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    During a recent interview with Greece s Rockpages.gr web site, DEEP PURPLE vocalist Ian Gillan made a number of unfavorable comments about the band s former
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2009
      During a recent interview with Greece's Rockpages.gr web site, DEEP PURPLE vocalist Ian Gillan made a number of unfavorable comments about the band's former guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore, thus prompting Blackmore to respond via his attorney in an attempt to "set the record straight." Ian's original comments and Ritchie's response follow below.

      Ian Gillan on DEEP PURPLE's final split with Ritchie Blackmore:

      "When I came back in the band, the record company said, 'We're gonna cancel the contract if we don't get Ian back in.' Ritchie refused. The rest of the guys said, 'Yeah, we made a mistake [by getting another singer to front the band].' So Ritchie refused and insisted on a payment of a quarter of a million dollars directly into his bank account, non-returnable, to work with me. The other guys didn't know that. They didn't get any money. Nothing. The record company paid him on condition to make the record and a minimum one-year tour. And, of course, he didn't. We did the record and only half a tour. And in the dressing room, in Helsinki, there were tears, some people were crying, it was like somebody in the town had died or your parents are getting divorced. It was horrible and nobody could see the future until Bruce [Payne, PURPLE manager] told this story [in a dressing room in Helsinki] about Ritchie, and Jon Lord [keyboards] looked up and said, 'What!?'
      and [Ian] Paice [drums] said, 'What!?' and Roger [Glover, bass] said, 'You must be joking...' and I said, 'Let's give him one more shot,' and Bruce said, 'Look, I kinda anticipated this and we got to go to Japan now, let's give Joe Satriani a go, see your debt for the rest of the tour, give him some breathing space and we'll see what happens,' and it worked... Right, bastard (laughs). So, that's what happened and we went back to the hotel and Ritchie came in smiling, absolutely confident and happy that he killed DEEP PURPLE. So, we smiled back... 'Not yet, not yet...' . . . And you know what; we had no problem since then. It's been just glorious."

      Ian Gilan on Ritchie's image being removed from "Machine Head" t-shirt:

      Ian Gillan: Oh, it's very simple, it's hilarious. When you're in DEEP PURPLE, you're in DEEP PURPLE, you sign up etc. Now, Ritchie was getting paid, he got paid for everything and sometimes he got paid more than any other people. He got his lawyer to say to Bruce Payne, 'You can't use my image on 'Machine Head, I don't wanna be on it.' So, Bruce said, 'OK, so we just blur his face so he's no longer.' That's what he asked for. So, then Ritchie started suing Bruce, cause he was angry and I think it's been tried at the court several times. . . [It didn't go] to the court, but to the pre-hearing, to a judge to apply to go to court. But the judge keeps saying, 'That's stupid. You asked your image not to be used, so they took it off and they just blurred it.' What do you do? It's all too silly."

      Ritchie Blackmore's response (via his attorney):

      "In an interview he gave to a music website recently, Ian Gillan made a number of comments about Ritchie Blackmore that twisted facts and which require setting the record straight.

      "Gillan remarked that Ritchie sued his former manager to have his image removed from 'Machine Head' t-shirts being sold at DEEP PURPLE concerts and that the judge thought the issue stupid. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ritchie sued his former manager for access to books and accounts, as well as money due him. When it was disclosed during the lawsuit that the 'Machine Head' t-shirts were being sold at concerts, Ritchie simply asked to be paid, just like all the others on the shirt. Ritchie's image was then removed from the t-shirt, apparently to avoid paying him — something that is particularly offensive, as this disassociated him from his most acclaimed work. Contrary to what Gillan says, the judge, far from thinking the whole affair stupid, sided with Ritchie on every motion, from beginning to end. Readers are welcome to examine the court record for themselves (Blackmore v. Thames Talent Publishing, Ltd., Thames Overtures, Ltd. and Bruce
      Payne 01 Civ. 5521 (E.D.N.Y.)).

      "Contrary to what Gillan said about Ritchie's financial demands to stay with DEEP PURPLE, Ritchie in fact wanted to leave DEEP PURPLE to pursue other interests, but when he announced that he wanted to leave, the record company made him a financial offer to stay with the band to complete a tour and to make the album that became 'Come Hell Or High Water'. Gillan should get his facts straight before he talks to anyone.

      "Ritchie, frankly, is amazed at Gillan's childish comments on other issues he discussed in the interview. Hasn't the time come for him to act like an adult?"

      British heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN have issued the following update:

      "Available tickets for IRON MAIDEN's last show on their Somewhere Back In Time World Tour at the Bank Atlantic Centre in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on April 2 are almost all sold out. Therefore to cater for the extraordinary demand from MAIDEN's Florida fans (the band have not played Florida for well over 10 years), the venue is putting on sale immediately seating tickets at the sides of the stage. So 'be quick or be dead!' There may be a few released production and other holds coming available nearer to and on show date for those who aren't quick enough!! This promises to be one hell of a last night on the tour!! You never know what may happen or who will turn up!"

      To buy tickets, go to Ticketmaster.com.

      Drummer and local Florida resident Nicko McBrain previously said about the upcoing Fort Lauderedale conceert, "We'll be arriving right in the middle of spring break, so this really promises to be a huge party for everyone. And I'm sure there will be more than a few sore heads in Fort Lauderdale the following day! The whole tour has been an amazing experience and this final leg back on Ed Force One promises to be crazier than ever!"

      "It was quite something to bring to reality the mad idea of creating a flying tour bus out of a Boeing 757," McBrain continued, "but it's enabled us to go further to reach many fans in countries we have never played before, and also revisit fans we haven't seen for some time. And it's a long time since we played in Florida! The 757 truly has been our 'magic carpet,' as Bruce [Dickinson, vocals] describes it. Luckily for me, the magic carpet is stopping not far from my front door, which is very handy and a nice way to finish this tour. Not far to stagger home!"

