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  • Soylent Green
    Aug 1, 2011
      I think there is a split in the rules-light crowd between people who ideally would enjoy the depth that comes with more detailed rules but for practical reason lean towards simpler systems and those for the added levels of detail does not add anything to the game but can be a distraction from what really matters to them.

      Which is interesting because it shows people coming to the same system from very different angles.  

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      My group and I are older gamers, have jobs, families, etc. We meet every other week. They don't want to do any reading, learning of the rules, etc. past showing up and rolling the dice when I tell them to. They just like to have beer and have a good time. Great -- except that I have to do all the heaving lifting, like making characters, figuring out the rules, etc.
      That's exactly the situation of my group. And, as the GM, I'm like you, having to do the 'heavy lifting'. That's why Icons seems to be the ideal book, as I don't have to go through all the intrincacies of number crunching (which is, pardon the fans, mind boggling sometimes). 

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