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2967A Question about Sidekicks...

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  • Colin T
    Nov 1 5:08 AM
      Has this been addressed at all?

      Have been looking at seeing how this works as I'm involved in an online Icons game and the character I'm playing survived a small plane crash where he was left in a coma and woke up with precognitive abilities.

      The crux is that he was sent back to pass a message to a specific hero and the way things are going I'm wondering whether I could get the heroine in question become his sidekick.

      Now the only real difference is that she only has one power which he shares namely Danger Sense unlike his which is +6 hers is +8 and I've modified the character so its now 45pts but was originally looking at the character as a backup then I wondered about sidekicks.

      Can you help?
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