      The Somewhere Back in Time Tour revisits the band's history by focusing almost entirely on the '80s — in both choice of songs played, and the stage set, which is based around the legendary Egyptian Production of the 1984-85 Powerslave tour and featured on the recent DVD "Live after Death". This is arguably the most elaborate and spectacular show the band has ever presented, and will include some key elements of their Somewhere In Time tour of 1986-1987, such as the Cyborg Eddie character.

      Says band founder Steve Harris, "We will be loading onto the plane as much equipment as we can ram in, along with plenty of pyro! The set list will be a bit different than the shows we have done so far on this tour, as we will include a few more songs from the first four albums. This show is likely to be the last time we play many of these songs live, so we really will be giving it everything we have got! The tour was set to finish in Recife, Brazil, but we thought we should call in to Florida on the way home to play there for the first time in ages and to drop Nicko off at home! Using Ed Force One really does give us this degree of flexibility."

      Having taking off in early February 2008, MAIDEN made their first appearances in New Zealand in 16 years via Belgrade, Dubai and Bangalore, followed by the long haul up to Mexico through a very extensive run through Latin America, finishing the tour now in Florida.

      Comments Bruce Dickinson, "The unique way of touring last year with everyone and all our gear on the plane helped to make 2008 easily one of the most successful, exciting and fun years in the band¹s career. Taking Ed Force One around the planet and playing to our fans in so many different countries was an incredible experience for all of us. I personally found that flying and performing was one of the most challenging and satisfying things I¹ve ever done, despite the rigours and the many logistical difficulties we encountered."

      "In fact it was so much fun," Dickinson continued, "we decided to do it again as a final leg of this tour, and we really wanted to get back to some of the places we haven't been to for a long time. We'll also be visiting many new places along the way. All in all, this will be a fantastic way to round off a tremendous 12 months for the band. After this, we take a bit of time off, get our energy back and then start work on a new studio album."

      Fans around the world will be able to see what it was like flying on Ed Force One in the recently announced movie "Flight 666", which will play in selected cinemas around the world on Tuesday, April 21.

      Spiritech of PyroMusic.net recently conducted an interview with former IRON MAIDEN singer Paul Di'Anno. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

      PyroMusic.net: I understand you have a new album in the works. What is the latest on that?

      Paul Di'Anno: We started to record it last year in Germany, but have since had some business problems associated with the production company involved with this project, so I may start another new album quite soon now. At the moment I am just concentrating on touring, as this is taking up 100% of my time right now.

      PyroMusic.net: You were at the forefront of the creation of heavy metal as we know it today. What was it like in England playing metal when punk was the big thing and what was it like to see the music grow?

      Paul Di'Anno: It was, in fact, great for me as I was a fan of both metal and punk and very much into the punk attitude... somehow or other that seemed to shine through in the early MAIDEN days. We survived well throughout the punk period.

      PyroMusic.net: You also released a biography entitled "The Beast" several years ago. Many such books claim to be brutally honest, but yours was certainly more so than just about any other rock biography in recent years. Did you have any reservations about being as open and honest as you were in that book?

      Paul Di'Anno: Well, I thought if I am gonna write an autobiography, then I had better go for it with nothing held back. I didn't want it to be just another one of those poncy, pampering my ego autobiography rock books, where I would spend the whole time trying to fucking congratulate myself like so many others, so I just told it like it was. Also I was fucking sick and tired of every other fucker writing whatever they felt like writing about me, so this was a way of shutting them all up and telling them all to fuck off. After it was released, I got some mixed reactions, but generally it has worked for me as putting my life out there as it was.

      Billboard reports that Universal Music Publishing Group has become the exclusive administrator of the Jimi Hendrix catalog throughout the world outside the United States.

      The five-year agreement covers all commercial opportunities, including synchronization licensing for motion pictures, TV, advertising and other media.

      Universal Music Publishing replaces Sony/ATV Music Publishing, which had administered the Hendrix catalog outside the United States since 1998.

      During a recent interview with German magazine Rock Hard, former HELLOWEEN singer Michael Kiske was asked if there was any truth to the rumor that he was asked to join IRON MAIDEN after Bruce Dickinson left the group back in the early 1990s. "The rumor was complete false!" Kiske said. "Nobody asked me to join them. I only heard that on TV and I didn't know anything about it. I think this rumor came from an interview where Steve Harris (IRON MAIDEN bassist) mentioned to a French magazine that he could imagine only three singers in IRON MAIDEN and I was one of them. They [MAIDEN] also had the same management [as HELLOWEEN]. That's all".

      Rock Hard chief editor Götz Kühnemund's entire interview with Kiske, which was filmed in Hamburg at the Headbanger's Ballroom bar, was made available on Rock Guerrilla TV and was published in issue 263 of Rock Hard magazine. It can be viewed in four parts below (Note: The interview was conducted in German).

      Michael Kiske is featured on PLACE VENDOME's second album, "Streets Of Fire", which was released on February 20 via Frontiers Records. He can also be heard singing two tracks on Italian band TRICK OR TREAT's new CD, "Tin Soldiers", which will be released in Japan on April 22 through King Records.

      METALLICA's web site has been updated with the following message:

      "European summer vacation part 2,347 will end on August 2, so that can only mean one thing ... more dates in the U.S. and Canada! We just rocked Austin at SXSW and are super-psyched that we'll be back in North America visiting our friends in the fall as the World Magnetic Tour keeps rolling on. We had an amazing time on the last run in '08 and early '09 and we are so ready to do it again!"

