunn <john.dunn@...> wrote:


      Thanks, Joe!

      Prom’s definitely something we’d want to reserve for a later year. I don’t really see that as typically a Freshman concern (and Halloween Ball covered a dance, too). At the earliest, I’d think we might cover a Junior Prom as a focal point would be in year three. Though, it could be a backdrop event in one of the later Sophomore year adventures.


      On 4/5/12 10:44 AM, "jaerdaph" <jjbardales@...> wrote:


      I'm just glad I'm not the only one who can appreciate a good John Hughes film, Mr. Dunn. :)

      And if I may suggest a title for a possible future Hope Prep School adventure: WHAT ABOUT PROM?!? :D


      --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com <mailto:icons-rpg%40yahoogroups.com> , "the_dunner" <john.dunn@...> wrote:
      > Sorry for not mentioning you specifically, John.
      > As my fumbling over Mike Munshaw's name (during the podcast) clearly indicates I am absolutely wretched about remembering people's names on the spur of the moment.
      > Thanks to Mike for the opportunity to participate in the podcast and thanks as well to everyone who gave a listen.


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