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    That Metal Show , VH1 Classic s new metal-themed talk show co-hosted by Eddie Trunk, has revealed the list of artists that will guest on the second season of
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      "That Metal Show", VH1 Classic's new metal-themed talk show co-hosted by Eddie Trunk, has revealed the list of artists that will guest on the second season of the show. The program, which is taped in New York City, will feature appearances by the following musicians:

      Taping February 11:

      Season 2 / Episode 1 - Duff McKagan (LOADED, VELVET REVOLVER, ex-GUNS N' ROSES)
      Season 2 / Episode 2 – Frank Bello (ANTHRAX)

      Taping February 18:

      Season 2 / Episode 3 - Vinnie Paul Abbott (HELLYEAH, ex-PANTERA)
      Season 2 / Episode 4 - EXTREME

      Taping February 25:

      Season 2 / Episode 5 - ANVIL
      Season 2 / Episode 6 - Geoff Tate (QUEENSRŸCHE)

      Taping March 4:

      Season 2 / Episode 7 - Ronnie James Dio (HEAVEN AND HELL, BLACK SABBATH, DIO)

      "That Metal Show" features hosts Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine ("Crank Yankers", "Inside the NFL", "Meet The Creeps") and Don Jamieson ("Inside The NFL", "Dice Undisputed", "Meet The Creeps") discussing the latest rock news, share stories and arguing about their favorite bands. Each week they are joined by special guests who weigh in with their opinions and offer their own unique viewpoints to each episode. Eddie Trunk also takes on the metal maniacs in the studio audience in the "Stump the Trunk" metal trivia contest. If the audience can stump Eddie, they win a metal-worthy prize.

      The Pulse of Radio reports: A report that named AC/DC and COLDPLAY among the 10 most expensive acts to see in concert in 2008 was erroneously credited to Ticketmaster figures, according to a publicist for both AC/DC and Ticketmaster. The list, originally published at EW.com and picked up by several sites, was compiled from a range of average prices on resale site StubHub. While prices for resold tickets can climb into the hundreds of dollars at outlets like StubHub, AC/DC has in fact kept its official prices down, with prices on Ticketmaster ranging from $65 to $93.

      It was just a few years ago that AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young told The Pulse of Radio the band tries to keep tickets affordable. "It's value for the dollar," he said. "We like to keep the ticket price down. You know, we're pretty conscious of when we were fans — 'Oh, I couldn't afford to get that one.' So we wanted to keep it a fair price out there."

      COLDPLAY has also managed to keep most of their tickets below $100, with tiered prices available on their last North American tour.

      Other artists, such as MADONNA, have charged $200 or more for tickets although, again, the resale value on StubHub can climb substantially higher.

      AC/DC went one step further last week, offering to refund tickets to concertgoers who were unable to attend last Monday's (January 26) show at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, due to icy weather conditions.

      A state of emergency was declared in Oklahoma because of the extreme weather conditions, although the AC/DC show did go on and play to a largely full house according to reports.

      Anyone who wasn't able to attend must return their ticket to the point of purchase or call 866-7BOKCTR if it was purchased online. Tickets can only be refunded through Tickets.com and the deadline is March 16.

      JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford's Metal God Entertainment company has rescheduled the release date for the HALFORD "Resurrection World Tour – Live At Rock In Rio III" 5.1 special-edition Blu-ray, "Resurrection – Remastered" and "Live Insurrection - Remastered" CD releases to week of March 10.

      Recent changes in the distribution and retail sectors of our industry have found the company's key distributors assisting labels in need and sorting through retail closings. Metal God Entertainment has been affected on several fronts — most notably with the loss of Fusion 3, the company's Canadian distributor.

      Metal God Entertainment is distributed in the USA by Super D, Japan by Sony Music with the rest of the world and all digital content handled worldwide by ADA Global/Warner Music Group.

      Hosted by Rob Halford and members of his new solo band, "Resurrection World Tour" documents each new HALFORD musician as they find themselves in a fast-paced world of heavy metal greatness after being selected to write, record and tour the world with one of metal's most revered songwriters/vocalists.

      Exclusive to HALFORD's first Blu-ray release is a rare 5.1 high-definition surround mix of HALFORD "Live Insurrection" — a 28-song full-length concert from HALFORD's 2000-2001 "Resurrection World Tour", including a slide show of rare and previously unseen HALFORD images.

      "Resurrection", HALFORD's 2000 release, signaled The Metal God's glorious return to the metal scene, and featured a duet with IRON MAIDEN's Bruce Dickinson, "The One You Love To Hate". The ensuing tour was faithfully documented on "Live Insurrection", which combined new HALFORD and FIGHT tracks with such PRIEST classics as "Stained Class", "Genocide", and "Breaking the Law".

      Rob Halford's original 1999 demonstration recording of "Silent Screams" is bundled with three additional HALFORD versions of Rob's epic power-ballad. For a limited time, all pre-orders will include a bonus CD promo: HALFORD "Silent Screams - The Singles".

      Visit www.metalgodshop.com for additional details.

      Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based metal band 3 INCHES OF BLOOD's first album, "Battlecry Under a Wintersun", will be released in the U.S. on Tuesday, February 3, 2009 and in Canada on Tuesday, February 24, 2009. It will be made available by Sonic Unyon and distributed by Caroline Distribution in the U.S.

      As a special treat for all who have waited to get it, there will be four bonus tracks included on the album that were previously unavailable outside of the U.K.

      "Battlecry Under a Wintersun" (U.S. release) track listing:

      01. Ride, Darkhorse Ride
      02. Destroy the Orcs
      03. Headwaters of the River of Blood
      04. Heir to the Chaos Throne
      05. Skeletal Onslaught
      06. Journey to the Promiseland
      07. Lady Deathwish
      08. Curse of the Lighthouse Keeper
      09. Blazing Fires of Evermore
      10. Hall of Heroes
      11. Balls of Ice

      Bonus tracks:

      12. Sunrise Over the Fjords
      13. Conquerors of the Northern Sphere
      14. Onward to Valhalla
      15. Tonight We Rejoice

      3 INCHES OF BLOOD is rumored to be in talks with Century Media Records about a new record deal following the band's split with Roadrunner.

      Capital Chaos has posted video footage (see below) of 3 INCHES OF BLOOD performing on January 12, 2009 at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, California. Also on the bill were SEXCIETY, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and EARLY MAN.

      MetalSucks writer David Bee Roth recently conducted an interview with 3 INCHES OF BLOOD vocalist Cam Pipes before the band's hometown show in Vancouver with BISON B.C. Pipes spoke about touring in support of the band's most recent record, the band's split with Roadrunner Records, writing new material, and what the future holds for 3 INCHES OF BLOOD. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

      MetalSucks: One of the major events this year is that you've split with Roadrunner Records. What happened to that relationship between the label and the band?

      Cam Pipes: It was time for them to decide if they were going to pick up the option for the next record. They didn't and we're happy about it because we didn't really like being with that label. There was a lot of things inside the label that we didn't like in terms of how they showed their support for us and how they pushed our band in the press. We really didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things. They're a really big corporate label now owned by Warner, so they're moving strictly in a "We want to make money" direction and we weren't putting up the numbers that they would have liked to see. We got dropped on the priority list time and time again and then they finally decided that it wasn't economically viable to keep releasing this band. It's enabled us to be a lot more creative on where we want to go. We're not tied down to a long term contract anymore, so we can go explore other options and hopefully we'll be a little more free to do certain things
      with a label that's a lot more focused to promote us in a better way and [is] more geared towards our style.

      MetalSucks: Are you looking for a label right now or are you happy to be an unsigned touring band?

      Cam Pipes: We started looking for labels right off the bat and we're still weighing our options, but we think we might be getting close. I'm not going to give away any names of potential labels right now but something could happen soon. We're going to keep writing either way. That was always our focus to just be writing around this time and putting out new songs.

      KISS will headline the "Halifax Rocks 2009" concert on July 18 at Halifax Commons Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

      Tickets go on sale to the general public on February 6. A Kiss Army members-only ticket pre-sale will run from February 3 at 11:00 a.m. EST to February 5 at 6:00 p.m. EST on KissOnline.com. Both general admission and VIP tickets will be available. The VIP ticket area is special bleacher seating with a fantastic view, private VIP washrooms, catering and bar service.

      As previously reported, KISS has announced that it will close the Quilmes Rock Festival at River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires on April 5 and perform for the first time in Argentina in over a decade. This stop in Argentina will continue the KISS Alive/35 tour which launched in Australia with a performance at the opening season Formula One race where 60,000 race fans rushed the stage to watch KISS perform their classic hits. The tour continued on to Europe where they played shows in nineteen countries. KISS' stadium shows in Stockholm, Sweden sold 32,000 tickets in twenty minutes and shows in Helsinki, Finland and Oslo, Norway also sold out in minutes.

      According to the New York Post, legendary Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen has been awarded $820,000 in damages after he was allegedly defrauded by his former accountant and manager.

      The guitarist was forced to sell off most of his prized instruments at below-market prices after getting ripped off to the tune of more than $5 million, court papers claim.

      Former manager James Lewis faces a pending motion for $2.4 million in damages and interest.

      In his Manhattan federal court suit, Malmsteen said the alleged embezzlement was enabled by accountant Michael Mitnick, whom rapper Lil' Kim blamed for her tax troubles during her 2005 perjury trial.

      Yngwie claimed that Mitnick conned him into a 1994 deal in which his income was funneled into a bank account controlled by Lewis and Mitnick.

      In June 2008, Malmsteen was photographed (see below) by TMZ.com in front of a New York courthouse where he attended a hearing in connection with the above-mentioned case.

      KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley recently confirmed to Classic Rock magazine that the band is seriously considering recording a new album. When asked what the future holds for KISS, Stanley replied, "It looks like we'll be touring Europe as well as the States next year. You'll be getting more of what you saw at the Download festival this past summer — the 'KISS Alive!' vibe amped up to the max. There might even be a new KISS album at some point. I have been ambivalent to the idea in the past but I'm much more open to it now. . . I thought that I'd be content for KISS to remain a heritage act, just playing our greatest hits — 'Detroit Rock City' and all that. But the new KISS lineup with Tommy Thayer (guitar) and Eric Singer (drums) is proving to be so good, so strong in spirit, it would interesting to see how we perform in the studio. I must stress that no recording time has been booked at this point. But it if we were to go into the studio, the
      intention would be to make a KISS album in the style of our 1970s recordings. A classic KISS album, unmistakably."

      Legedary British rockers UFO have issued the following update:

      "2009 is shaping up to be a busy time for UFO, what with the studio sessions in Germany (where we're recording the new album, due out later this year), and also the forthcoming tours and festival shows which are being booked right now. But amidst all the good news, we also need to share some other news with you. For a while now, Pete [Way, bass] has been dealing with a medical condition which affects his liver, and he's currently undergoing treatment to cure it. The medication he's on makes him tired and dizzy, and he feels that taking part in the recording sessions and the hectic touring schedule would be too much for him at the moment, so he'll be taking some time out from UFO until he is match-fit. But, as we all know with Pete, he won't be able to stay away from rock n' roll for long — so it's very likely that he'll be doing a few gigs here and there with WAYSTED. We all wish him the very best and hope for a swift and full recovery. We love ya,
      Pete! Get well soon, man."

      The most recent batch of UFO remasters from EMI was released on January 19, 2009. The albums contain the following bonus tracks:

      "No Place To Run":

      * Gone In The Night (alternate version) (previously unreleased)
      * Lettin' Go (Recorded at the Marquee, London 16/11/80) (previously unreleased)
      * Mystery Train (Recorded at the Marquee, London 16/11/80) (previously unreleased)
      * No Place To Run (recorded at the Marquee, London 15/11/80) (previously unreleased)

      "The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent":

      * Long Gone (recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, London 29/01/81) (previously unreleased)
      * Lonely Heart (recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, London 29/01/81) (previously unreleased)
      * Makin’ Moves (recorded at the Marquee, London 15/11/80) (previously unreleased)


      * Heel Of A Stranger (non-album B-side of the Chrysalis 45 "Let It Rain")
      * Doing It All For You (recorded during soundcheck, Birmingham Odeon, 26/03/83) (previously unreleased)
      * We Belong To The Night (recorded at Oxford 25/03/83) (previously unreleased)
      * Let It Rain (recorded at Oxford 25/03/83) (previously unreleased)

      EMI last year reissued UFO's first three Chrysalis albums — "Phenomenon", "No Heavy Petting" and "Force It" — featuring a number of bonus tracks.

      UFO's latest CD, "The Monkey Puzzle", came out in September 2006 via SPV Records. The follow-up to 2004's "You Are Here" was recorded at Area 51 Studios with producer Tommy Newton, who also worked with the band on their prior album and who recorded the material for the band's "Showtime" live CD.

      Eddie Van Halen will wed his fiancée (and publicist), Janie Liszweski, in June. Then, he'll attend the high school graduation of his son — and bass player — Wolfgang. But after that, Eddie hopes to release new music with the current incarnation of the legendary band that bears his name. And, as he tells Spinner.com, yes, that includes David Lee Roth.

      "Dave, Wolfie, Alex and I are a band," he tells Spinner.com in an interview. "I hope that after Janie and I get married, and Wolfie graduates, that we sit down and discuss recording new music, which I have tons of. If Dave's up for singing ... then do another tour, and just see where it takes us. Actually, next week or the week after Wolfie, Alex, and I are gonna start jamming. Maybe we'll give Dave a call and see what he's up to. He's off, always doing his own thing, and he checks in every now and then to see how we're doing."

      The Pulse of Radio reports: MÖTLEY CRÜE kicks off its new North American arena tour on Monday night (February 2) in San Diego as the band continues to promote its 2008 album "Saints Of Los Angeles". The bill also includes HINDER, THEORY OF A DEADMAN, and band search contest winners THE LAST VEGAS. This is the CRÜE's first North American trek since last summer's Crüe Fest and bassist Nikki Sixx told The Pulse of Radio how it will be different. "You know, we're gonna change some songs around, it's exciting to go out and play new songs, break out some songs we haven't played in a while," he said. "Brand new band, THE LAST VEGAS, we're really pumped about THE LAST VEGAS. We think that they're sort of a JET meets GUNS N' ROSES and that's like a really needed shot in the arm in the music industry right now. And HINDER, we're really excited about that, and THEORY OF A DEADMAN, so it's a great package."