      The dates are as follows:

      Sep. 14 - Nashville, TN - Sommet Center
      Sep. 15 - Cincinnati, OH - US Bank Arena
      Sep. 17 - Indianapolis, IN - Conseco Fieldhouse
      Sep. 19 - Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
      Sep. 28 - San Antonio, TX - AT&T Center
      Sep. 29 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
      Oct. 01 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Bank Atlantic Center
      Oct. 03 - Tampa, FL - St. Pete Times Forum
      Oct. 04 - Atlanta, GA - Phillips Arena
      Oct. 12 - Winnipeg, MB - MTS Centre
      Oct. 13 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Center
      Oct. 15 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena
      Oct. 17 - Charlottesville, VA - JPJ Arena
      Oct. 18 - Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Bobcats Arena
      Oct. 26 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre
      Oct. 29 - Ottawa, ON - Scotiabank Place
      Oct. 31 - Quebec City, QC - Colisee Pepsi
      Nov. 09 - Grand Rapids, MI - Van Andel Arena
      Nov. 10 - Buffalo, NY - HSBC Arena
      Nov. 12 - Albany, NY - Times Union Center
      Nov. 14 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
      Dec. 05 - Las Vegas, NV - Mandalay Bay
      Dec. 07 - Boise, ID - Idaho Center
      Dec. 08 - Sacramento, CA - ARCO Arena
      Dec. 10 - Anaheim, CA - Honda Center
      Dec. 12 - San Jose, CA - HP Pavillion

      METALLICA is issuing a digital "box set" called "The Complete Metallica" that will feature the band's entire 163-track recorded catalog. According to the band's publicist, the package will be available exclusively through iTunes beginning on March 31, before surfacing at all other digital outlets on April 28.

      "The Complete Metallica" will include all nine of METALLICA's studio albums, including the current "Death Magnetic", the 1998 covers collection "Garage Inc.", 1999's concert set "S&M", the 2004 EP "Some Kind of Monster", the 2007 EP "Live From Live Earth", and "I Disappear" from the 2000 "Mission Impossible 2" soundtrack. Buyers will also receive eight bonus live tracks: "The Four Horseman", "Whiplash", "For Whom The Bell Tolls", "Creeping Death", "Battery", "The Thing That Should Not Be", "One", and "...And Justice For All".

      METALLICA will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. Joining the band as inductees are guitar legend JEFF BECK, RUN-DMC, BOBBY WOMACK, and LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS.

      METALLICA are first-time nominees, with the nomination coming 25 years after the release of the band's 1983 debut album, "Kill 'Em All". An act must be recording for a quarter century in order to be eligible. The induction ceremony will take place in Cleveland on April 4 at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum itself and will be broadcast live on the Fuse cable channel. Previous ceremonies have been held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.

      Frontman James Hetfield tells EW.com, "We're very honored to be recognized. There's a whole genre around us that hopefully we can invite through the door. Hopefully there will be recognition for some of the bands that have changed music and changed people’s lives. That's what I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be about. There are certainly a lot of bands that aren't in there that I can't believe aren't: MOTÖRHEAD, RUSH, JUDAS PRIEST, DEEP PURPLE. But for us to be in there, hopefully we can bring some awareness to heavy stuff."

      METALLICA's James Hetfield has told MTV.com that he's got an entire list of hard-rock acts that he believes should be joining his band in the Rock and Hall of Fame — and he's not afraid to ruffle a few feathers to help their cause.

      "MOTÖRHEAD, for sure, DEEP PURPLE, RUSH, JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN and even stuff before that ... STEPPENWOLF. It's crazy that TED NUGENT is not there; that dude is about as rock and roll as it gets. ALICE COOPER, KISS ... that's a pretty good list," he said. "These are bands that represent history and mean a lot to so many people. I think that alone means they should be in there too."

      Regarding METALLICA's upcoming induction, Hetfield said, "It's very cool. I think we've paid our dues, and we've got a few fans who probably think the same thing. There's a lot of gratitude around it, the fact that we were acknowledged, and that, hopefully, we can help get some heavy music in. [Ideally] we'd kick the door open even further for some friends of ours — we've got a lot of friends that want to come in and be noted and represent a big part of rock and roll history."

      METALLICA's web site has been updated with the following message:

      "Ten years is way too long, so needless to say, we can't wait to get back to Mexico City on June 6 at Foro Sol for an outdoor show. Pre-sale tickets through Banamex go on sale on March 30 at 11:00 a.m. local time with the regular ticket sale starting at 11:00 a.m locally on April 1. Met Club members should check www.metclub.com for pre-sale info. More info on who will be with us that night to come."

      METALLICA is issuing a digital "box set" called "The Complete Metallica" that will feature the band's entire 163-track recorded catalog. According to the band's publicist, the package will be available exclusively through iTunes beginning on March 31, before surfacing at all other digital outlets on April 28.

      "The Complete Metallica" will include all nine of METALLICA's studio albums, including the current "Death Magnetic", the 1998 covers collection "Garage Inc.", 1999's concert set "S&M", the 2004 EP "Some Kind of Monster", the 2007 EP "Live From Live Earth", and "I Disappear" from the 2000 "Mission Impossible 2" soundtrack. Buyers will also receive eight bonus live tracks: "The Four Horseman", "Whiplash", "For Whom The Bell Tolls", "Creeping Death", "Battery", "The Thing That Should Not Be", "One", and "...And Justice For All".

      The band has invited a slew of past collaborators to the ceremony, including former members Dave Mustaine (who declined the invite) and former bassist Jason Newsted. "We wanted to invite everyone who was involved with METALLICA," says Hetfield. "You know, the drama that goes around the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is pretty ridiculous most of the time. We're trying to avoid that. We are a band that's alive and feeling good and still creating, and we want it to be a family reunion. We've invited pretty much everyone from our first drum roadie to the head of the record company now, and all in between. We put the invite out there and anyone is welcome."

