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3089Re: Peacekeepers are coming soon (ish)

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  • Colin T
    Dec 31, 2011
      Ooh! Okay I'm definitely interested especially as its also Savage Worlds dual statted, been listening to knights of reinsborough's sandboxing and am interested in seeing how that works for starters!

      Anyway will you be releasing titbits between now and its eventual release date, perhaps something about what inspired you to create this setting?

      Actually which area were you focusing on for your campaign?

      --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, "Jakub" <erpegis@...> wrote:
      > Just fifteen minutes ago I sent the final (-ish, obviously much has to change) version of the new ICONS setting (dual-statted with Savage Worlds Deluxe).
      > Peacekeepers is a superhero setting set in a world where superpowered aliens have reduced most major cities to rubble and mysteriously departed. A ruthless villainess named Empress claims that she has defeated the Ultimians, and therefore deserves to rule the world. Corporations dominate after many governments have been reduced to rubble, and other villains and shadowy organizations and cults have their own goals.
      > The Player Characters are going to form global superhero team to manage the major threats and help the innocents - Peacekeepers.
      > Thematically, it's kinda more gritty than the usual Icons style (even though in the basic rules heroes can die from a single blow) - mostly because my first adventures with comics are grounded in the 90s, so there's some blood and violence.
      > The book will hopefully contain wealth rules (for both Icons and SWD, the only major rule change), a short description of the ruined world, major factions, sample opponents (some fairly generic, other more tied to the setting), an outline of a campaign, two short adventures and an adventure generator. Everything is dual-statted, though the Savage version contains some new Edges and Hindrances and equipment.
      > I can't yet say when it'll be published (in pdf format by Gramel, publishers of my Comicworld guides and Beasts and Barbarians for SWD), so let's leave it at "some time in the future", hopefully in 2012. It might be too early to announce the project, but I simply have to brag :)
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