      The tour is slated to wind down in Portland, Maine, on March 18 and hit cities that Crüe Fest missed.

      THE LAST VEGAS won a contest co-sponsored by MÖTLEY CRÜE and Guitar Center. In addition to their slot on the tour, the group also won a recording deal with Eleven Seven Music, $25,000 in cash, and $20,000 in gear.

      Another edition of Crüe Fest is in the works for this summer, with plans for a second stage and more acts. Other groups on the bill besides MÖTLEY CRÜE are yet to be unveiled.

      According to TMZ.com, former GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler was arrested on Monday, January 26 and charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance — a misdemeanor. He was released the same day at 10:50 a.m. on $50,527 bail. No court date has been set.

      Steven's representatives tell TMZ.com that Adler was **NOT** under the influence of drugs at the time of his arrest. Adler — who was busted last July for possession of narcotics, being under the influence and for an outstanding warrant, and was ordered by the court to stay at the Pasadena Recovery Center — was arrested this past Monday because he hadn't finished his community service in the time frame given by the judge. The representatives say Adler went to register as a drug offender — also court-ordered — on January 26, when cops acted on the arrest warrant stemming from the unfinished community service. He was charged with "being under the influence of a controlled substance" because that was the original charge from his July arrest.

      Peter Atkinson of KNAC.COM recently conducted an interview with guitarist Mark Morton of Richmond, Virginia metallers LAMB OF GOD. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

      KNAC.COM: How was the METALLICA tour?

      Morton: Very, very cool. It was good opportunity for us, of course, opening for one of the biggest bands in the world. We were really flattered for them to have asked us to come out with them. We had some great shows. When we go out with like a SLAYER or a MEGADETH or a band like that, chances are most of those people are at least aware of what we do. It's safe to say that a good portion of the METALLICA crowd had not yet been exposed to us. So for us, at that this stage of the game, it was a golden opportunity. In addition to that, it was a lot of fun to go on tour with people who were our heroes when we were coming up as musicians and to learn first hand that they really are a great bunch of guys, really down-to-earth people, surprisingly, so given their celebrity and their status in the industry and some of the ways they've been portrayed. They made us feel at home and made us feel welcome, and for that I'm grateful. We've got about 20 more shows with
      them next summer in Europe, so we're very excited about that. So, all in all, it was a great experience.

      KNAC.COM: Playing in front of a crowd that was, like you said, not really familiar with you, how did you go over?

      Morton: We went over really well. We were, not concerned, we were curious how we would go over with an unfamiliar audience. To be fair, we certainly had our share of fans there every night, the LAMB OF GOD fans were showing up and they were very vocal and very visible and we love them to death for it, but I could definitely feel the momentum of the shows. When we would start playing, people would still be taking their seats, and by the end of our set the faces changed from deer in the headlights to fists in the air. There were no train wrecks, no boos, no catastrophes, at least that I was aware of, and I think we won some people over. The thing about, say, SLAYER is, they are a very, very heavy band, very dark, very aggressive, and the music, at least to my ears, is a little bit similar to what LAMB OF GOD is doing, so it's not such a stretch for the audience. METALLICA has gone through different phases at different eras, until very recently most of
      their modern stuff is pretty commercial, so their fans are there to hear that. But, like I said, they seemed to like us and I know we made some new fans.

      KNAC.COM: Since everyone else has chimed in on it, what is your opinion of METALLICA's new album?

      Morton: It's great, it's their best record in a lot of years. They had moved away from where my interest was in them, but good for them, they've redefined themselves over and over again, reinvented themselves. And they are a great band and nice guys.

      KNAC.COM: LAMB OF GOD is certainly a veteran band, but METALLICA's been around for a lot longer and at a much higher level, no disrespect. Is there anything you guys can take away from someone like that?

      Morton: The answer to your question is yes and no. I don't think there's things, or lessons, that we picked up directly from them as a band because we're two very different situations and two very different types of bands in very different levels of our careers, as you mentioned. But working with them has taught us some things. It's one of the few times where, like I said, we've been in front of an audience that we felt we had to win over. Early on in our career, when no one knew who we were on our first couple national tours, it was like that, and maybe the main stage at Ozzfest that we played a couple years ago. But even then we felt like we were on our home turf. We learned how to work in an environment that wasn't necessarily hostile, but it wasn't necessarily friendly either. And METALLICA plays in the round, which is like being in a boxing ring in the middle of the arena, so we really had to work a four-sided stage instead of a one-side stage. And
      14-15 years into our career, that's the first time we've had to do that. We picked up really quick, and I'm really proud of our band and especially our crew for adapting, because those guys really bear the brunt of that. If things don't get set up just so, it can make things a lot more difficult and really limit your mobility, which you really need in a situation like that.

      Lucem Fero recently published an interview with EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt, conducted in late 2008 by Welsh interviewer Anthony Morgan. Topics of discussion included "Let There Be Blood", the controversial re-recording of EXODUS' classic 1985 debut album "Bonded by Blood", his response to criticism regarding the project, the album's artwork, bonus track "Hell's Breath", and "Bonded By Blood"'s influence on the thrash genre. Several excerpts from the interview follow below.

      On how "Let There Be Blood" came to fruition:

      "For years, we'd discussed re-recording 'Bonded By Blood'. We never had the time or the resources to re-record the album, however, since we wished to independently release the album. In 2008's summer, we had the time to enter the studio, and make the project a reality."

      On criticism regarding the project:

      "I don't get mad about the critics. It's a compliment for someone to say our debut is such a classic that we shouldn't touch it, though I tell individuals that very same thing; this doesn't make the original disappear in a cloud of smoke. 'Bonded By Blood' will always be there, should always be heard, and will forever be our shining moment. Consider 'Let There Be Blood' as nothing more than a companion disc. Through this album, hopefully listeners might actually discover the original."

      On how he feels the late vocalist Paul Baloff would feel regarding the project:

      "As long as it was something he couldn't sing on, I think Paul would fucking love it. It's a real testament to Paul that, after recording one album throughout his entire life, he's rightfully considered a legend. How many people can you say that about? When Tom [Hunting, drums] and I did the drum tracks, it brought back a lot of insane memories from the original sessions. We stayed at the studio on this big farm, and had insane parties every night, with friends fistfighting, shit getting broken, and general mayhem. After so much drinking, it was no small wonder we got such great work done in the afternoon. We were always about a good time though, and that was one of the best."

      On new singer Rob Dukes' feelings towards the project:

      "He was more than slightly nervous about recording 'Let There Be Blood', but I told him to just listen to the original, let Paul soak in, and do him justice. I told him not to sound like a parody, but to bring some of Paul's performance out, as well as his own style. I think he nailed it. We talked about re-recording 'Bonded By Blood' with Paul before he died, but we were all so fucked up that we never got much completed. Plus, we need resources to record it ourselves, although not much."

      On bonus track "Hell's Breath":

      "We never recorded 'Hell's Breath' back then, but decided to cut it this time as Tom and I finished early, and had some time to use. We said, 'Fuck, let's record an old one,' and 'Hell's Breath' is the old one. We wrote it back then, namely Kirk (Hammett) and I. Nothing unique occurred during the songwriting process, which just consisted of two guitarists writing some riffs. The lyrics are good old fashioned EXODUS Satan-type fare."

      On "Bonded By Blood"'s influence:

      "I think its influence is felt everywhere — I hear elements of those riffs in new material all the time. We brought a level of anger and violence that was new to thrash though, but paid homage to our own heroes all through, from MERCYFUL FATE, to VENOM, to ANGEL WITCH, and to MOTÖRHEAD."

      New Wave Of British Heavy Metal legends TYGERS OF PAN TANG, German true metal heroes WIZARD and French heavy/speed metal act LONEWOLF have been confirmed for the Hard Rocker Festival II, set to take place September 26, 2009 at Rudeboy club in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. According to a press release, fans can expect to see there at least seven traditional metal bands at the event, making Hard Rocker the only festival of its kind in Poland.

      Fan-filmed video footage of TYGERS OF PAN TANGs' January 11, 2009 performance at the Motorockas Club in Como, Italy can be viewed below.

      TYGERS' new album, "Animal Instinct", was released in Italy, Germany and Scandinavia on June 9, 2008 and was made available and in Japan in mid-July via Marquee/Avalon. The CD is also available in the U.K. and via the band's official web site.

      According to a press release, "Animal Instinct", sees the band "go back to their early roots, playing hard-edged rock in the manner of 'Wildcat' and 'Spellbound'."

      TYGERS OF PAN TANG's current lineup is:

      Robb Weir - Guitar
      Dean Robertson - Guitar
      Jacopo Meille - Vocals
      Brian West - Bass
      Craig Ellis – Drums

      RED RIVER REVIVAL, the new band featuring former members of SUPERJOINT RITUAL and ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER, is in need of a new bassist and drummer. The group previously stated: "[All applicants] need to be able to live in or near the Atlanta area. We are looking for a drummer who can tour. We need a drummer who doesn't have horrible drug/drinking problems. You must be into bands like AC/DC, [LYNYRD] SKYNYRD, GOV'T MULE, heavy boogie rock in general. We love the 'less-is-more' approach. We offer killer management, producer, and the potential to take this as far as the sky will let us."

      Check out audio samples of RED RIVER REVIVAL's new EP on the band's MySpace page.


      Kevin Bond (SUPERJOINT RITUAL) - Guitar
      D Wayne Slocum (ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER) - Vocals
      Rev. James Atwell (MOSES JONES) - Guitar/Vocals

      In a recent interview with Nonelouder, Slocum stated about the band's sound, "RED RIVER REVIVAL is boogie rock! Lots of melody and soul, preachin' and hollerin'. Heavy blues is what I think best describes us. Kevin Bond has written some really cool stuff, very ZZ TOP. Kevin didn't write any of the SUPERJOINT stuff, so I think people will be surprised to hear what style he actually represents. James Atwell is a fantastic singer/slide player. He and I have been working very hard to make the best music possible. People are already saying that RED RIVER REVIVAL is better than ARTIMUS."

      New Orleans sludge-meisters EYEHATEGOD will headline the fifth annual Los Angeles Murderfest, set to take place on May 9-10 at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, California.

      The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


      For more information, visit www.losangelesmurderfest.com.

      Richmond, Virginia-based thrashers MUNICIPAL WASTE will enter Red Planet Studios in March in the band's hometown with producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris (THROWDOWN, SHADOWS FALL, HATEBREED) to begin recording their as-yet-untitled new album, due late August via Earache Records.

      The writing process for the the follow-up to 2007's "The Art Of Partying" is complete and the band is excited about bringing new ideas to the table. Frontman Tony Foresta comments: "So far the songwriting is coming off a lot more aggressive than our previous efforts." Drummer Dave Witte agrees: "This set of new songs are challenging and super fun to play, we turned up the aggressive and speed knobs while keeping the good time intact."

      Foresta is enthused about the direction that the band's writing has taken them on the new album. "I think it is a definite change from our last two albums," he says. "Nothing super drastic, but a positive change. The WASTE is still all about having a good time. But I think we all agreed on writing something a bit more pissed off and different with this album, Instead of going ahead and writing the same album all over again. But don't fear we're not getting 'artistic' or any bullshit like that. We've just been listening to a lot more POISON IDEA and NWOBHM and I feel it might show a bit with this next album."

      Songtitles set to appear on the new CD include "Massive Aggressive", "Shredded Offering" and "The Divine Blasphemer".

      Make sure to catch MUNICIPAL WASTE alongside LAMB OF GOD, AS I LAY DYING, CHILDREN OF BODOM and GOD FORBID on the No Fear Energy Music Tour beginning in early April.

      Finnish goth metallers THE 69 EYES take part in a signing session at Empik Megastore in Warsaw, Poland on February 13. The event will begin at 3:00 p.m.

      THE 69 EYES recently entered the studio to begin recording its ninth studio album with the Grammy-winning producer Matt Hyde (SLAYER, MONSTER MAGNET, FU MANCHU). The recording process will take place both in Helsinki and Los Angeles. The as-yet-untitled CD will come out in this September, to be preceded by a possible video and single.

      Commented THE 69 EYES drummer Jussi 69 (born Jussi Heikki Tapio Vuori): "We used SLAYER's 'God Hates Us All' for long to wake us up before the shows on tour back then, I guess that's where the name Matt Hyde came into our mind. It'll be very interesting to work with him. We have so good material at the moment!"

      THE 69 EYES is taking a break from studio work in February to embark on a European tour with Sweden's TIAMAT.

      THE 69 EYES released a box set called "Goth'n'Roll" in Finland on Halloween. The set, which contains three CDs and one DVD, documents THE 69 EYES' period from 1998 to 2003 when the band broke into the mainstream success in Finland and spread their Helsinki vampire bat wings over Europe. "Blessed Be" and "Paris Kills" are considered the band's classic gothic rock albums by both fans and critics alike. Both albums are here remastered with bonus tracks. The DVD is the same period's "Helsinki Vampires", also remastered, featuring a live show recorded at Tavastia, Helsinki in 2002, all the videos, extras and also a never-before-released documentary "Bat Habit" from the same period. The third CD is "Goth'N'Roll Archives" which includes demos and never-before-released material from 1998 to 2003.

      MOONSPELL, SAMAEL, ENTOMBED, TERROR and ETHS are among the confirmed bands for this year's Durbuy Rock Festival, set to take place May 8-9, 2009 in Durbuy, Belgium.

      The festival billing is shaping up as follows:

      AMEN RA
      DIE OUT

      For more information, visit www.durbuyrock.be.

      Finnish "fantasy metal" band BATTLELORE is the first confirmed artist for Raismes Fest, set to take place September 12-13, 2009 in Raismes, France.

      For more information, visit www.raismesfest.fr.

      Angel Of Metal conducted an interview with BATTLELORE at the Hard Rock Hell II festival, which was held in early December 2008 in Prestatyn, Wales, U.K. Watch the eight-minute chat below.

      BATTLELORE recently took part in the "Finnish Fire" European tour — featuring headliners KORPIKLAANI alongside KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI and FALCHIO.