      Flea of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS will induct METALLICA at the sold-out Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony Saturday, April 4, at Public Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio.

      "It's cool that he's not in a heavy metal band but is a well-respected musician you might not expect," METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett told Billboard.com. Former bassist Jason Newsted will join the band that night and will "most likely" perform with the group," Hammett told About.com. "He put in 14 years with METALLICA, so I think there's no reason for him not to be there," he said. Drummer Lars Ulrich told Billboard.com that the evening "will be like a family reunion — a whole big pile of people, lots of friends."

      The event will be televised live on Fuse and available online at www.fuse.tv.

      Joining the band as inductees are guitar legend JEFF BECK, RUN-DMC, BOBBY WOMACK, and LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS.

      METALLICA are first-time nominees, with the nomination coming 25 years after the release of the band's 1983 debut album, "Kill 'Em All". An act must be recording for a quarter century in order to be eligible.

      Frontman James Hetfield tells EW.com, "We're very honored to be recognized. There's a whole genre around us that hopefully we can invite through the door. Hopefully there will be recognition for some of the bands that have changed music and changed people’s lives. That's what I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be about. There are certainly a lot of bands that aren't in there that I can't believe aren't: MOTÖRHEAD, RUSH, JUDAS PRIEST, DEEP PURPLE. But for us to be in there, hopefully we can bring some awareness to heavy stuff."

      MEGADETH has been confirmed to headline the star-studded "Scars To Freedom" concert for wounded troops at the Palm Springs Air Museum in Palm Springs, California on Saturday, March 28.

      Scars To Freedom is a non-profit organization committed to free scar removal for America's veterans wounded in combat. 5,000 troops and vets will be in attendance, and the concert will be simulcast to 500,000 more troops around the globe. Legendary musician Mick Fleetwood and a list of others, including First Lady Michelle Obama, will be participating in the event.

      For tickets and more information, go to www.scarstofreedom.com.

      MEGADETH drummer Shawn Drover has issued the following update from the "Priest Feast" European tour, also featuring JUDAS PRIEST and TESTAMENT:

      "I have been reflecting on this current 'Priest Feast' European tour, and, in all honesty, speaking for myself, this has been a career highlight for me on so many different levels. We all get along so well on this tour — bands, crews, right down to the awesome catering, it has just been a very smooth tour for me. In my fifth year in [MEGADETH], at this point I have really seen and done alot of great things, though I constantly remind myself how lucky I am to be able to do what I was put on this planet to do and not get jaded about it or take it for granted. The way the economy has been and knowing that old friends of mine are struggling in their respective fields, it does put things in perspective, believe me.

      "Three shows remain on this tour, and I will make the most of it. That I can assure you."

      MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has issued the following update from the "Priest Feast" European tour, also featuring JUDAS PRIEST and TESTAMENT:

      "Well, we are within a week of ending the tour for the 'Priest Feast'. Oddly enough, I have not spent any time with the guys from JUDAS PRIEST, whereas Shawn [Drover; MEGADETH drummer] has been hanging with them almost every day. It is so amusing to me to see my guys, guys that I really admire, get excited again about being out on the road or meeting someone. I guess I have just gotten to the point where people like Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing are my peers and contemporaries, and we tip our hats to each other.

      "I would never in my life think that as a kid looking at the back of a record cover, some 30-plus years ago, I would have a friend that would actually be one of the pictures on the back of a record I had once held in my sweaty teen-age mitts. I also had the pleasure of re-telling the story about how my brother-in-law, Bob Wilkie (R.I.P. and may God have mercy on his soul) who was a 6'4" Scottish man, that was the chief of police in Stanton, California, had walked in on his son and I listening to 'Sad Wings of Destiny' and felt it necessary to double up his fist, rear back and punch me in the face. Of course, I was just 15 and probably a total of 100 pounds. This is the way that the Jehovah's Witnesses in my family dealt with things around my house and family growing up.

      "Although it didn't soften the blow, it sure felt empowering to stand up and say, 'I am fucking metal!' I have been metal since the first time I got punched in the face by my brother-in-law, and you see why people sometimes call the police what they do. I don't really like calling the police pigs, unless they are pigs, and then I would quote the famous singer from THE PLASMATICS, (R.I.P., too. W.O.W.) Wendy O. Williams, who said, 'A pig is a pig and that's that.' I find it hard to believe that Gar Samuelson, our first drummer, was with Wendy, because we all thought she was incredible and certainly well endowed. This happened the time we toured with MOTÖRHEAD and THE PLASMATICS obviously back when Gar and Chris [Poland] were still in MEGADETH.

      "Today I am in Paris, and whenever I come here I think about the moment of the life of my daughter Electra starting here. Pam [Dave's wife] and I had decided that we wanted another child, and we prayed, and then we conceived our beautiful daughter in the amazing Parisian hotel Costes, which is completely decorated by Elle magazine. All of the people that work here look like they're models and more. I mean, when I get out of my car and the bellman make me look like dog meat, it is a good indication that we are in a very special place and we need to keep our eyes open for whatever the day brings us.

