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3063RE: [icons-rpg] Re: The RetConQuest - a New ICONS adventure from a New ICONS Publisher!

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  • Soylent Green
    Dec 18, 2011

      RetConQuest is really good. I think anyone whose enjoyed the recent "Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes cartoon series will love this. It's not as pretty as the Adamant adventures but it will be a look easier to print. I hope the experiment works out. I don't know what it means in terms of actual sales but it's already number 6 on RPGNOW, that can't be bad.

      I do have same questions and observations though.

      The Scimitar Robots have a Prowess of just 2. I'm not sure that is intentional but you'd think a robot armed with Blast 6 would have better aim. 

      On page 7 of the adventure there is a reference to ICONS main book page '@@'. I guess that's just a typo.

      On page 13 there is a reference to "pyramid test (from ICONS Team-Up)" which is later revealed to be the same thing as the "Success Pyramid" found in The Villainomicon. Is the Success Pyramid being changed in Team-Up?

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      Heh, that's what I get for posting the adventure to OneBookshelf without sending out my promo emails – didn't think anyone would notice that fast!

      So, yes, Ad Infinitium Adventures and "The RetConQuest" are a bit of an experiment on my part in potentially publishing some of my own stuff. I wrote the adventure to run at a convention appearance and, with Adamant's backlog and Gareth's blessing, decided to go ahead and produce it myself. Add some of Dan "the Man" Houser's ICONic artwork and... a new publisher is born!

      This first adventure is a testing of the waters. If it's able to sell enough to justify the effort, then I'll likely do other such products (no lack of ideas, after all, although I'd be interested in hearing about the kinds of stuff folks would like to see). If it doesn't, well, then I'll probably look for ways to improve sales or just stick to letting other guys do the publishing part of things.

      So, the long and the short of it is: if you want to see me (and Ad Infinitium) do more stuff, please buy the adventure and tell your friends!

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