      BATTLELORE's fifth album, "The Last Alliance", entered the official chart in Finland at position No. 26. The CD was released in North America on October 7 via Napalm Records. It was recorded at Sound Supreme Studios in Hämeenlinna, Finland, with producer Janne Saksa and was mixed and mastered by the Swedish multi-instrumentalist and producer Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, NIGHTINGALE, ex-BLOODBATH).

      Philadelphia's doom/sludge masters JAVELINA (pronounced "ha-va-'lE-na") will enter Volume Studios (PELICAN, RWAKE, NACHTMYSTIUM, MINSK) in Chicago in March with producer Sanford Parker to begin recording their new album for a late summer/early fall release via Translation Loss Records. The follow-up to the band's self-titled debut will be recorded over a one-week period and will be mastered by Mick Mullin at Super 8 Studios (INTRONAUT, MASTODON, FIGHT AMP). A total of nine original tunes will be laid down along with a BUZZV*EN cover that will be featured on a upcoming tribute record. Songtitles set to appear on the new CD include "You're Going to Hate This", "Towers of Silence", "The Black Blizzard" and "Stepchild".

      Formed in October 2005 by ex-members of Philadelphia bands LICKGOLDENSKY, SMUT and OTOPHOBIA/ENDLESS NIGHTMARE, JAVELINA (pronounced ha-va-lE-na) spent over a year honing its sound before playing its first show.

      JAVELINA's sound embodies the massive sludgy nature of BUZZOV*EN and EYEHATEGOD with the raw punk intensity of HIS HERO IS GONE and the straightforward nature of HIGH ON FIRE all wrapped up into one.

      For more information, visit www.myspace.com/javelinaphiladelphia.

      NEVERLAND, the collaboration between Turkey's progressive power metal band DREAMTONE and Greek artist Iris Mavraki, has been confirmed for the ProgPower Europe 2009 festival, set to take place October 2-4, 2009 in Baarlo, Netherlands.

      The festival billing is shaping up as follows:

      CLOUDSCAPE (Sweden)
      SEVENTH WONDER (Sweden)
      PROSPECT (Slovenia)
      NEVERLAND (Turkey/Greece)

      For more information, visit the festival's official web site.

      DARK TRANQUILLITY, GRAVE DIGGER, TROLLFEST, FIDDLER'S GREEN, A.O.K. and LYFTHRASYR have been confirmed for this year's edition of the Rock Harz open-air festival, set to take place July 9-11, 2009 in Ballenstedt (near Quedlinburg), Germany.

      The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


      For more information, visit RockHarz.de.

      German goth metal band XANDRIA will announce its new lead singer this Sunday, February 8 via the group's official web site.

      Singer Lisa Middelhauve left XANDRIA in May 2008 for "personal reasons." She stated at the time, "My exit has nothing to do with dispute or controversy within the band. It was just time to split. I hope we still will be friends in future like we are right now."

      XANDRIA's "Now & Forever - The Best Of" collection was released in June 2008. The CD contains 20 tracks, including a few rarities like the ballad "Lullaby" from the "India" era and the songs "One Word" and "Drown In Me" (previously unavailable on a XANDRIA album). "Now & Forever - The Best Of Xandria" was also released as a double digipack containing a DVD of the complete XANDRIA show from 2007's Summer Breeze festival, all of the band's promotional video clips and a brand new interview.

      XANDRIA's fourth album, "Salomé - The Seventh Veil", was released on May 25, 2007.

      Dutch brutal death metal band SUPREME PAIN has entered Soundlodge Studio in Germany with producer Jorg Uken (SINISTER, DEW-SCENTED, OBSCENITY, GOD DETHRONED) to begin recording its second full-length album, "Nemesis Enforcer", for a tentative late spring/early summer release via Metal Age Productions from Slovakia. The group says: "All music and lyrics are finished and it is fast, aggressive, brutal and sick! The CD will contain eight tracks of extreme brutality."

      "Nemesis Enforcer" track listging:

      01. Vengeful Wrath
      02. Legacy Of Chaos
      03. The Unholy Throne
      04. Treshold Of Immortality
      05. To Serve In Slavery
      06. Lobotomy Of The Soul
      07. Goddess Of Divine Retribution
      08. Nemesis Enforcer

      The cover artwork was created by Mottla Art from Austria and can be viewed below.

      SUPREME PAIN recently announced the addition of bassist Tadej Cholewa (SCAFFOLD) and drummer Toep Duin (PUTREFIED, BLASTCORPS) to the group's ranks.

      SUPREME PAIN's current lineup is:

      Aad Kloosterwaard - Vocals
      Erwin Harreman - Guitars
      Bas Brussaard - Guitars
      Tadej Cholewa - Bass
      Toep Duin - Drums

      SUPREME PAIN's debut album, "Cadaver Pleasures", was released in April 2008 via the U.S. label Comatose Music. The drums for the CD were recorded at the Negligence Sound Studio in Slovenia, guitars and vocals at the Garden Shed Of Horror in The Netherlands. Mixing took place at Excess Studio in The Netherlands by Chris van der Valk and the album was mastered by Bob Moore at the Sound Lab Studios in the U.S.

      After a three-year break, Norwegian black/death metallers ANCIENT are preparing their return to the scene. The band has announced plans to begin touring again this spring, with dates in the works for Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Eastern Europe. More information will be made available soon.

      ANCIENT last year announced the addition of guitarist Morfeus (LIMBONIC ART, DIMENSION F3H) to the group's ranks.

      The band's sixth album, "Night Visit" was released in June 2004 through Metal Blade Records. The follow-up to 2001's "Proxima Centauri" was recorded at Mirage and Alpha-Omega studios and was mixed at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden with producer Fredrik Nordström (HAMMERFALL, IN FLAMES, DIMMU BORGIR, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, etc.). Mastering was done at Sterling Sound in New York City.

      MISERY INDEX, CROWPATH, ENTRAILS MASSACRE, MARUTA and COPREMESIS have been confirmed for this year's Auditory Assault festoval, set to take place May 16-17 at Club Europa in Brooklyn, New York.

      Commented the festival organizers: "Our original intention was to have the fest take place in Manhattan, but we discovered that most clubs don't like any outside promoters and are asking for way too much of a rental fee. To put it plainly, most clubs wanted so much that even if their venue was filled to capacity we wouldn't have enough money to pay the bands based on our desire to keep the ticket price reasonable. Europa is not an extremely big venue, so it's recommended that you get an advance ticket when they go on sale before the end of February."

      So far the following bands have been confirmed for Auditory Assault:

      BRUTAL TRUTH (New York)
      GADGET (Sweden)
      MISERY INDEX (Maryland)
      SAYYADINA (Sweden)
      PIGSTY (Czech Republic)
      CROWPATH (Sweden)
      JIG-AI (Czech Republic)
      KILL THE CLIENT (Texas)
      DEFEATIST (New York)
      MARUTA (Florida)
      COPREMESIS (New York)"

      For more information, visit www.myspace.com/auditoryassaultfestnyc.

      Former CELTIC FROST frontman Tom Gabriel Fischer has issued the following update on his current TRIPTYKON project:

      "We played CELTIC FROST's 'Babylon Fell' for the first time with TRIPTYKON yesterday evening. I last performed this song with CELTIC FROST on the tour to support the 'Into The Pandemonium' album, an eternity ago. Many years later, I attempted to add 'Babylon Fell' to the resurrected CELTIC FROST's live repertoire for the concerts and festival appearances that were planned to complement the 'Monotheist' tour in 2008. I had relearned the song in late 2007 and transcribed arrangement and tabs for Martin. Alas, it was never to happen. By that time, CELTIC FROST was no longer a band that played music but rather a congregation of enemies, and I ended up practicing 'Babylon Fell' on my own at our rehearsal room.

      "It was to take another year until I was finally able to play 'Babylon Fell' with a band. After a couple of trial run-throughs, TRIPTYKON made the song come truly alive. It served to make an already very strong rehearsal session even more exceptional. TRIPTYKON's growing repertoire of original material had never sounded so heavy and organic before, and playing 'Dethroned Emperor' and 'Babylon Fell' alongside made the experience almost intoxicating. After the months spent assembling this group and the framework around it in the face of a variety of significant obstacles, a session like last night's reinforces commitment and confidence infinitely. TRIPTYKON's debut album will be dark, heavy, and fiercely unique."

      TRIPTYKON's lineup also features Reed St. Mark (ex-CELTIC FROST), V. Santura (DARK FORTRESS) and Vanja Slay. The first audio sample, a track called "Crucifixus", can be heard on TRIPTYKON's official MySpace page.

      Commented Fischer: "TRIPTYKON will sound as close to CELTIC FROST as is humanly possible, and the album I am working on will feature all the material I envisioned for the successor to [CELTIC FROST's] 'Monotheist'. I desire the album to be a darker, heavier, and slightly more experimental development of 'Monotheist'.

      "'Crucifixus' is but one of many compositions to that end. TRIPTYKON is not defined by just this one song, however, just like CELTIC FROST was not defined by 'Totengott' alone."

      Fischer announced his departure from CELTIC FROST in April 2008, citing "the irresolvable, severe erosion of the personal basis so urgently required to collaborate within a band so unique, volatile, and ambitious."

      Fischer recently spent time in Norway as an invited guest of the Norwegian black metallers 1349 while they were recording their new album. He previously joined 1349 on stage during the band's appearance at the Inferno festival on March 22, 2008 in Oslo for a rendition of the CELTIC FROST classic "The Usurper".

      Greek groove/death/grind band HOMO IRATUS (also written as one word, HOMOIRATUS) has issued the following update:

      "Yes! It's true! After almost two years from their break up, HOMO IRATUS are finally back to kick some serious ass! During the past two years, most of them enrolled in other projects/bands and now that they reunited they are ready to bring the Greek death metal scene onto a higher level.

      "What's really interesting is the current lineup of the band… So we have Mitch on vocals, Angelos on bass, Argy on drums and Kostas on guitars — HOMO IRATUS' first guitarist. However, there's also another member on guitars who recently joined the band, Kostas. During the past two years following the break up of HOMO IRATUS, Angelos, Argy and the band's new member, Kostas, formed GOD OF ROTORS and this is how they initially decided to include Kostas in the current line up of HOMO IRATUS.

      "HOMO IRATUS' current lineup:

      Mitch - Vocals
      Angelos - Bass
      Argy - Drums
      Kostas - Guitar
      Kostas (GOD OF ROTORS, SKLEROTIKZ) - Guitar

      "The band is currently trying out some ideas for new tracks and at the same time they are rehearsing older ones. All this indicates that HOMO IRATUS will soon record a new album, which — according to what is stated on their official page on MySpace— is most likely to pick up back at 'Human Consumes Human' [2001] and they will most probably at some point go on tour, both in Greece and abroad. However, the band hasn't made any binding statements regarding the time when all this will happen, but when it does, they will definitely give us what we've been craving for!"

      HOMO IRATUS's second full-length album, "Apocalypse", was released in 2004 via Crimes Against Humanity Records.

      For more information, visit www.myspace.com/homoiratusofficial.
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      AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson revealed during an appearance this past Thursday (July 29) on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on U.K. s BBC Radio 2 that the band
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        AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson revealed during an appearance this past Thursday (July 29) on "The Chris Evans Breakfast Show" on U.K.'s BBC Radio 2 that the band will "probably bring a live album out" at some point in the not-too-distant future.

        IRON MAIDEN and HELLYEAH are rumored to be taking part in the 2011 edition of Australia's Soundwave festival, which will kick off on February 26 in Brisbane.

        MAIDEN's latest official newsletter included a note that stated, "If you're of an Australian persuasion, you might want to keep an eye on the [band's official] website next week."

        Meanwhile, HELLYEAH drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott reportedly confirmed during a recent meet-and-greet session with fans on the band's just-completed Australian headlining tour that the group will be part of next year's Soundwave festival.

        The official Soundwave lineup will be announced on August 5.

        So far the following acts have been confirmed for the event:

        30 SECONDS TO MARS
        36 CRAZYFISTS
        THE ATARIS
        THE BRONX
        THE SWORD
        TRASH TALK

        Soundwave 2011 dates:

        February 26 - Brisbane
        February 27 - Sydney
        March 04 - Melbourne
        March 05 - Adelaide
        March 07 - Perth

        According to Metal Hammer, Alice Cooper will play two special shows on October 31 and November 1 at the Camden Roundhouse in London, England. For these performances, Alice will be joined by world-renowned alternative performer Jim Rose (of the infamous JIM ROSE CIRCUS) as well as ZODIAC MINDWARP AND THE LOVE REACTION.

        For a period of five days only (ending August 7), Alice will be accepting video submissions of "sideshow and freak acts" to his web site, www.alicecooper.com. The best will be invited to a live audition on August 9 at The London Dungeon in London at 7 p.m. where they will "perform" in front of a panel of judges consisting of Alice himself, along with Nicky Horne and others to be announced. The freakiest and most outrageous sideshows will then become part of Alice Cooper's "Halloween Night Of Fear" at The Roundhouse on October 31 and November 1.

        Speaking to Metal Hammer, Alice said: "London has its freaks and we want to be the people to bring them out. In the U.K., Halloween isn't as big as it is in the States and we want to make it as big as Christmas!"

        When Metal Hammer asked Cooper about what he wants to see from the forthcoming auditions, Alice said, "It doesn't have to be evil! I like bizarre things as much as I like seeing things that are evil. I've seen a couple of episodes of 'The X Factor', so I know you've got freaks in London and I've walked the streets of Camden thinking, 'I'd like to have that guy in the show!' I just want anything that's bizarre and makes you go, 'Wow!'…or 'Eeeurch!'; either's good with me."

        Jed Gottlieb of BostonHerald.com recently conducted an interview with original GUNS N' ROSES and current ADLER'S APPETITE drummer Steven Adler. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

        One being newly sober after three suicide attempts, two heart attacks, a stroke and 28 overdoses:

        "I got sick and tired of coming to in the hospital or having some kids wake me up naked in the middle of the street. I can say that I was lucky that I only had a stroke. At least I can still play drums."

        On his newly published tell-all autobiography, "My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N' Roses":

        "I wouldn't be sitting in the Cracker Barrel in Wisconsin [on tour with ADLER'S APPETITE] right now if I didn't write the book. There are some really devastating things in the book, and getting those things out and actually reading the thing once I got them out made me realize I could move on with my life.

        "Working on the book, I did my crying and yelling and pounding on the wall and throwing bricks through the windows. Whatever it took to get those emotions out of me and onto the page, that's what I did to heal."