      "I have been emailing Andy Sneap [MEGADETH producer] back and forth the last few days, and Andy seems in great spirits and says that the time has renewed him. I have several improvements to make to our [forthcoming MEGADETH] record so far that I have decided on, just by way of sitting with the record for a while, and it occurring that some songs are long for the sake of being long and need to be addressed. As well as James [Lomenzo, bass] and I talked yesterday, and I said, 'It has been such a smooth transition with you coming in here and replacing a person that was here for quite some time, that I have just taken for granted that you have always been here.' I apologized for that, but it was really a testimony to how well things are with James and I and in the land of all-things-MEGA! I asked him if he would be interested maybe taking a look at some parts and making them more explosive. I love the riff at the top of 'Washington Is Next', and I think that
      we should use his skills and talents 100%. He was thrilled and so am I, so when we get home, the first week or so, before Andy Sneap gets out to San Diego and my studio, I am going to re-cut some parts with James. I am going to look up my engineer that I always use up in L.A., Ken Eisenagle.

      "Once we get home, we have a very, very busy schedule: return on the 24th, several medical appointments for my ribs and right shoulder, dentist appointments, and then we play an event for the wounded soldiers in Palm Springs, California, and we are going to play some music for the men and women that got hurt. Then I have to leave on the 30th again to go back to Germany for the release of my new signature product line from Marshall. I am also hoping to go by the Dean booth and sign or at least say hello to the booth and the fans that are there. It's hard to believe that my contract with Dean Guitars will be up at the end of this year, and I must say that I still absolutely love my Dean Guitars, and I hope to show my support at the Messe show [Musikmesse Frankfurt 2009 fair] in Germany next month.

      "We will return on the 2nd, and get prepared for the tracking, filming and continued writing of the new record, as well as preparing for our headlining event at the Revolver Golden Gods award show. We are going to play a few songs there, and we are having the fans and general public choose those songs from a list that people can call in to TheLiveLine [a service launched by Dave Mustaine that enables musicians to connect to their audience over the phone], and vote for whatever they want. We have six really great choices. We also have great news about TheLiveLine.

      "This month we are opening up TheLiveLine to the MEGADETH fan club to help us go over it and troubleshoot the site. And we have just hired James Lomenzo to write for the descriptions of all of the talent on the site, and we are talking to Shawn and Chris [Broderick, MEGADETH guitarist] on how they can be involved too, but it is time for me to head to the venue for our show tonight. I am going to Sephora before we get to the venue to get some new colognes so we smell good at the meet-and-greets. Hahaha!"

      MEGADETH guitarist Chris Broderick has issued the following update from the "Priest Feast" European tour, also featuring JUDAS PRIEST and TESTAMENT:

      "There are only three shows left on this tour and it has been one of the best tours I have had so far.

      "I was lucky enough to have some time off to see a few cities; Milan, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Lisbon, and a little of Paris. This was all due to the days off between shows and the decent weather we are having right now. When seeing this, one really gets an appreciation for the history and culture that Europe has.

      "The next time I am over here, I hope to be able to see some more of Scandinavia, and other countries in the north.

      "One other thing I want to comment on is all of the fans that have been to see multiple shows, Carlos and Miguel, and the French connection (whom I will see tonight hopefully), to name a few. I appreciate the support that you show us.

      "Finally I want to mention that I will have a number that anyone can call on TheLiveLine web site [a service launched by MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine that enables musicians to connect to their audience over the phone] coming soon.

      "Now it's back to practicing the solos for the upcoming CD."

      Fan-filmed video footage of MEGADETH's March 19, 2009 concert in Barcelona, Spain as part of the "Priest Feast" tour with JUDAS PRIEST and TESTAMENT can be viewed below.

      Tentatively due on September 1 via Roadrunner Records, MEGADETH's forthcoming LP will be the group's first with Chris Broderick, who replaced Glen Drover at the end of 2007.

      The recording process for MEGADETH's twelfth studio album began on January 7 at the band's own Vic's Garage studio in San Marcos, California.

      The CD is once again being helmed by British producer Andy "Undie" Sneap (ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE, EXODUS, MACHINE HEAD), who worked with MEGADETH on the band's last album, "United Abominations", which came out in May 2007 via Roadrunner.

      GUNS N' ROSES has announce that guitarist and songwriter D.J. Ashba has joined the band for the upcoming tour.

      Ashba, who officially replaces current NINE INCH NAILS guitarist Robin Finck, is best known as co-founder of hard rock bands SIXX: A.M. and BEAUTIFUL CREATURES.

      "D.J.'s a gifted, energetic guitarist that GUNS N' ROSES is proud to have on board!!" exclaims Axl Rose. "We're very excited to have the opportunity to work together. GUNS' radar has silently been aware of D.J.'s presence for quite some time! He brings a fresh approach to our particular brand of mayhem expanding the tapestry of GUNS N' ROSES live. Once D.J.'s name was in the hat, the hat disappeared!!"

      Ashba stated, "It's an honor to have the opportunity to be a part of a band that I have always loved and respected. I'm looking forward to working with Axl, who is not only one of the few great frontmen of our generation, but a true artist."

      D.J. Ashba co-wrote and co-produced MÖTLEY CRÜE's latest album, "Saints of Los Angeles", which garnered a 2008 Grammy nomination for "Best Hard Rock Performance", as well as co-wrote and co-produced the SIXX: A.M. album "Heroin Diaries".

      Robin "continues to be part of GN'R, by virtue of GUNS' history and his involvement in 'Chinese Democracy'," according to a press release.

      According to ChineseDemocracy.com, the April 2009 issue of Bass Player magazine features an extensive interview with GUNS N' ROSES bassist Tommy Stinson in which he discusses the songwriting and recording process for "Chinese Democracy", among other topics. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

      Bass Player: How did you get the gig with GUNS N' ROSES?

