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3031Re: [icons-rpg] Werewolf the Apocalypse adaptation to ICONS

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  • Fabrício César Franco
    Dec 2, 2011
      Please do! I'm interested!

      2011/12/2 wee_ree_cat <wee_ree_cat@...>

      I got a crazy idea when I came across the cover for the "Werewolves of the Gestapo" supplement :

      why not try to use ICONS with my most favourite game of all times ? (I started GMing with it more than ten years ago) After all, one thing that I hated in the original game was the combat mechanics (good lord White Wolf, get a grip !)

      maybe the result won't be pretty, maybe my players won't even accept to give it a try (it's a strong possibility, they hate my love of rules-fiddling and rules-swapping), but if you want, I'll keep you posted.

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