        On his ex-junkie, now-sober peers in MÖTLEY CRÜE, AEROSMITH and GUNS N' ROSES:

        "So many of us have gone through the same thing. When somebody like Steven Tyler [AEROSMITH] tells you that he's been through what you've been through and that you're going to be OK, you're going to listen."

        On the possibility of a reunion of the classic GUNS N' ROSES lineup:

        "It's not up to Slash [guitar] or Duff [McKagan, bass] or Izzy [Stradlin, guitar], who wouldn't do it for the money but for the fans. It's all an Axl [Rose, vocals] deal. He's got to be the one to say OK. But I won't pray to God to talk to Axl because if God tried to talk to Axl, he'd make him wait. So I'm not going to bother God with that because he'll come back to me saying, 'Steven, you made me go talk to him and the (expletive) made me wait outside all day."

        ANTHRAX has scheduled the following South American tour dates:

        Nov. 10 - Santiago, Chile - Movistar Arena
        Nov. 11 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - El Teatro Flores
        Nov. 13 - Valencia, Venezuela - Forum De Valencia

        1991's original American "Clash of the Titans" lineup — ANTHRAX, SLAYER and MEGADETH — will hit the road together once again on leg two of the "American Carnage" tour. This trek kicks off September 24 at Verizon Wireless Theatre in Dallas, Texas and will play 20 dates, including New York's Nassau Coliseum, concluding at Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on October 21.

        ANTHRAX, SLAYER and MEGADETH and will kick off the second leg of the "American Carnage" tour on the heels of the historic "Big Four" Sonisphere festival concerts they played with METALLICA in seven European cities this summer. The dates marked the first time that these four bands — acknowledged as the most influential bands of the thrash genre — had shared a concert bill.

        The original "Clash of the Titans" tour united the three forces of thrash metal for the entire summer of 1991, with then-little known ALICE IN CHAINS serving as the opener. This tour, which falls under the "American Carnage" banner, isn't rewriting history, it's writing a whole new chapter of head-banging history that is sure to delight fans new and old.

        SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo told MusikUniverse.net that he was the only member of the veteran thrash metal act to take part in the "Big Four" jam in Sofia, Bulgaria because his bandmates "don't do that kind of thing."

        Many fans were surprised to see that Lombardo was the only musician from SLAYER to perform with members of METALLICA, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX at the end of the June 22 "Big Four" concert broadcast from the Sonisphere festival in Bulgaria.

        Lombardo explained to MusikUniverse.net: "I'm the only one who knows how to jam and have a good time! The other guys, they don't do that kind of thing. They just know their music when it's written and that's it — they don't know how to go up and improvise and enjoy themselves. Jeff [Hanneman; guitar] does a little bit, but not the other guys [bassist/vocalist Tom Araya and guitarist Kerry King]."

        During the MusikUniverse.net chat, Lombardo also shot down suggestions that SLAYER has recorded its last album following Araya's recent back surgery which forced the band off the road for a period of several months.

        "SLAYER's days aren't numbered," Lombardo said. "Everyone goes through certain things. I went through an accident and I needed surgery back in 2004. But I wasn't on tour, so nobody knew about it. These things happen. And you heal and you move forward." He added, "The tours and albums keep coming out — they haven't stopped in over 25 years and I don't think they'll ever stop."

        The Pulse of Radio reports: Rob Zombie surprised fans when he hired SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison to sit behind the kit on tour after former drummer Tommy Clufetos abruptly bailed to join Ozzy Osbourne's band. Zombie has said recently that his current lineup is the best he's ever had, and Jordison told The Pulse of Radio what it's like to work with the singer. "Rob's an intense guy," he said. "I mean, he's just so very focused on what he wants, how the show looks, how the band is, all that. SLIPKNOT toured with Zombie on Ozzfest '99, first time I met Rob, and I saw that guy fire, like, people every day if something slightly went wrong, and that's not happening. I mean, he's super-, super-happy and the band is on fire — we're having a blast, man."

        Zombie, Jordison and the rest of Zombie's band are currently on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival with co-headliners KORN and others. The trek pulls into Raleigh, North Carolina on Tuesday (August 3).

        Zombie and his touring band recently recorded three brand new songs for the upcoming CD/DVD re-release of his latest album, "Hellbilly Deluxe 2", due out on September 28.

        Zombie, ALICE COOPER and Jordison's band MURDERDOLLS will join forces for the "Halloween Hootenanny" tour in September and October

        The reunited SOUNDGARDEN will release a retrospective set, "Telephantasm", on September 28. The band states, "It includes songs from all of our albums and EPs, including 'Black Rain', an unreleased track from the 'Badmotorfinger' sessions. Plus, we are releasing our first-ever DVD which will include never-before-seen videos, and much more.

        "We have partnered with 'Guitar Hero 6' to launch 'Telephantasm' simultaneously with the launch of the new game. Which means if you buy 'Guitar Hero 6' for the week of September 28, you get a copy of 'Telephantasm' as well. Of course, there will be vinyl, collectors' editions, deluxe packages and more."

        SOUNDGARDEN has announced a new show, its third since coming back together earlier this year. The band will play on Thursday, August 5 at the intimate Vic Theatre in Chicago, just three days before it headlines the third day of the Lollapalooza festival in the Windy City's Grant Park on Sunday, August 8. Fans have a chance to buy tickets to the club gig by signing up as a member of Soundgarden World, the band's official web site. Selected members will get an email with a link to purchase a pair of tickets, all of which will be given out on the day of the show at the box office.

        You must be 18 to attend the show. All ticket sales will be final, with no exchange, refund or transfer of names.

        Fans must show government-issued photo ID to collect their paperless tickets, with no exceptions.

        SOUNDGARDEN performed its first show since 1997 on April 16 at the Showbox in Seattle under the name NUDEDRAGONS (anagram of SOUNDGARDEN).

        The rest of SOUNDGARDEN's plans, including more shows or a full tour, remain in the dark right now. Drummer Matt Cameron also has commitments with PEARL JAM, of which he has been a member for 12 years.

        Cornell recorded three albums with AUDIOSLAVE and three records on his own since SOUNDGARDEN disbanded, but his last solo effort, 2009's "Scream", was blasted by critics and fans for its urban pop production and bombed saleswise.

        The other two members of the band, guitarist Kim Thayil and bassist Ben Shepherd, have kept lower profiles, although they and Cameron jammed together last year at a Seattle club.

        Avril Cadden of the Sunday Mail recently conducted an interview with ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

        Q: A lot of your fans probably didn't think they would see the band again after the death of your front man Layne Staley in 2002. What sort of reactions have you had this year?

        Cantrell: We've had a really good year. We have always had fans from all over the world but we've always had a lot of supporters in the U.K. and Europe. With this particular run, and all we've been through, the crowds have been very supportive. I think they appreciate the effort of what it takes to go to the places we do, to be able to still enjoy playing music and to be able to make the music we make.

        Q: Performing on stage, do you still feel the presence of singer Layne?

        Cantrell: He is always a part of the band; that is an undeniable fact. We were not trying to change that by inviting William (Duvall) to become part of the team. We had no intention to replace Layne. There's no replacing him. The way William and I work together is similar but it is a different relationship. He brings a different element to the band, and Mike [Inez, bass], myself and Sean [Kinney, drums] have stepped up from where we were before. I was always involved but to take on the challenge that we did, it took everybody's effort.

        Q: What keeps the band moving forward?

        Cantrell: We've worked hard over the last few years to come to the place where it felt right to make a record and continue moving ahead. Things have worked out well for us this year and that feels good. The band have been together for five years now and we have been working towards this for a long time. We just do what we've always done, which is what feels right for us, and try to make the best music we can.

        Q: There's a film being made about Kurt Cobain and NIRVANA. How about an ALICE IN CHAINS film?

        Cantrell: I am not really a big fan of books and films about rock bands, especially about friends of mine, because, generally speaking, they are not made by the people involved. They never turn out to be that good. It is usually about second-hand stuff and people claiming to be friends. I did some interviews for a book on the Seattle scene a few years ago and it turned out really bad. I don't have any interest in any of that stuff. Someone was trying to make a movie about Layne, too, and none of his family or us were involved, so you can tell how good it's going to be. I have seen films about Kurt that weren't made with anyone's permission. It always tends to dwell on the bad stuff and that is not always the whole story. We have lived all that stuff and I know what it is like. To me, it is kind of special that way, sometimes breaking it down can work out but I think it makes it a little less special. I know how it went, I was there.

        CraveOnline.com recently conducted an interview with THE CULT frontman Ian Astbury about his collaboration with Japanese rockers BORIS. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

        CraveOnline.com: How did the collaboration with BORIS come about?

        Ian Astbury: It was kind of a long time in the making, I'd say about two years. I saw BORIS play about five years ago at the Knitting Factory in New York and seeing them perform was such a profound experience. I tried to get them to perform with THE CULT, I kept emailing their manager, but our schedules never matched up Eventually being a big fan of SUNN O))) I got to meet up with Stephen (O'Malley) and Greg (Anderson) at a performance and they kind of made the introduction to BORIS a lot quicker. The collaboration was something BORIS instigated knowing I was a big fan of them and their music. They sent me ten pieces of music and worked out when the best time for me to come out and do vocals. I had a long time to live with the music and become very familiar with it so I choose three pieces I liked and went to Tokyo to do vocals.

        CraveOnline.com: What was it about BORIS that drove you to want to work with them?

        Ian Astbury: I was just struck by the commitment of what they do and the totality of their music. There's no sort of jocular joking around or high fiving or "rock 'n' roll" (does it with a high voice) stuff, none of that. It's all about business very serious, it's fine art and Shakespearean in the scope. Very layered, very textured, the performances are incredibly committed. Every note they play, every sound the play is very serious.

        CraveOnline.com: I was curious where the connection between the singer for THE CULT and a band like BORIS might come from musically speaking.

        Ian Astbury: Well you have to understand when I was a kid I was into JOY DIVISION and PUBLIC IMAGE so I've always had an interest in the avante guarde. The kind of persona I have the kind of voice I was born with, this barrel chested voice was what I would perform with. As I got older I wanted to try new things so I went off and made solo records, worked with Trent Reznor, U.N.K.L.E. and THE DOORS, so I was heading in that direction. Working with more serious artists. Not to say that THE CULT aren't serious about what they do but THE CULT very much revolves around Billy Duffy's guitar, he's the lead musician, so I'm kind of restricted to that. It's not as experimental, as I'd like it to be where as THE DOORS who I worked with have a history of experimentation and in many of ways they are the roots of a lot of experimental rock, psychedelic rock and tonality and texture and depth and invention. It's just a desire to collaborate with other artists who are
        serious about what they do.

        CraveOnline.com: What does this involvement in experimental music mean for the future of THE CULT?

        Ian Astbury: There's new CULT stuff coming out in September but THE CULT are like children I had a long time ago. Especially the "Love" album or "Sonic Temple" or "Electric", those records are very dear to me, the legacy I'll maintain. I don't want to see it rot in a ditch somewhere I want to keep it alive and we're becoming more prolific in terms of our writing. We've recently started working with Chris Goss and having him in the room has really pulled the band more towards where I see it going than the arena-rock stuff, which was more of a goof or more semi-serious. It was of its time and a place to be and we just embraced it and held on for the ride. Then it became more introspective and self destructive and darker. Now it's at a place where there's a balance between that. I think having the experience with THE DOORS helped me walk into a studio with BORIS. It was a university education. Ray (Manzerek) is unforgiving as a taskmaster and was in the day
        from everything I could tell being around those guys. Ray ran the ship in much the same way Atsuo is the driving force behind BORIS. Not to say that Takeshi and Wata don't contribute but Atsuo is really the visionary. He's a funny fucker, too.

        The limited-edition version of "Women And Children Last", the sophomore album from the reactivated MURDERDOLLS — the band consisting of Joey Jordison (SLIPKNOT, ROB ZOMBIE) and Wednesday 13 — will be packaged in a unique first-aid kit. It's not your usual first-aid kit — this frightening set includes the CD/DVD edition of "Women And Children Last", an exclusive t-shirt (size L), digital download, autographed booklet, patch, sticker, pill case, plus other gruesome extras.

        "Women And Children Last" will be released on August 31 via Roadrunner Records. The CD was recorded at a studio in Hollywood Hills, California with producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris (HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD).


        01. The World According To Revenge
        02. Chapel Of Blood
        03. Bored 'Til Death
        04. Drug Me To Hell
        05. Nowhere
        06. Summertime Suicide
        07. Death Valley Superstars
        08. My Dark Place Alone
        09. Blood Stained Valentine
        10. Pieces Of You
        11. Homicide Drive
        12. Rock N Roll Is All I Got
        13. Nothing's Gonna Be Alright
        14, Whatever You Got, I'm Against It
        15. Hello, Goodbye, Die
        16. Motherfucker See, Motherfucker Do (bonus track)
        17. The Funeral Ball (bonus track)
        18. A Moment Of Violence (bonus track)


        Filmed live on June 17, 2010 at the Key Club in Hollywood, California, MURDERDOLLS returned to the stage after seven years away without skipping a beat. Playing a mixture of classics and new favorites, this DVD captures their amazing and triumphant return.

        German "true" metallers STORMWARRIOR have inked a deal with Massacre Records. The band's fourth album, tentatively titled "Heathen Warrior", will be released before the end of this year as a limited digipak with bonus material, CD and numbered gatefold vinyl. The mixing and mastering will be handled by Tommy Hansen (HELLOWEEN, HAMMERFALL, PRETTY MAIDS) at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark while the artwork will be created by Uwe Karczewski. According to a press release, "Metalheads can expect another combinationof explosive guitar works, catchy hooks but also some new toppings to the "typical STORMWARRIOR sound!"

        Locomotive Records released the third studio album from STORMWARRIOR, entitled "Heading Northe", in North America in April 2009. The CD, which was released in Europe in February 2009 via Dockyard 1, was recorded at the group's own Thunderhall Studios and was mixed with Piet Sielck (SAVAGE CIRCUS, IRON SAVIOR) before it was mastered at Tommy Hansen's Jailhouse Studios.

        STORMWARRIOR is known for its unique combination of "true metal" anthems with lyrics that are rooted in Nordic mythology.