      Stinson: My friend Josh Freese was playing drums with the band. I ran into him in a Hollywood rehearsal hall, and he mentioned that Duff [McKagan] had quit, then he asked if I knew any bass players. We just kind or laughed about it, because it sounded like a funny thing for me to go audition for GUNS N' ROSES. GUNS N' ROSES were never my thing when the band first came out — they just weren't my style. I thought at least it would be fun to play with Josh. But I learned five or six songs for the audition. We basically just jammed, and it was pretty fun. They seriously needed a bass player, so they asked if I'd do it.

      Bass Player: Why do you think you were the right guy for this gig?

      Stinson: The only thing I could grasp at is that I have the kind of punk-rock attack that Duff did. He wasn't really a metal guy — he had punk roots. On the other hand. he's got sensibilities that are different from mine. I couldn't place exactly what they are — they're unique to each one of us.

      Bass Player: Do you and Duff know each other?

      Stinson: I met him a few years back, and he seemed like a really sweet guy. He didn't seem to have any issues with me — I don't think he wanted the gig anymore.

      Bass Player: Describe the writing process for "Chinese Democracy".

      Stinson: I came in around '98 when the band was still writing the record. It was Paul Tobias and Robin Finck on guitar, Dizzy Reed andChris Pitman on keys, Josh on drums and me. Everybody was just slowly starting to bring in ideas. We were set up at Rumbo Recorders, a big studio out in the middle of nowhere. A funny thing — Captain & Tennille own it. The whole thing looks like a boat. Anyway, we all just started hammering ideas out. Essentially it was eight guys collaborating. To be thrown into that kind of environment — eight guys from very different walks of life — was very crazy, I'd never worked in that way, but it was cool. There were guys who'd never ever made a record putting out their ideas. At first, those of us who'd actually made records thought their ideas sucked, but there were also some good ones.

      Bass Player: How did you work out your ideas in a civil way?

      Stinson: We each had to give reasons for liking or disliking something — you couldn't just be bull-headed. We had to function as a democracy or we'd end up hating each other. Collaborating was good for that. I think every one of us learned a lot from it.

      Bass Player: "Street of Dreams" stands out for having a lot of cool, counter melodic bass work.

      Stinson: That's definitely one of the places where I tried to play melodically. Axl (Rose) had the majority of that song written, and I brought in the bridge bass line and progression.

      Bass Player: It has a few licks that seem to reference Duff's playing. Was that intentional?

      Stinson: When I started hammering out those GUNS N' ROSES songs, I started to really dig into what Duff was doing — I really liked the stuff he played. I'd be lying if I said his playing didn't seep into my subconscious — like the way he uses grace notes. And I wouldn't be afraid to say I stole some of his stuff.

      Bass Player: Josh Freese left GUNS N' ROSES in 2000, and was replaced by Brain Mantia. What did that mean for the tracks you recorded with Josh?

      Stinson: I had to redo them. I probably ended up completely re-recording each part five or six times over the years. It was tough. What really happened was the record company stood back and left Axl to his own devices. Axl had all these ideas, and he needed somebody to help interpret what he wanted. He had to basically produce himself, and that's not what he went into this wanting to do. There are a lot of reasons the album took so long to make, but I think the record company really dropped the ball on this one.

      Bass Player: What do you see as the root cause for that?

      Stinson: I think everything changed when Geffen merged with Interscope. When that happened, Axl was told that [A&R executive] Jimmy Iovine would play more of a role in making the album happen. What Jimmy did instead was throw other people into the mix who weren't very capable.

      Bass Player: What happened when producer Roy Thomas Baker was brought in?

      Stinson: He wanted to re-record everything, because he felt he could get better tones. In my opinion, he wasted many years and many millions of dollars trying to get us better sounds that we could have addressed in the mixing stage. I'm not a proponent of his style of producing. I think Iovine put Roy Thomas Baker in the producer seat because he didn't think the raw sounds were good enough. Then Roy came in and would try every Marshall guitar amp in a five-state area to find just the right guitar tone. And he wanted to do that for every single part on the album.

      Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash (real name: Saul Hudson) has commented on a recently published interview with GN'R singer Axl Rose in which he describes the top-hatted axeman as "a cancer."

      Addressing the possibility of a reunion of GUNS N' ROSES' classic lineup, Rose said in a friendly chat with his pal, songwriter Del James, that was posted on AOL Music's Spinner.com web site, that it was "highly doubtful for us to have more than one of the alumni up with us at any given time."

      "I suppose (former bass player) Duff (McKagan) could play guitar on something somewhere but there's zero possibility of me having anything to do with Slash," Rose said.

      "In a nutshell, personally I consider him a cancer and better removed, avoided — and the less anyone heard of him or his supporters the better."

      Speaking to Doug Elfman of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Slash confirmed that he had heard about Rose's latest tirade. "But you know, it's one of those things with him," Slash said. "It doesn't really affect me at all. At this point, it's starting to become a little bit — he's just sort of like — whatever."

      Slash added, "It's been a long time. The fact that [Axl] has anything to say at all — it's like, 'Whatever, dude.' It doesn't really matter."

      Marilyn Manson's anticipated reunion with longtime friend and foil Twiggy Ramirez inches closer with the release of "We're From America", the first listen from the forthcoming "The High End of Low" album. Available as a free download March 27, exclusively on MarilynManson.com, the song will be available as a digital single on April 7 and will preview Manson's forthcoming seventh studio album landing May 26.

      The album's official first single, "Arma... geddon", will arrive at radio April 13. Manson's new lineup, including Ramirez (for the first time in close to a decade), plus keyboardist Chris Vrenna, and drummer Ginger Fish, will close the main stage at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, this July through August. Manson will also kick off his world tour with a headline festival run this June in Europe.

