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48790Additional President's Award presented

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  • philgust
    Apr 28, 2014

      It is my pleasure to announce that I presented an additional President's Award during the judging intermission of the Historical Masquerade at Costume-Con 32. The award went to videographer Eric Cannon, "for his great service to the costuming community by preserving our history in video."  ICG Vice President Aurora Celeste joined me on stage to make the presentation.

      Eric is well-known in the costuming community as the official masquerade videographer at Costume-Cons, as well as at many other conventions. He also generously donates copies of his masquerade videos to the ICG Kennedy Archives for long-term preservation. 

      Masquerade performances are an ephemeral art form, and we have a video record of so many of them thanks to Eric. We were honored, on behalf of the ICG, to recognize his service to the costuming community with this award.

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