        After the release of its "Northern Rage" CD, STORMWARRIOR was invited to play all the biggest festivals like Wacken Open Air, Bloodstock, MANOWAR's Magic Circle and Earthshaker. The band also collaborated with Kai Hansen by performing HELLOWEEN classics during select live appearances.

        German power metallers GRAVE DIGGER will release their new album, "The Clans Will Rise Again" in Europe on October 1 via Napalm Records. The CD was recorded between mid-May and mid-July at the Meadow Studios, which is owned by GRAVE DIGGER's new guitarist Axel Ritt, and Principal Studios, where all of GRAVE DIGGER albums since 1995's "Heart Of Darkness" have been tracked. It was produced by Chris Boltendahl and mixed by Jörg Umbreit.

        According to a press release, "Chris Boltendahl, Jens Becker, Stefan Arnold, HP Katzenburg and Axel Ritt offer an explosive mixture of the typical GRAVE DIGGER riff metal, combined with awesome epic chorus hooks, which will fascinate the fans from the very first note.

        "'The Clans Will Rise Again' is a loose sequel of the 'Tunes Of War' album, but this time not a concept album about the Scottish history, rather a work about Scotland, its mysticism and its people."

        "The Clans Will Rise Again" track listing:

        01. Days Of Revenge
        02. Paid In Blood
        03. Hammer Of The Scots
        04. Highland Farewell
        05. The Clans Will Rise Again
        06. Rebels
        07. Valley Of Tears
        08. Execution
        09. Whom The Gods Love Die Young
        10. Spider
        11. The Piper Mcleod
        12. Coming Home
        13. When Rain Turns To Blood

        Check out the cover artwork below.

        GRAVE DIGGER will celebrate its 30th anniversary at this year's edition of the Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place August 5-7, 2010 in Wacken, Germany. The band will perform its seventh and most successful album, "Tunes Of War" (1996), in its entirety at the event and will be accompanied by "illustrious guests," such as the 20-headed BAUL MULUY PIPES & DRUMS BAND from Hamburg, German metal queen Doro Pesch, BLIND GUARDIAN lead singer Hansi Kürsch and the metal a capella ensemble VAN CANTO. There will also be a special elaborate stage set with an extraordinary pyro show.

        Wacken Open Air will mark the first and final time GRAVE DIGGER will play the entire "Tunes Of War" album live. The band will also perform some of its other "greatest hits," such as "Ballad Of A Hangman", "Heavy Metal Breakdown" and "Excalibur" at the end of its set.

        GRAVE DIGGER's latest album, "Ballads Of A Hangman", was released on January 9, 2009 via Austria's Napalm Records.


        Russell Eldridge of Target Audience magazine conducted an interview with vocalist Brian Fair of Massachusetts metallers SHADOWS FALL at the Atlanta, Georgia stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival on August 1. You can now watch the chat below.

        When asked about whether SHADOWS FALL is spending more time on the road nowadays than they have in the previous years, Fair replied, "We usually do at least a year straight of touring from the release of the record. Our [last] record ['Retribution'] came out the second week of September [2009] and we've been out since a little before that. But this time we're actually... Right when we get home from this, we're gona start writing. We wanna get this new record out quicker than the last, 'cause it seems like we've been kind of on a year-and-a-half/two-year schedule for album releases, and with kids' attention spans shrinking and people able to steal your music before it comes out anyway, we figure we wanna just stay ahead of the game and really try and get this record out pretty quick and keep the momentum going. We've also been a band for 15-plus years, so we wanna just try and keep this going before... For us, now that we're old men, if we get on the
        couch for too long, we don't wanna get back up again. We've gotta keep the ball rolling or else it might stop on its own."

        Regarding what keeps him and his bandmates going after being together for so long, Fair said, "It's the best job on earth. We've always wanted to be in bands, we all were in bands before we met each other and that's kind of how we met. Touring is what got us into it, too — playing live shows. We like the studio, but it's more about the live shows; that's really what motivates you to keep going. I mean, this is a very physical type of music, and we'll probably hit the wall at some point, but until then we'll just keep going. We also feel like we're lucky. There's a million bands in the world that all wanna do what you're doing, so we feel like we're blessed and lucky to have this opportunity, so we might as well ride that train or ride that wave until it hits the beach. Hopefully we don't go face first. [Laughs]"

        SHADOWS FALL will release a new concert DVD, "Madness In Manila: Shadows Fall Live In The Philippines 2009", in November/December via Everblack Industries/Ferret Music. The disc will include footage that was shot on April 30, 2009 at the Pulp Summer Slam in Manila, Philippines.

        SHADOWS FALL's "Bark At The Moon" cover was featured on the deluxe version of the band's latest album, "Retribution", which came out on September 15, 2009. The deluxe CD also included bonus covers of NUCLEAR ASSAULT's "Critical Mass" and CRO-MAGS' "Age Of Quarrel", along with a companion DVD, featuring making-of-the-album footage, live material, lessons, interviews and more.

        "Retribution" sold around 13,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 35 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD was released via Everblack Industries, the label SHADOWS FALL created in conjunction with Warner Music Group's ILG, Ferret Music and ChannelZERO Entertainment.

        "Retribution" was produced by Chris "Zeuss" Harris (HATEBREED, MUNICIPAL WASTE), with vocal production by Elvis Baskette (INCUBUS, ALTER BRIDGE). The cover artwork was created by Sons of Nero (UNEARTH, EVERY TIME I DIE, BRING ME THE HORIZON).

        Classic Swedish heavy metal veterans OVERDRIVE have finished recording their new album and are currently mixing the effort at Studio Underground in Västerås, Sweden with Pelle Saether (STEEL ATTACK, AXENSTAR, GRAND DESIGN, INSANIA). The band states, "It sounds KILLER, we think!"

        Songtitles set to appear on the album include:

        * Thriller
        * Cold Blood Chaser
        * Angelmaker
        * Wavebreaker
        * Run Out
        * On With The Action
        * It's Not As Easy As It Seems
        * Signs All Over
        * Mother Earth
        * Brand New Sinner
        * In Gut We Trust
        * See The Light
        * I Know There's Something Going On (cover)

        OVERDRIVE's seventh LP will be mixed by Pelle Saether (STEEL ATTACK, AXENSTAR, GRAND DESIGN, INSANIA) in July.

        Commented guitarist Janne Stark: "Musically this album is true to the '80s way of heavy metal, bringing in influences from the classic metal era of bands like ACCEPT and JUDAS PRIEST with no modern elements whatsoever. Not that we've ever been modern. I know all bands say it, but we do sincerely feel this will be our strongest album ever."

        The lineup is still Per "PerilOz" Karlsson on vocals, Janne Stark and Kjell Jacobsson on guitars, Kenth Ericsson on bass and Kenta Svensson on drums.

        Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2010, OVERDRIVE will appear at several festivals in Scandinavia, such as Muskelrock in Alvesta, Hasslöfestivalen in Karlskrona and Metal Warning in Helsinki.

        OVERDRIVEs new album is due in late fall via an as-yet-undetermined record label.

        For more info, information, visit www.overdrive.se.

        Veteran German thrashers SODOM have set "In War And Pieces" as the title of their new album, due on November 23, 2010 (one day earlier internationally) via SPV/Steamhammer. The CD is being produced by Waldemar Sorychta, who has previously worked with TIAMAT, MOONSPELL, LACUNA COIL and SENTENCED, among many others. SODOM bassist/vocalist Thomas "Angelripper" Such recently stated about the group's new material, "There has never been a SODOM album which is so wide-ranged, as powerful and as typically SODOM as this one."

        SODOM released its long-awaited new DVD, "Lords Of Depravity - Part II", in July via SPV/Steamhammer.

        "Agent Orange", the classic 1989 album from SODOM, was re-released on February 1 (Germany: January 29) via SPV/Steamhammer. The CD comes in a high-class digipack and will include a bonus disc. The extensive booklet contains rare photos and liner notes by bassist/vocalist Thomas "Angelripper" Such. The LP comes as a double gatefold album with printed inner sleeves and three bonus live tracks.

        The band's latest album, "The Final Sign of Evil", was released as a double vinyl package on February 1, 2008 via SPV Records. The LP features re-recordings of the material from the German thrashers' classic first EP, "In the Sign of Evil", plus no less than seven bonus tracks, all of which were originally written during the "In the Sign of Evil" era or earlier but were never officially released. As a special bonus, the album featured return appearances by drummer Chris Dudek (a.k.a. Witchhunter) and guitarist Josef "Peppi" Dominic (a.k.a. Grave Violator), both of whom were featured on the original 1984 EP.

        SODOM issued the "Lords of Depravity - Part I" DVD in the U.S. on February 21, 2006 via SPV. The first of two double-DVD sets contained the SODOM history from 1982 to 1995 plus live footage from concerts in Sofia and at the With Full Force, Wacken Open Air and Rock Hard festivals.

        Steven DiLodovico of the Philadelphia Indie Music Examiner recently conducted an interview with SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

        On touring with MEGADETH and TESTAMENT:

        "We are reacquainting ourselves with all these old friends. I think it's great that we've reestablished these friendships. I hung out with Dave [Mustaine, MEGADETH mainman] this morning. I walked out of my hotel and there he was. We went to the store together. We're all friends; we're out here to kick ass and have fun and do what we do best and that's what we're doing. And I anticipate that's how the rest of the tour is gonna go."

        On touring:

        "I would say about three quarters of the bands are out having good times while on the road. Tom [Araya, bass/vocals] is married, I was married and recently got divorced, but we're out there having a good time with the rest of the guys."

        On how SLAYER's audience represents the full spectrum of genre-spanning fans of all types of aggressive music:

        "It's been great. You see such a wide range of fans. You get the fathers with their kids, the teenagers, the twenty- and thirty-year-olds. It's awesome; it's longevity. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that our music has been all over so many video games, which is pretty cool. In a way the Internet ruined music, yet other things have sprung up that helped it along."

        On SLAYER's latest offering, "World Painted Blood", which has been hailed by fans and critics alike as a return to the brutal form they established over 20 years ago:

        "We can see that people really like the album. They sing along to all those songs, some of those songs, to me, have now become the classics like say, 'South of Heaven' or 'Seasons in the Abyss'. 'World Painted Blood' falls right in there.”

        On SLAYER's live performance:

        "People will hear my bass drums just pummeling them. From what I hear, it beats you up pretty good. We have a great soundman and, of course, SLAYER behind the instruments. There is no doubt that you will get a beating. For this leg we are currently doing two songs off 'World Painted Blood' which are the title track and 'Hate Worldwide'. Then we perform the entire 'Seasons in the Abyss' record. I don't know if we're gonna do that in the States, though. But that's what we're doing through Canada."

        On the upcoming DVD release of 1995's "Live Intrusion" concert video:

        "'Live Intrusion' was when I wasn't in the band. They blotted me out. They might have fixed it now, but they blotted me out. They released that when I was away from the band, so that's why they did that. I never questioned them about it, but I don't really care."

        ARTISTdirect.com editor Rick Florino recently conducted an interview with ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

        ARTISTdirect.com: Do you feel like BlackDiamondSkye is a musical crossroads of sorts? What's your vision of it?

        Jerry Cantrell: It's a good crossroads but not in the Ralph Macchio way [Laughs]. The cool thing is you've got three very individual bands that are hard to put a definite tag on. In general, it's probably easier to digest or write about something if you can put a tag on it. We've got grunge, and that encompasses five or six different bands from one town that don't sound anything like each other [Laughs]. I'm sure the other guys have their takes on it too. We've all worked really hard, and we wanted to put together something special to end the touring cycle. We figured MASTODON would be done because they've been touring their asses off on "Crack the Skye". Luckily, they came along to be a part of it.

        ARTISTdirect.com: You can't really define ALICE IN CHAINS, DEFTONES or MASTODON.

        Jerry Cantrell: There are three individual musical fingerprints, and you get a hand with three fingers so obviously we've done some things wrong [Laughs]. We've lost a few fingers along the way, but these three fingers are kickass, dude [Laughs].

        ARTISTdirect.com: Were there any package tours similar to BlackDiamondSkye that you went to when you were a kid?

        Jerry Cantrell: To me, concerts have always been about a group of bands. I don't think we're doing anything new here. It's just a really cool collection of bands. Some of my best moments going to concerts have been bills with two or three bands. We do a lot of festivals, so we end up playing a lot of shows with 40 or 50 bands [Laughs].

        ARTISTdirect.com: Was "What the Hell Have I" recorded specifically for [the] "Last Action Hero" [soundtrack]?

        Jerry Cantrell: That was something we had. Sometimes, you can have a song around that kind of relates to a movie. It's in the can, but it works. That's been the case for us a couple of times. We were all huge "Arnie" fans, and we were hoping for something like "Predator". The soundtrack was pretty cool. There was some AC/DC, MEGADETH and a bunch of other great shit on there. We had "A Little Better" and "What the Hell Have I" sitting around, and we went in and recorded them specifically for the soundtrack. I think the filmmakers heard some demos beforehand. Music and film are pretty interconnected. Even music, in general, creates visuals for you anyway. I listen to BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN or any number of bands, and the music takes you to a place or creates a landscape. It's a visual thing. Being a kid who sort of lived in his own head, I remember that. You listen to music, and it takes you somewhere. It's an obvious marriage of expression; it's just
        a different art form. The two together go hand-in-hand. I love doing stuff for film. You create visuals with the music anyway, and that just takes it to another level.

        ARTISTdirect.com: Do you have any defining tour memories from the "Dirt" era?

        Jerry Cantrell: I don't remember a lot of "Dirt" [Laughs]. It can be a blur. The things I remember about that particular tour or any tour are some of the places we played and the bands we played with and things that went on. When you've been together for a long time, it's hard to pick a line or two out of the book anymore. There's a lot of shit in there to weed through.

        MIKE TRAMP & THE ROCK 'N' ROLL CIRCUZ, the new project led by WHITE LION singer Mike Tramp, is currently recording its second album, tentatively titled "Second Act", for a February/March 2011 release. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Gotta Get Away", "Alright By Me" and "Don't Let Them Put It On You".

        The self-titled debut from MIKE TRAMP & THE ROCK 'N' ROLL CIRCUZ came out last October. The CD was decribed in a press release as "the most profound musical statement" released to date by Tramp. He stated at the time about the effort, "With this album no stone has been left unturned, no compromises made, this album is complete in every way."