      Produced by Manson, Vrenna and Twiggy, "The High End of Low" was recorded in Manson's Hollywood Hills studio and also features the track "I Want to Kill You Like They Do In The Movies". Manson says of the new album, "I think my life definitely ended and began. The record sounds very final, but it's almost optimistic — though that feels like a strange word to use. It's a phoenix from the fire and a redemption resurrection."

      In a recent interview with U.K.'s Kerrang! magazine, Marilyn Manson stated about "The High End of Low", "This is not a record that we would leave black and self-titled and mature. This is the experienced record. This album is the 12th-grade guy that has VD and did cocaine in high school, who has been arrested once and the 9th-grade girl wants to fuck him.

      "The songs on this record are quite autobiographical, but they're also very much their own stories in the same sense as some of my earlier work on 'Antichrist Superstar'. The songs are in the order in which they were written and sung. It was a story that took place and I didn't really know what it was going to be 'till it happened. I had to find out how it was going to end in order to end the record. This album left many scars, and I think they are good ones."

      "I wrote all the lyrics on the wall of my room. It wasn't to be decorative; it was one of those things, like it's the last thing someone sees before they put them somewhere else. I think it looks good. And if anyone wants to come into this room and fornicate with me, I think they are a keeper… and when I say keeper, I mean kidnapping. I am probably going to do most of the press for the record from my house, before I leave or destroy it, because you can see the story and what the record as made from within the house."

      "During the whole process I took a lot of photos, so the artwork is a lot of storytelling and the way that the songs have turned out is more from my point of view rather than looking at me. Because I always wanted to take pictures, my house is set up like a movie set. Instead of lamps I have movie lights and smoke machines and things."

      "I really look at this record as a film, maybe because I sort of directed it. I stopped trying to conform regular life into the idea that it's regular life. Why isn't it all just a movie? If people are watching, they're watching me being an asshole or being boring or creating something amazing. That's just a part of the movie. It allowed me to be more creative."

      "'15' is track 15 on the album. It's the most important song I think that's been written by MARILYN MANSON as an entity. It's the most unusual song I have ever heard. I thought that the album was done, as there is a glorious epic track [before that] that I think will make Twiggy forever recognized as a guitar hero. That felt like the end of the record, but what was happening in my life had not resolved itself. So on January 5, one five, I sang '15' and the lyrics will tell the story of that day…"

      As reported last week, Loud & Proud/Roadrunner Records has announced the signing of Los Angeles-based hard rockers RATT.

      About their new album, frontman Stephen Pearcy tells BW&BK that "there is no working title yet. Obviously there is a deal and we'll announce soon. All I can say is that we're writing like crazy. Warren (DeMartini - guitar) and I expect to be in the studio in a few weeks hopefully. So far the songs are very strong, very direct and all Ratt n' roll!! We feel good about what were coming up with."

      Ratt's 2009 line-up also features Carlos Cavazo (ex-QUIET RIOT) on lead and rhythm guitar, Robbie Crane on bass and Bobby Blotzer on drums.

      For more info visit www.myspace.com/therattpack.

      Tom Valcanis of Crushtor.net recently conducted an interview with ALICE IN CHAINS drummer Sean Kinney. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

      On ALICE IN CHAINS almosing disappearing completely, never to be seen again:

      Kinney: "Well, we sort of shut down when, back in the day, when things were really starting to blow up around us. We made the wise career choice of never performing after releasing two number one albums back to back. So we stuck with that plan by not doing anything for ten years. Then of course Layne [Staley, singer], had passed away. This was something I didn't foresee happening and it just naturally had taken its course. As long as it feels good and it's cool and it's genuine with us and we like it, it just kind of evolved to this point. Things are going along pretty great. It'll be interesting too. It's such a different world out there."

      On the current state of the music industry:

      Kinney: "It's a world where people steal music and record companies can't sell music. They sort of screwed up. It's such a different time and place; there are so many real unknowns now. It's going to be really cool. . . The great thing is that you can get your music out to a lot of people. But on the flipside, people want it for free. Studio time isn't free; we put a lot of money and effort into what we do. They expect us to be talking to them twenty-four hours a day on blogs and things. It takes the mystery away, I think. We're not from that 'era.' That was never really our 'thing.' It'll be interesting to see how we fit in, if we fit in."

      On recording the new album at Studio 606 in California with Grammy Award-winning producer Nick Rasculinecz (RUSH, TRIVIUM, DEATH ANGEL, FOO FIGHTERS):

      Kinney: "Well, we had a few tunes happening and it got up to the point where we said, 'Hey, let's make a record.' So we started thinking about producers, and Nick's the kind of guy like us; we don't use a lot of the stuff that people use nowadays, we're not doing song inspections and we're not doing autotunes and shit like that. We're really old school. We actually play everything you hear. (laughs) Sonically, he does some really great stuff. [He makes] what you hear is what's really going on, and we really liked that."

      German power metallers PRIMAL FEAR will release their new album, "16.6", in Europe on May 22 and in the U.S. on June 7 via Frontiers Records.

      The track listing is as follows:

      01. Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
      02. Riding The Eagle
      03. Six Times Dead (16.6)
      04. Black Rain
      05. Under The Radar
      06. 5.0 / Torn
      07. Soar
      08. Killbound
      09. No Smoke Without Fire
      10. Night After Night
      11. Smith & Wesson
      12. The Exorcist
      13. Hands Of Time

      Limited edition bonus tracks:

      14. Cry Havoc
      15. Scream
      16. Six Times Dead (16.6) (video)

      Japanese bonus track:

      17. No Smoke Without Fire (remix)

      "16.6: (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead)" was recorded at House Of Music studios in Winterbach, Germany with Dennis Ward and Achim Köhler. The CD marks the group's first release with guitarist Magnus Karlsson (ALLEN/LANDE, STARBREAKER), who replaced Stefan Leibing last year. Returning guitarist Henny Wolter and Karlsson participated in the songwriting and pre-production, which took place at Karlsson's Stuntguitar Studio in Sweden. The band spent four weeks at House Of Music recording the effort, which was mastered by Ted Jensen at the Sterling Sound in New York City.

