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2065Re: [icons-rpg] How powerful is an 8?

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  • Curt Meyer
    Jul 4 6:14 PM
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      Something like Amazing in MSH?

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      On Jul 4, 2011, at 7:38 PM, Michael Hopcroft <mhopcroft@...> wrote:


      I just submitted my two characters to Hero Pack 3 and have had their
      entries confirmed, so I'll be adding a couple of characters to the Icon
      universe. An interesting thing is that both characters have an Ability
      value of 8, in different abilities. So I'm wondering just what that
      means, as I'm still not used to ICONS' 1-10 scale that maxes out at 10.

      It's obvious that for Strength a 10 would be someone on the order of
      Superman, Thor or the Hulk. So what does an 8 mean in comparison?

      Likewise, Intellect 10 would be someone like Reed Richards. What's an 8?

      The question is whether these abilities are high enough to do what I
      want these characters to be able to do, particularly the Intellect of
      one particular character who has Wizardry/Gadgets at the same level.
      Would these characters need a boost to fulfill their story function?

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