        "Mike Tramp & The Rock 'N' Roll Circuz" was released in Denmark via Kick Music/Sony Music and was also made available via MikeTramp.com.

        Co-produced in Copenhagen, Denmark with Andersen, "Rock 'N' Roll Circuz"'s title refered to the atmosphere created by Tramp around the band in the studio when recording the album. "It made us visualize this old fallen apart circus," he said. "From there we built certain things into the songs and into the album."


        Mike Tramp - Lead Vocals, Guitar
        Claus Langeskov -Bass
        Søren Andersen - Guitar
        Morten Hellborn - Drums
        Emily Garriock - Vocals, Keyboards

        As previously reported, the government and parliament in Denmark has adopted September 5 as the national flag day for the Danish veterans and this will be celebrated with a concert on Christiansborg Slotsplads in Copenhagen. Tramp will be a part of this event in cooperation with The Blue Berets (who are the main organizers) and concert promoter April Chris. Tramp will also perform at the event.

        For more information on the concert (in Danish), go to this location.

        For more information, go to www.myspace.com/miketramp.

        Ashland, Kentucky based hard rockers HYDROGYN have parted ways with guitarist Jeff Young (ex-MEGADETH).

        In a statement released to BLABBERMOUTH.NET earlier today by HYDROGYN's management company, The Paramour Group LLC, the band's frontwoman, Julie Westlake, stated about Young's exit from the group, "After five months of recording the new [HYDROGYN] album ['Judgement'] with Jeff, it has become very obvious that our personalities and work ethic are very different. I worked alongside Jeff to complete three songs that he brought in for the album, and I must say, I'm just not pleased. Knowing it would have been an argument if anything was said, and trying to give him the opportunity to take part in the writing of the album, as the release date draws near, I just don't want them on the album because I don't think they are strong enough, and knowing what kind of tension it would cause, I just really feel that this is just not a good fit."

        HYDROGYN's new album, "Judgement", is still set for an early October release.

        Former MEGADETH/BLACK LABEL SOCIETY bassist James Lomenzo played bass on "Judgement" but will not be part of HYDROGYN's touring lineup when the band hits the road in support of the new CD.

        The group's last CD, "Deadly Passions", came out in 2008. The effort, which was recorded in Huntington, West Virginia's Smash Hits Studio, included a cover version of ALANIS MORISSETTE's mega-smash "You Oughta Know".

        NME TV and Sonisphere TV conducted separate interviews with SLIPKNOT/STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor at the U.K. edition of the Sonisphere festival, which is being held July 30 - August 1 at Knebworth Park. Watch the footage below.

        When asked about what the future holds for SLIPKNOT following the recent passing of the band's bassist, Paul Gray, Taylor said, "It's really soon, it's really too son to tell. I mean, we're all still kind of dealing with it. I've just now kind of started talking about it. Obviously, he was honored the other night at the Kerrang! Awards with the ['Services To Metal'] award, which I thought was great, because he really was... I mean, not only was he just such a big part of my life, but he was the spirit of SLIPKNOT; he wrote most of the music. Not a lot of people know that, so I've really been trying to get the word out about him and give him the recognition that he deserves.

        "As far the future [of SLIPKNOT is concerned], like I said, it's really soon to tell. None of us can even fathom what to do yet. But as soon as we do, the world will be the first to know. It's not that we don't want to, it's just like, how do you do what makes sense when such a big piece of that puzzle is gone?

        "To me, I'm kind of fortunate that I have STONE SOUR to concentrate on. And I've been able to work some stuff out. Plus, me and my wife have been taking care of [Paul's] family right now.

        "But, I mean, we'll just have to wait and see."

        SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison, who's out touring with ROB ZOMBIE, has confirmed that SLIPKNOT will continue making music despite Gray's death. While SLIPKNOT is only in the very earliest stages of planning its next record, Jordison told The Pulse of Radio they've already decided they will not recruit a new bassist. "There will be no other bass players besides Jim [Root, guitarist], Mick [Thomson, guitarist] and me, more than likely," he said. "Everyone actually kind of plays guitar in the band, so I think we're all gonna play bass on the record. We're not gonna have anyone come in. But live, we'll deal with that when it comes."

        Gray's body was found on May 24 in a suburban hotel room outside Des Moines, Iowa. A medical examiner ruled that the 38-year-old died of an accidental overdose of morphine and a synthetic form of morphine.

        On Friday, July 30 at 4:28 p.m. Swedish time, NIGHTWISH singer Anette Olzon gave birth to her second child (and first with her current boyfriend, bassist Johan Husgafvel of the Swedish metal band PAIN). He was 52 centimeters tall and he weighed in at 3930 grams. Olzon also has an eight-year-old son, Seth, with her now-ex-husband.

        Commented Olzon: "We have tried to get him out the natural way since Tuesday and used different methods, but like with my first son, I didn't get enough strong contractions so it was decided to finally get him out through a C-section.

        "We all are just fine but still in the hospital where we are resting and just being so happy to have this beautiful and precious boy with us.

        "Life is so wonderful and I am so, so happy and just floating with joy."

        The other members of NIGHTWISH are in "the deepest countryside of Finland" working on material for their new studio album, which they will begin to record on October 15 for a late 2011 release.

        NIGHTWISH manager Ewo Pohjola of King Foo Entertainment Ltd told Finland's MTV3 that singer Olzon's pregnancy would not affect the band's plan to begin recording its new studio album.

        In an interview with the Finnish web site Rytmi.com, Olzon stated about NIGHTWISH's current recording plans, "I do have to go as soon as possible to Finland for rehearsals with the [NIGHTWISH] boys after I have delivered my child and then we'll stay there for a couple of weeks working with the new songs. After that the album will start to be recorded but since we always record all the instruments, orchestra and choirs before I go in and do my vocals, I don't have any big pressure to do anything in the fall. I will, of course, go and visit the recordings when it feels OK to do so, but otherwise my recordings aren't gonna be happening until 2011."

        Regarding how she will handle touring with NIGHTWISH while tending to a newborn child at home, Olzon said, "It will work out just fine.

        "We have all decided that the last world tour was too intense in the planning and we will take it a bit easier this time. Planning is everything, and I have a great father to my baby who will take care of her/him when the day comes and I also have a nanny who can come with me if that is needed at some points.

        "I don't stress over these things 'cause I know everything is gonna be just fine.

        "The last tour was so hard and still it worked out with my son being at home."

        NIGHTWISH played a special homecoming show in September 2009 at the sold-out, 11,000-capacity Hartwall Arena in Helsinki to mark the end of the band's colossal "Dark Passion Play" two-year world tour.

        NIGHTWISH is not expected to play any more shows until the release of the band's next studio album.

        Swedish metallers THE HAUNTED have issued the following update:

        "We are sorry to announce that due to an illness that required immeditate medical attention, we are forced to cancel our last three performances as support to SLAYER. We are, of course, very sad for this, and would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

        The following dates are affected:

        Aug. 02 - 013 - Tilburg, Holland
        Aug. 03 - 013 - Tilburg, Holland
        Aug. 05 - Volkshaus - Zurich, Switzerland

        THE HAUNTED released a live DVD/CD, "Road Kill", in North America on June 8 via Century Media. This crushing live release, which was issued in Europe on April 19, was made available as a DVD+CD as well as a stand-alone CD and digital download. The audio-only release contain the full live-show as well as five previously unreleased or rare studio tracks from the "Versus" recording sessions.

        According to a press release, "Road Kill" features an in-depth, very unique on-the-road documentary, footage of THE HAUNTED's intense live performance and the band's recent promotional video clips. The live show was captured on February 13, 2009 at Melkweg in Amsterdam, Holland by Fabchannel and its sound was mixed and mastered by THE HAUNTED's longtime producer Tue Madsen (SICK OF IT ALL, DARK TRANQUILLITY, HEAVEN SHALL BURN).

        "Road Kill" entered the official chart in Sweden at position No. 29 (album chart) and in Finland at No. 3 (Music DVD chart).

        THE HAUNTED recently signed a new worldwide deal with Century Media Records. The band will enter the studio in October to begin recording its new album for an early 2011 release.

        THE HAUNTED's last three CDs — "rEVOLVEr", "The Dead Eye" and "Versus" — were released through the German label.

        Vocalist Peter Dolving told the German edition of the Metal Hammer magazine last summer about THE HAUNTED's forthcoming CD, "Looking at the ideas that we're coming up with, looking at the stuff that we're doodling around with, it's gonna be a very heavy and it's gonna be a very strange record. It's gonna be like a continuation of what we started experimenting with both on 'rEVOLVEr' [2004] and on 'The Dead Eye' [2006], so it'll be eclectic and hard. 'Cause around the time of 'The Dead Eye', we felt that we really needed to do something that we hadn't done that we really wanted to do, and we got a lot of critique for it; a lot of people didn't like it. We loved it, and the songs that we're playing off that record are going over really well with the audience and we're really enjoying to play them. So we figure, why the fuck shouldn't we play and continue to try and evolve as musicians and songwriters?! And that's what we'll do."

        Spanish gothic symphonic metallers FOREVER SLAVE are working on material for their third studio album, tentatively due in early 2011. Singer Lady Angellyca's sister, Lady Darkness, is collaborating on the lyrics for the CD, which will mark the band's first release since 2008's "Tales For Bad Girls" (Armageddon Music/Wacken Records).

        Lady Darkness previously handled the keyboards and backing vocals for FOREVER SLAVE during 2001 and 2002.

        In other news, Lady Angellyca recently announced via her blog that she has postponed the release of her solo album in order to focus on completing the new FOREVER SLAVE CD.

        FOREVER SLAVE recorded its second album, "Tales For Bad Girls", in May-August 2007 and supported the effort by touring in Europe with KAMELOT and FIREWIND.

        FOREVER SLAVE is a collaboration between Lady Angellyca and guitarist Sergio Valath (a.k.a. Servalath). The band utilizes sessions musicians for its live performances.

        For more information, visit www.foreverslave.com.

        German melodic metallers SYMPHORCE, who feature in their ranks guitarist Cédric "Cede" Dupont and singer Andy B. Franck (BRAINSTORM), have issued the following update:

        "The [new SYMPHORCE] album recordings have been finished, the whole thing is mixed and mastered and what can we say? It sounds FUCKING AWESOME!

        "There's no doubt that the small break we had turned out to be good for us, and we'll be back with the best SYMPHORCE record for sure. It's what we believe at least.

        "We will come up with some more news very soon; exact release date, album title, artwork, and so on.

        "We're absolutely excited, and so will you be when the album's out, we're pretty damn sure about that!"

        SYMPHORCE's new album will be released before the end of the year via AFM Records.

        SYMPHORCE's last CD, "Become Death", came out in February 2007 via Metal Blade Records. The CD was recorded at the House Of Music Studios in Winterbach (near Stuttgart), Germany with producer Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69). Mastering duties were handled by Achim Köhler (BRAINSTORM).

        Holland's REVAMP (featuring former AFTER FOREVER vocalist Floor Jansen) and French symphonic metallers KELLS will support EPICA on their European headlining tour in September/October.

        The dates are as follows:

        Sep. 09 - Glav Club - St. Petersburg, Russia
        Sep. 10 - Glav Club - Moscow, Russia
        Sep. 24 - Nosturi - Helsinki, Finland
        Sep. 26 - Debaser Slussen - Stockholm, Sweden
        Sep. 28 - Sticky Fingers - Gothenburg, Sweden
        Sep. 30 - Eskulap - Poznan, Poland
        Oct. 01 - Rialto - Katowice, Poland
        Oct. 03 - Szene - Vienna, Austria
        Oct. 05 - New Age - Treviso, Italy
        Oct. 06 - Docks - Lausanne, Switzerland
        Oct. 07 - Backstage - Munich, Germany
        Oct. 09 - Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg, Germany
        Oct. 10 - Tivoli - Bremen, Germany
        Oct. 16 - de Schakel - Reuver, The Netherlands
        Oct. 28 - Elysee Montmartre - Paris, France
        Oct. 29 - La Laiterie - Strasbourg, France
        Oct. 30 - Transbordeur - Lyon, France
        Oct. 31 - Autunno Nero Festival - Liguria, Italy

        REVAMP's self-titled debut album was released in Europe on May 28 via Nuclear Blast Records.

        After the breakup of AFTER FOREVER, singer Floor Jansen decided she wanted to start over and present a new band to the public as soon as possible. To accomplish this, she joined forces with two additional songwriters to first compose, then record an album. A live band formed soon after the CD's completion, which got her back on stage where she belongs.

        REVAMP touring lineup:

        * Floor Jansen: Vocals
        * Jaap Melman (DREADLOCK PUSSY, PENDEJO): Bass
        * Ruben Wijga (INSOMNIA): Keyboards
        * Jord Otto: Guitar
        * Arjan Rijnen (PENDEJO): Guitar
        * Matthias Landes (DARK FORTRESS): Drums

        KELLS' sophomore album, "Lueurs" (French for "lights"), was released last year in France via Season Of Mist. The follow-up to 2005's "Gaïa" features a guest appearance by vocalist Candice Clot from the French metalcore band ETHS on the track "La Sphère".

        KELLS recently parted ways with drummer Jean "Jano" Padovan and replaced him with Julien Nicolas (FURIA).

        Washington D.C. metallers DARKEST HOUR have tapped SOILWORK guitarist Peter Wichers to produce their next album, tentatively due in early 2011 via eOne Music. The DARKEST HOUR bandmembers put a lot of time and thought into choosing the right producer for this record and they're convinced they've found one.

        "We're really excited about working with Peter on this album," says DARKEST HOUR drummer Ryan Parish. "It's going to be amazing collaborating with such an inventive and unique guitarist/musician to produce and document what we feel is the most emotional and melodic DARKEST HOUR album to date."

        "Peter is someone we've admired and very much respected as a musician and producer for quite some time," adds DARKEST HOUR frontman John Henry. "Being a pioneer of the Swedish metal sound, (which has so greatly influenced our band) we hope to refine all of those classic elements with him and incorporate new methods to improve our songwriting."

        This time around, the DARKEST HOUR songs were composed a bit differently than was the case in the past. Guitarist and founding member Mike Schleibaum explains, "We have been working on these tunes ever since we left the studio last April.

