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3295Re: [icons-rpg] Team Aspects for the Avengers and Justice League?

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  • Theron Bretz
    Feb 9, 2012
      The JLA are definitely a tougher bunch to associate with aspects.

      Depending on the era, "Bwahahaha!" might qualify.

      From: John McMullen <jhmcmullen@...>
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      Sent: Thu, February 9, 2012 1:39:33 PM
      Subject: Re: [icons-rpg] Team Aspects for the Avengers and Justice League?

      Justice League is less cohesive. My comments will be vague and not associated with the current one, because I haven't read any of the new 52.
      Since they don't have a catchy call or a crotchety butler, I'd probably sum it up with two Team Aspects:
      "Justice League resources" You got a signal device, often teleporters in your own home, you got to call on other powerful members or inquire of the database, or use things from the trophy case when things were dire. I think the signal devices were coated with hot pepper extract or something, because no one ever remembered them in their own books, but they were there.
      "Connection: UN, many governments" A lot of governments handed you trust (well, didn't shoot you on sight); the League had some contact in most countries, although there were rogue states where they didn't. (I'm thinking Bialya, especially.)
      "Obligations of membership" The obvious one is monitor duty, but the writers for the League are always able to pull out some odd requirement for members in order to generate whatever conflict they needed. You can't call a more powerful member at whim: it has to be justified. Whatever you do, there are equally- or more-powerful members judging you. You have to be a certain age, if you're human (I think it was 21). Batman was always watching, and you *knew* he had a plan to take you down. (Replaced by "Obligations of associate membership" for some few heroes.)
      "Constantly tested" Not just by the assorted alien dictators and enemies such as Starro and Prometheus, no, various other groups either created superfolk to fight the League or replace the League; supervillains banded together to form opponent groups (and disbanded).
      "Old boys club" I'd use this to indicate that the league doesn't really design itself: while the Avengers secretly keep an eye out for abilities they need and the heck with personalities (which causes them friction), to a large extent, the League looks for personalities that will mesh and the heck with the powers. Snapper Carr as mascot, in the early days; many of the unpowered heroes have the grit but not the power (Vigilante, anyone?): they've got spunk and they're willing to wear a costume, so that's good enough for us.
      John McMullen (Young old coot)
      From: Ron Frazier <ronfraz63@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, February 9, 2012 12:28 PM
      Subject: [icons-rpg] Team Aspects for the Avengers and Justice League?


      As the subject line refers to, what would be some Qualities and Challenges of the Avengers and the Justice League? Surely someone has thought about this ;-).

      Ron Frazier
      Life is complex: it has both real and imaginary components.

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