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3726Re: [icons-rpg] Re: Justice Wheels 1 is out!

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  • Curt Meyer
    Apr 4, 2012
      I shoulda done that for the Justice Wheels write up I just sent Mike, but know knows what'll end up in the final version. My favorite aspect of the ICONS community is how much publishers encourage fans to be involved. Mike and Dan (Houser) have certainly figured out that the easiest way to get my money is to make me part of the action. Speaking of ICONS, I guess I'm going to buy No Laughing Matter after hearing how well it's written on the podcast. I was holding out because I hoped Gareth would give it to us for free for having to wait so long for the pre-release PDF of Team-Up. Oh well. Adamant gets more of my money. At least I ain't at the bar, the casino or the strip joint. Money would go far faster then.

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      On Apr 4, 2012, at 9:18 PM, "jaerdaph" <jjbardales@...> wrote:


      I gotta agree with Curt - having notes on using Black Scarab as either a hero or a villain is an excellent idea and a great value-added to the product line.


      -- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, Curt Meyer <curtmeyer@...> wrote:
      > I really like The Black Scarab, art, back story, write up, etc. I especially appreciate the notes on using the character as a hero or a villain. I do have some questions: how are you determining what attributes, Strength, Coordination, etc, vehicles have; and how are these built using point buy?

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