        "'The Eternal Return' was written during a very dark, bleak time for the band and I think that record matches that in both tone and character. Our vision was for it to be an in-your-face, no-frills aggressive assault. The new material shares in that aggression and pushes DARKEST HOUR beyond the unknown."

        Wichers, who has previously helmed such acclaimed albums as ALL THAT REMAINS' "The Fall of Ideals" and SOILWORK's latest effort, "The Panic Broadcast", states, "I am very exited to work alongside the DARKEST HOURS guys, and I know from hearing some of their new material that it will be a killer [record]."

        Current and former members of ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, ABORTED and SYSTEM DIVIDE have joined forces in BRO JOVI, a "rabid, alcohol-fueled beast" which recently completed work on its debut album, "Songs to Crush Beers to Vol. I : Slippery When Blacked". The CD was recorded last fall at Conquistador Studios in Cleveland , Ohio by producer/engineer Cole Martinez (SYSTEM DIVIDE, ABORTED, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS) while all artwork/layout duties were handled by Avernus Studios, otherwise known as Sven De Caluwé (ABORTED, SYSTEM DIVIDE).

        BRO JOVI is:

        Rob Montague - Vocals
        Cole Martinez - Guitar
        Andrew Lenthe - Bass
        Ken Sorceron - Guitar
        Thomas Haywood - Drums

        For more information, visit www.myspace.com/brojovi.

        Montreal, Quebec, Canada extreme metallers DESPISED ICON wiill embark on their final U.S. and Canadian tour this fall. Support on the trek's Canadian leg will come from MISERY INDEX and THE LAST FELONY.

        The dates are as follows:

        Oct. 06 - Calgary, AB - The New Black Center
        Oct. 07 - Edmonton, AB - Avenue Theatre
        Oct. 08 - Saskatoon, SK - Cosmos Center
        Oct. 09 - Regina, SK - Distrikt
        Oct. 10 - Winnipeg, MB - TBA
        Oct. 12 - Sudbury, ON - Jubilee Hall
        Oct. 13 - Windsor, ON - Chubby Pickle
        Oct. 14 - Ottawa, ON - Ritual
        Oct. 15 - Trois Rivieres, QC - Metal Fest
        Oct. 16 - Royun Noranda, QC - Petit Theatre du Vieu Noranda

        U.S. cult metal band DAWNBRINGER have completed work on their new album, "Nucleus", for a September 21 release via Profound Lore Records. The follow-up to 2006's "In Sickness And In Dreams" is described in a press release as "one of the mightiest heavy metal albums of the year and an album in which metal fans will have no choice but to take notice. While still incorporating many elements of the metal spectrum, 'Nucleus' showcases how traditional metal can uphold the classic heavy metal spirit while at the same time come across as an observation that's forward-thinking and, of course, unique; an album which will help push the genre of heavy metal forward and help to lead the charge into metal's future."

        Formed over 15 years ago by mastermind Chris Black, DAWNBRINGER put out the "Sacrament" EP followed by two acclaimed underground gems in the '90s (namely the band's "Unbleed" debut and its "Catharsis Instinct" follow-up). The sound DAWNBRINGER would manifest is one that incorporated many elements of metal. Whether it would be a combination of traditional metal, NWOBHM, progressive metal, and melodic technical death metal, DAWNBRINGER brought a uniqueness that no other metal band in America would harness. This was solidified even more in 2006 when after a six-year rest, Chris Black would unleash "In Sickeness And In Dreams". On top of this, Black's repertoire had already extend even further by heavily collaborating and producing fellow Chicago maniacs NACHTMYSTIUM along with being involved in such bands as SUPERCHRIST, PHARAOH, and the recently formed HIGH SPIRITS.

        "Nucleus" track listing:

        01. So Much For Sleep
        02. You Know Me
        03. The Devil
        04. Swing Hard
        05. Cataract
        06. Like An Earthquake
        07. All I See
        08. Old Wizard
        09. Pendulum

        Hard-hitting Danish four-piece THE BURNING will release its third album, "Hail The Horde", in Europe on October 22 via Massacre Records. The CD was produced by Jacob Bredahl (HATESPHERE, PURIFIED IN BLOOD), while the drum recordings and mastering were handled by Tue Madsen (SUICIDE SILENCE, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, SICK OF IT ALL).

        Commented the band: "This is by far the most uncompromising, raw and natural sounding album we have ever done. You can actually tell that it is people playing; we left in small mistakes, and we didn't drum replace or any of that stuff. And the whole thing sounds like you are in the rehearsel room with cabinets and smoking speakers in front of you.

        "For the first time ever we wrote more songs than we needed for the album, and out of the 17 we wrote, the 11-12 best are going on the album.

        "Musically the backbone is heavily inspired by mid-Nineties groove metal, mixed with heavy, dirty rock choruses and crossover thrash. Not unlike the albums released by bands like PANTERA, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, SEPULTURA and HELMET during the mid-Nineties."

        THE BURNING will play songs from the new album next month when the band hits road in Denmark as part of the MTV Headbangers Ball Tour with RAUNCHY and INVOCATOR.

        IMMORTAL and AURA NOIR have been confirmed for next year's edition of the Inferno festival, set to take place April 20-23, 2011 at the Rockefeller and John Dee venues in Oslo, Norway. Tickets go on sale today (Monday, August 2).

        The Inferno metal festival has become a true black Easter tradition for metal fans, bands and music industry from all over the world, with nearly 50 concerts every year since the start back in 2001. The festival offers exclusive concerts in unique surroundings with some of the best extreme metal bands and experimental artists in the world, from the new and underground to the legendary giants. At Inferno you meet up with fellow metalheads for four days of headbanging, party, black-metal sightseeing and expos, horror films, art exhibitions and all the unholy treats your dark heart desires.

        For more information, visit www.infernofestival.net.
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        Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisited recently conducted an interview with former DIO guitarist Craig Goldy. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.
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          Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisited recently conducted an interview with former DIO guitarist Craig Goldy. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

          Classic Rock Revisited: Watching Ronnie backstage with the fans was amazing. He would take every picture and shake every hand. He was not forced to do it; he wanted to do it.

          Craig: There were times he would allow the band to go back to the hotel and he and I would stay back and meet with the fans. I think that may have helped form our bond even tighter. Ronnie was also really good to the crew; he didn't treat them like shit. They were like family. We would hang out with them after the show and we would actually help them and carry shit and put it away. One night it was pouring rain and we were in the limo getting ready to leave the arena; it was three o'clock in morning. As we are pulling out we see these two guys standing out in the pouring rain. Ronnie and I looked at each other and Ronnie goes, "Stop." He rolls down the window and tells these two guys to come over. They come over and he is getting ready to sign the stuff they wanted signed and he and I looked at each other again and go, "Fuck this shit." They go, "We're sorry man." Ronnie goes, "No, not that. If you guys can wait for us in the pouring rain then we can
          stand with you in the pouring rain." We got out of the limo and stood and talked with them. We had a six o'clock lobby call and it was already three and there were only two of them but we knew we had to stop. We didn't have to, we wanted to. Because we loved the fans so much it became a matter of having to do that. It is not an obligation, you actually need to reach out and make that connection. Because you love them so much you have to reach out and give them a hug and talk to them. Most rock stars would say, "buy me a drink" or "roll me a joint" or "give me a snort of coke." We would feed them and give them our time.

          Classic Rock Revisited: You were supposed to be the guy on [DIO's] "Killing The Dragon" but that you left.

          Craig: I was in the studio with Ronnie writing and recording "Killing The Dragon", but there were times when your family needs you. My third wife was in Denmark and she was pregnant with my son and I just couldn't leave her in a strange country while we went on tour. Doug Aldrich came in and overdubbed my parts. I was on the album. "Throw Away Children", "Push" and "Rock And Roll" are my songs. I wrote the intro for "Killing The Dragon". I just had to be with my wife. I couldn't let her give birth to my first son in a different country while I went on tour. That is why I keep getting invited back because it is not like I am a fuck-up. Things just happen; life will kick the living shit out of you. You just have to do what you have to do.

          Classic Rock Revisited: At what point did you find out that Ronnie was really sick?

          Craig: Here I go again, I am going to cry. I was on tour with BUDGIE and we were doing a meet and greet and this guy comes up with his cell phone and says, "Have you heard that Ronnie is in the hospital with stomach cancer?" My whole life suddenly stopped. I got a chance to talk to Wendy [Ronnie's wife/manager] and we met when I came back. Ronnie was doing chemotherapy. At one point the doctor told him that he was free of cancer. Wendy asked Ronnie what he wanted to do and he said, "I want to write music with Craig." We started writing more "Magica" music. We were writing music and Ronnie was walking and talking and eating and was fine. I had to go back and tour with BUDGIE for a month and when I came back he was in the hospital and two days later he was gone. He was my family and he was gone. Wendy knew how much Ronnie and I meant to each other. There were all these people in the room and Wendy cleared the room so Ronnie and I could have alone time.

          Classic Rock Revisited: You are Ronnie were more than bandmates. Ronnie was a father figure to you.

          Craig: He was a father and a friend. I go through this still to this day. I have good days and bad days. I apologize.

          Classic Rock Revisited: There is no need to apologize. You are a real person. There is no bullshit.

          Craig: I will tell you that there is no bullshit in this organization. Ronnie wanted the music to live on; he requested all of what is happening now to happen. It was all established before he died. A lot of people accuse Wendy of trying to create a cash cow but that is not true. She is simply trying to keep his name alive. I am not trying to put Ronnie next to Elvis but when Elvis died his estate was in debt. Priscilla took over the estate and turned it into an empire. She did it because she loved him.

          Classic Rock Revisited: It is bullshit that anyone would think she has any other reason to do this than to fulfill Ronnie's wishes.

          Craig: You should have seen the way [Wendy] spoke to [Ronnie] in the hospital. She loved him even though they weren't living in the same home; they were separated and she had a boyfriend. It didn't matter. It was very tender and pure; she really did love him. Anything that she does has nothing to do with money; she's got money. She is trying to keep his name, his music and his legend alive.

          British heavy metal legends SAXON are currently in the studio in Brighton, England putting the finishing touches on their new album.

          If any SAXON fans live nearby or if they can get to the studio tomorrow night (Thursday, February 10) at 8 p.m. U.K. time, the band needs a choir for one of the songs, called "Back In '79".

          The studio location is:

          Brighton Electric Recording Co Ltd. - Tramway House
          43-45 Coombe Terrace
          BN2 4AD

          SAXON is seeking a suitable record label to release the follow-up to 2009's "Into The Labyrinth" (SPV/Steamhammer), which will feature at least one special guest.

          SAXON had a busy year in 2010, which included performing a blinding set at Download in June, where to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first Monsters of Rock show, they played their legendary "Wheels of Steel" album in its entirety for the first time ever.

          As is becoming an almost yearly custom for SAXON, they will perform at the 02 Shepherds Bush Empire in London on St. Georges Day, April 23, which promises to be a loud, rocking celebration of England's patron saint's day.

          SAXON's last album, "Into The Labyrinth", sold around 1,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The CD debuted at No. 29 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200. The CD was recorded at the Twilight Hall in Krefeld, Germany, under the direction of Charlie Bauerfeind.

          Days after the news came down that legendary guitarist Gary Moore died, METALLICA's Kirk Hammett called RollingStone.com from his home in Hawaii to talk about his guitar idol. An excerpt from his remembrance follows below.

          "Gary Moore is definitely in my list of top five guitar influences, right up with Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Michael Schenker. His influence is strong to the point that the opening lick of the guitar solo of 'Master of Puppets' is a variation of a lick that Gary Moore played a lot. I remember the first time hearing his blues album and just getting totally blown away — not only by the playing but by the sound of it too, his tone. And I remember being so inspired that I wrote a couple riffs just based on his sound and his feel. And those riffs ended up in 'The Unforgiven' on 'The Black Album'.

          "I first heard of him in the late 1970s. I was a big THIN LIZZY fan then. I had seen them on the 'Dangerous' tour and not long afterwards I heard there was a new album out called 'Black Rose'. I heard 'Waiting For An Alibi' on a college radio station and I was amazed because I instantly knew that they had a different guitar player. That was not Brian Robertson playing or Scott Gorham playing that guitar solo. It was…something else. I went to the record store and picking up 'Black Rose', looked at the cover, turned it over and saw a guitar player named Gary Moore."

          Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, CARCASS) has released the following statement to U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine regarding the passing of legendary guitarist Gary Moore:

          "Growing up in the '80s in Sweden, you couldn't avoid Gary Moore. His Celtic hard-rock material of that era was massively popular here.

          "As a guitar player, he had a huge influence on the European scene, and certainly on myself. America had Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen; we had Gary Moore and Michael Schenker!

          "There are so many Gary Moore-isms in ARCH ENEMY's music… and that is something we are very proud of!

          "Thank you for the music.

          "R.I.P., Gary."
          SAXON members Biff Byford (vocals) and Doug Scarratt (guitar) have released the following separate statements to U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine regarding the passing of legendary guitarist Gary Moore:

          Biff Byford : "It's really sad.

          "We knew Gary from back in the '80s. We went to a few of his album recording sessions back then. Him and Michael Schenker and Paul [Quinn, SAXON guitarist] were quite close back then, so we'd go to their sessions and they'd come to ours.

          "We lost connection with him a bit when he started doing the blues thing, but during his metal period we knew him well.

          "His guitar playing was always incredible. His tone, in particular, was really something.

          "I hung out with him and Phil Lynott at Stringfellows once! It was quite a messy evening, even though I didn't drink at the time. It wasn't a lap-dancing club back then. You had dinner upstairs and then downstairs was the disco, and it was full of fashion models and B-list film stars, and I was there with Gary and Phil Lynott! That was quite an experience! But it's very sad to lose Gary. He'll be greatly missed."

          Doug Scarratt: "In my memory of guitar gigs, Gary Moore really stands out. I was a fan from back in the THIN LIZZY days. A friend of mine had a ticket for one of his solo shows and I nearly didn't bother going, but I'm glad I did! It stays in my memory as one of the best guitar gigs I've ever seen. It was at the crossover point when he'd just started doing the blues stuff, and 'Still Got The Blues' was out, but he was still playing 'Parisienne Walkways' and 'The Loner' and all the big rock hits. His playing was just so emotional. It was mind-blowing."