      PRIMAL FEAR will return to Atlanta, Georgia to co-headline this year's ProgPower USA showcase on September 10 alongside VANDEN PLAS. PRIMAL FEAR says, "We're working on more East Coast shows from Florida to New York. We're [also] working on a tour in South America for August and the first show of the European tour is confirmed. The Metalfest at JBs in Dudley, U.K. [on September 25-27] will be part of the European tour 2009!"

      PRIMAL FEAR's last album, "New Religion", in 2007 landed on the Swedish chart at No. 67. It also entered the German chart at No. 60. The CD was released in the U.S. on January 29, 2008 via Locomotive/Ryko. Guest musicians on the album include Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY, ex-HELLOWEEN) and Simone Simons (EPICA).

      CHICKENFOOT (the new supergroup featuring guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, singer Sammy Hagar [ex-VAN HALEN], bassist Michael Anthony [ex-VAN HALEN], and drummer Chad Smith [RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS]), GUANO APES, TESLA and PAUL GILBERT are among the confirmed artists for the Bospop festival, set to take place July 11-12 at Sportpark Boshoven in Weert, Holland.

      The festival billing is shaping up as follows:

      July 11:


      July 12:


      Tickets will go on sale Saturday, March 27.

      For more information, visit www.bospop.nl.

      LEGACY UPRISING, the Las Vegas-based band featuring drummer Robert Falzano (SHATTER MESSIAH, ex-ANNIHILATOR), vocalist Mike Duncan (POWND) and 13-year-old Joey Doherty on lead guitar, has announced the addition of Kelly Conlon (ex-DEATH, MONSTROSITY) on bass and Curran Murphy (SHATTER MESSIAH, ex-ANNIHILATOR, NEVERMORE) on rhythm guitar. The new lineup will make its live debut on Saturday, April 4 at the Phantasy in Lakewood, Ohio along with Cleveland-based hardcore band AT NO END.

      After spending three weeks in Las Vegas writing and demoing material, the band has reconvened for pre-production at Smiley Sound Studios in Akron, Ohio where they will record their debut album under the watchful eye of producer Curran Murphy.

      for more information, visit www.myspace.com/legacyuprising.

      Veteran Los Angeles thrash band PSYCHOSIS will debut its new lineup as the support act for FORBIDDEN next Thursday, March 26 at the Key Club in West Hollywood, California. The group's first show as a five-piece will see PSYCHOSIS performing new material as well as classics from the band's "Lifeforce" CD.

      PSYCHOSIS' new lineup is as follows:

      Bruce Hall (AGENT STEEL, ex-GRINCHFIST) - Vocals
      Kragen Lum (HEATHEN, PROTOTYPE) - Guitar
      Vince Levalois (PROTOTYPE) - Guitar
      Jason Mirza (ex-GRINCHFIST) - Bass
      Jimmy Schultz (NEW EDEN, CHEVA) - Drums

      For more information, visit www.myspace.com/psychosisthrash.

      WHIPLASH, RAGE, SÓLSTAFIR, SPIRITUS MORTIS and ALGHAZANTH have been confirmed for this year's Jalometalli metal music festival, set to take place August 14-15, 2009 at Club Teatria in Oulu, Finland.

      The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


      BIG NOIZE, the band featuring vocalist Joe Lynn Turner (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), bassist Phil Soussan (OZZY OSBOURNE), guitarist Carlos Cavazo (QUIET RIOT) and drummer Simon Wright (DIO, AC/DC), has cancelled its appearance at the Z Rock 2009 festival, set to take place May 29-30, 2009 at JB's in Dudley, England. Replacing them on the bill will be DANGER DANGER's Ted Poley with special guest Vic Rivera.

      The festival billing is now as follows:

      Friday, May 29:

      WIG WAM

      Saturday, May 30:


      * From Australia; NOT to be confused with the Danish/British melodic metal band featuring ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN/RAINBOW frontman Doogie White and ex-ROYAL HUNT bassist Steen Mogensen

      Commented Ted: "I am sorry to see that a few of my good friends couldn't make it to the Z Rock 2009 fest stage as originally planned, but I am really psyched to be returning to the U.K. with my own killer USA band which features my brothers Vic Rivera, Eddie Campbell, Doug Odell and new drummer Ed Faust. To play a show with John Waite (one of my IDOLS!), and get to see WIG WAM (one of my favorite new bands!) live and get a taste of all of the other great bands is a personal dream come true and we are very much looking forward to it. Expect to hear a cool set exclusive to this show, which will include a few cool songs from my own musical career outside of DANGER DANGER, and some Poley/Rivera slammers along with some of the usual fun favorites! I will, of course, be on hand as usual to try to sell you stuff, sign whatever you bring, take photos, and drink your booze should you be so generously inclined as to offer up a shot of southern comfort."

      SLIPKNOT, DISTURBED, IN FLAMES and CHILDREN OF BODOM are among the confirmed bands for the Ruisrock festival, set to take place July 3-5 at Ruissalo in Turku, Finland.

      The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


      For more information, visit www.ruisrock.fi.

      SMASHING PUMPKINS guitarist, singer, songwriter and founding member Billy Corgan has announced that drummer Jimmy Chamberlin has left the group.

      Chamberlin joined the band Corgan founded in Chicago in 1988 and played on all their albums except "Adore" (1998).

      Corgan will continue to write and record as SMASHING PUMPKINS, with plans to head into the studio this spring.
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