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2089Re: [icons-rpg] How powerful is an 8?

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  • Charles Rice
    Jul 5, 2011
      Right, according to the Marvel Scale, 7 would be Professor X, Magneto, and Tony Stark (capable of repairing alien technology or making improvements on normal science); 8 would be Reed Richards, Dr. Doom, Leader, Ultron (can modify and improve alien technology); 9 would be High Evolutionary, and 10 is listed as the Watcher (sees all, knows all).

      On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 11:01 AM, Michael Hopcroft <mhopcroft@...> wrote:

      On 7/5/2011 2:03 AM, Charles Rice wrote:

      If I can fall back on comparing ICONS 10-rank ability/power scores with Marvel FASERIP (which also used a 10 rank scale), 8 would be "amazing".

      So: Spider-Man's Coordination; Black Panther's Prowess; Iron Man's Invulnerability; Ms Marvel's Strength; Vision's Strength; Captain Marvel's Awareness

      (yes, I grabbed Avengers Coast to Coast to grab some random stats)

      By contrast, Iron Man's Invulnerability in his gold armor is listed at a 6 in ICONS terms.

      I'm wondering how that applies to Intellect. I recall saying earlier that I assumed Reed Richards would be a 10. Now I'm wondering if I should revise that sentiment, not having seen the FASERIP system in a while. I'm wondering whether the 10 should be left to the nigh-omniscient cosmic entities like the Watcher or Anti-Monitor. Would 8 be as smart as, say, Richards, Doctor Doom  or Lex Luthor?

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