          Mark Kendall of GREAT WHITE has released the following statement to Classic Rock Revisited regarding the passing of legendary guitarist Gary Moore:

          "Gary Moore was such a tremendous feel player. I call it playing from the pores of your skin and he definitely had that.

          "I wanted to share a quick story concerning Gary.

          "In 1988 we were on tour with WHITESNAKE and I became pretty good friends with [then-WHITESNAKE guitarist] Vivian Campbell. We used to jam alot before shows and stuff. One night before the show I told him I really loved his live solo and could he show me what he was doing. He showed me the riff and said, 'All I do is play this one riff, but I play it all over the neck and it makes it sound like I am playing something different, but I am not.' Then he said, 'And one more thing, I stole the riff from Gary Moore.'

          "Gary will be sorely missed."

          According to Mirror.co.uk, Moore died of a suspected heart attack, a postmortem revealed on Monday (February 7).

          Moore died in his sleep Sunday morning, hours after checking into the five-star Kempinski Hotel in Estepona on the Costa del Sol, Spain with an unnamed female friend. He was 58 years old.

          While forensic experts are satisfied Moore died from natural causes, they requested further tests on tissue samples taken from his body ahead of a final report.

          Joe Lynn Turner (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) has released the following statement to Classic Rock Revisited regarding the passing of legendary guitarist Gary Moore:

          "Gary Moore was one of the greats. He had his roots in the blues and the power of rock, which is a brilliant combination.

          "I have played with some of the best guitarists in the business, and when asked if wanted to do a project with someone else, I always said, 'Gary Moore.'

          "Maybe it's little known, but I am a guitarist myself. I became a singer by pure accident. So I can really appreciate Gary's playing from a musician's point of view. He was an amazing talent and let's not forget his voice, which was pure and honest like his playing.

          "I had the great fortune to meet Gary while in Denmark during the RAINBOW days. He was a great guy and very down to earth, which is impressive, to say the least.

          "We shall greatly miss him for he was an original who stood out from the rest.

          "I send my sympathies to his family and friends and to the rock world who is truly saddened by this loss.

          "RIP, Gary."

          According to Mirror.co.uk, Moore died of a suspected heart attack, a postmortem revealed on Monday (February 7).

          Moore died in his sleep Sunday morning, hours after checking into the five-star Kempinski Hotel in Estepona on the Costa del Sol, Spain with an unnamed female friend. He was 58 years old.

          While forensic experts are satisfied Moore died from natural causes, they requested further tests on tissue samples taken from his body ahead of a final report.
          KISS drummer Eric Singer has released the following statement to Classic Rock Revisited regarding the passing of legendary guitarist Gary Moore:

          "I had the pleasure to play drums with Gary on his 1987 'Wild Frontier' tour.

          "I joined Gary's band via Bob Daisley. We had recorded together with BLACK SABBATH on the 'Eternal Idol' album. Bob arranged the audition in London in January of 1987. We soon began rehearsals for what would become one of Gary's most successful tours ever.

          "I remember we would practice everyday at John Henry Studios in London. Bob and Neil Carter lived in Brighton and would have to leave in time to make their train home. Gary and I would sometimes stay on and jam. Just drums and guitar. We would play THIN LIZZY tunes or just jam endlessly as Gary never ran out of ideas when it came to soloing! He would also play those legendary guitars back then. The 'Peter Green' 1958 Les Paul and his 'Pink Salmon' 1962 Fender Stratocaster. He, of course, did not take those on tour anymore as they had become much too rare and valuable.

          "I have to say the one thing that always stood out to me about Gary was his absolute passion and intensity as a guitarist. This man played every song and note like it was the last time he would ever play it. And therefore demanded and expected the same from his band.

          "I have to admit he could be a bit tough on drummers. But he only asked for and expected what he himself gave to music. And that was complete commitment every time you played with him. He inspired me to want to play up to his level every night.

          "I will always thank him for the opportunity he gave me to play with him. He really was a brilliant musician. And I always felt like he helped take me to another level as a drummer and musician. It was an experience and an education I will never forget and take with me everywhere I go.

          "God bless you, Gary Moore."

          According to Mirror.co.uk, Moore died of a suspected heart attack, a postmortem revealed on Monday (February 7).

          Moore died in his sleep Sunday morning, hours after checking into the five-star Kempinski Hotel in Estepona on the Costa del Sol, Spain with an unnamed female friend. He was 58 years old.

          While forensic experts are satisfied Moore died from natural causes, they requested further tests on tissue samples taken from his body ahead of a final report.

          Duff McKagan (DUFF MCKAGAN'S LOADED, VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS N' ROSES) will appear at the Birmingham Guitar Show, set to take place February 26-27 at the New Bingley Hall in Birmingham, England.

          Appearing in conjunction with Rotosound strings, McKagan will be conducting several signing sessions during the show allowing visitors the chance to get up close and personal with one of the most popular rock icons of his generation.

          Tickets for the Birmingham Guitar Show are priced at £8.50 in advance and £10 on the door. There is no booking fee and parking at Bingley Hall is free.

          For more information, visit UKguitarshows.co.uk.

          Fans who pre-order "Live On I5", the first-ever live album from reunited grunge legends SOUNDGARDEN, via SoundgardenWorld.com will also receive an exclusive bonus soundcheck CD featuring five extra tracks:

          * No Attention (Oakland soundcheck)
          * Never The Machine Forever (Oakland soundcheck)
          * Waiting For The Sun (Oakland soundcheck)
          * Room A Thousand Years Wide (Vancouver soundcheck)
          * Somewhere (Sacramento soundcheck)

          The soundcheck bonus tracks will be available in digital format exclusively from iTunes.

          "Live On I5" contains recordings from the West Coast leg of SOUNDGARDEN's tour in 1996.

          Commented the group: "We had always intended to release this as a live record and now it's time to unleash the fury!"

          Due on March 22, "Live On I5" will feature the following track listing:

          01. Spoonman
          02. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
          03. Let Me Drown

          Tracks 1-3: Recorded live at Crosby Hall, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA - November 30, 1996

          04. Head Down

          Recorded live at Mercer Arena, Seattle, WA - December 18, 1996

          05. Outshined

          Recorded live at Crosby Hall, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA - November 30, 1996

          06. Rusty Cage

          Recorded live at Pacific National Exhibition Forum, Vancouver, BC, Canada - December 7, 1996

          07. Burden In My Hand

          Recorded live at Salem Armory, Salem, OR - December 8, 1996

          08. Helter Skelter
          09. Boot Camp

          Tracks 8 and 9: Recorded live at Crosby Hall, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA - November 30, 1996

          10. Nothing To Say

          Recorded live at Mercer Arena, Seattle, WA - December 18, 1996

          11. Slaves And Bulldozers
          12. Dusty
          13. Fell On Black Days

          Tracks 11-13: Recorded live at Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA - December 5, 1996

          14. Search And Destroy

          Recorded live at Mercer Arena, Seattle, WA - December 18, 1996

          15. Ty Cobb

          Recorded live at Crosby Hall, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA - November 30, 1996

          16. Black Hole Sun

          Recorded live at Mercer Arena, Seattle, WA - December 17, 1996

          17. Jesus Christ Pose

          Recorded live at Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA - December 5, 1996

          SOUNDGARDEN made its first national television appearance in 13 years on November 9, when the band performed on the second episode of Conan O'Brien's new nighttime talk show on TBS, "Conan".

          SOUNDGARDEN played two songs on "Conan": the recently released 1991 studio cut "Black Rain" was broadcast on the show, while the track "Hunted Down" — SOUNDGARDEN's very first single, released in 1987 — was posted online only.

          SOUNDGARDEN has played just a handful of gigs since reuniting in early 2010, including a headlining show at last summer's Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.

          The band has yet to announce any full-length tour plans.

          SOUNDGARDEN released a CD/DVD retrospective set in late September called "Telephantasm", featuring singles, album cuts, live material and the previously unavailable "Black Rain".

          HIGH ON FIRE has announced plans to tour both New Zealand and Japan with the MELVINS. The world renowned trios will kick off the New Zealand live dates on February 11. Both bands will then take part in the 2011 installment of Soundwave, an annual music festival held in major cities around Australia. HIGH ON FIRE will join IRON MAIDEN, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, SLAYER, ROB ZOMBIE, MONSTER MAGNET and more as a featured act on the traveling festival which will launch on February 26 in Brisbane, Australia. Immediately upon the conclusion of the Soundwave run, HIGH ON FIRE and the MELVINS will storm Japan. The dates will include stops in Osaka (March 9), Nagoya (March 10) and Tokyo (March 11).

          HIGH ON FIRE's upcoming shows:

          Feb. 20 - Dunedin, NZ @ ReFuel (w/ THE MELVINS)
          Feb. 21 - Christchurch, NZ @ Al's Bar (w/ THE MELVINS)
          Feb. 22 - Wellington, NZ @ Bodega (w/ THE MELVINS)
          Feb. 23 - Auckland, NZ @ Whammy Bar
          Feb. 24 - Auckland, NZ @ Whammy Bar
          Feb. 26 - Brisbane, AUS @ RNA Showgrounds (*Soundwave)
          Feb. 27 - Sydney, AUS @ Sydney Showgrounds (*Soundwave)
          Mar. 01 - Brisbane, AUS @ HiFi (Trash Talk & Kylesa support)
          Mar. 02 - St. Kilda, AUS @ Gershwin Room @ Esplanade Hotel (TRASH TALK, KYLESA support)
          Mar. 04 - Melbourne, AUS @ Melbourne Showgrounds (*Soundwave)
          Mar. 05 - Adelaide, AUS @ Bonython Park Oval (*Soundwave)
          Mar. 07 - Perth, AUS @ Claremont Showgrounds (*Soundwave)
          Mar. 09 - Osaka, Japan @ Club Quattro (w/ THE MELVINS)
          Mar. 10 - Nagoya, Japan @ Club Quattro (w/ THE MELVINS)
          Mar. 11 - Tokyo, Japan @ O-East (w/ THE MELVINS)

          HIGH ON FIRE's new album, "Snakes for the Divine", sold around 8,600 copies in its first week of release in the United States to debut at position No. 63 on The Billboard 200 chart. The follow-up to 2007's "Death is this Communion" was made available in North America on February 23 via E1 Music. The album was recorded at The Pass Studios in Los Angeles with producer Greg Fidelman and is described in a press release as "HIGH ON FIRE's magnum opus, capturing every nuance of the legendary band's ongoing musical progression and evolution into one of heavy music's all-time greats."

          The "Snakes for the Divine" album artwork was brought to life by longtime HIGH ON FIRE cover artist Arik Moonhawk Roper.

          One of the coolest things about this writing stuff is if you’re moved by someone’s art, be it music or writing or whatever, there’s a (sometimes, extremely) small chance you’ll be able to speak with the creator about it. It almost adds a new personal dimension to the work you’ve already been moved by, it’s tough to explain.

          After I finished ‘I’m In the Band ’ by Former White Zombie and current Star & Dagger Bassist Sean Yseult it was like I had to speak with her. I think the book is killer and you get a feeling she’s got a great story to tell and she does. If you haven’t yet checked it out, go to her official site and check out book previews, music, photos, art and more.

          After a successful weekend at the 2011 Namm Convention where she unveiled her Schecter Coffin Bass Sean was back to business and also promoting, which is where we start.

          None But My Own: I made mention in my review that since the sales of CD’s and what not are totally on the decline, I hope more people do these kinds of projects. Be it movies or books, things the kids can’t readily steal. But I was blown away by ‘I’m In The Band.’

          Sean Yseult: Cool, thank you so much.

          When you were working on ‘I’m In the Band,’ what type of response did you think you would get? Did you think it would be just the White Zombie fans? I think it’s deserving of a broader scope because there’s so much in here.

          Well I definitely knew the White Zombie fans would gravitate to it. Over the years I’ve definitely seen my share of internet chatter and received emails regarding everything from “why there wasn’t more information in the box set” to just about anything else related to the band. I just really wanted to get the story of the band out there because it’s never really been told. So I knew the fans would be into it and I also thought it would appeal to a wider female audience as well. So outside of that I wasn’t too sure who it would speak to.

          I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t expecting some of the “Rock N’ Roll” aspects of the book. White Zombie, from afar didn't seem like an "out of control" kind of band. In my review I wrote something like, “yeah the band ended with a thud, but you [Sean] had some FUN!”

          (Laughing) Well, I made damn sure I was having a good time!

          I mean you really lived it and while things could seem bad at times I don’t think you could document things the way you did if you really didn’t love what you were doing.

          Well we weren’t like Motley Crue with the strippers and drugs, but yeah, I made sure to have fun with it! Having all the photos and tour diary’s to back up my memories helps (laughs)!

          When you started as a Rock Musician, were you a bass player first then a song writer or vice versa?

          Definitely a songwriter first. My classical music training goes back to when I was five or six, so I was trained to read, write, compose and improvise music…it was some hardcore training. By the time I was eight I was writing five page pieces on piano, some pretty intricate shit too (laughs)! Bass came later, it wasn’t until high school and getting into hardcore bands like The Cramps, Black Flag and Dead Kennedys and so on. That’s when I knew I wanted to be in a band.

          As soon I got to New York I met some hardcore kids at a Bad Brains show and they we like “we’re gonna start a band and we need a Bass player!” so I got a bass for fifty dollars, a Global was the brand and it was horrible but it was all I could afford. But I don’t think we ever practiced, we just sat around and talked about having this “band”! So as soon as I started playing bass I was writing riffs, I practiced to build my strength but always was writing stuff.

          I can’t profess to being the biggest White Zombie fan, but from my point of view WZ always seemed to be Rob and then the band. All important in the public eye, but definitely an emphasis on him, especially, seemingly more when the band “broke.” I liked reading just how important each of you were to the absolute foundation of the band.

          That was definitely something Rob and I wanted from the start. It wasn’t like the members of the band fighting for quality, he (Rob) was really into that. He was like “I only like bands where every member’s important.” So we really tried to stress that from the beginning on all our early records too. All members were prominently featured equally, that was important to us.

          I liked how (former WZombie drummer) Ivan DePrume was given the spotlight. I really never knew how vital he was both as a drummer and as a band mate.

          Oh Ivan was incredibly important to White Zombie! I don’t think we would have gone the direction we went without Ivan. Ivan played on six of the eight White Zombie records, only the first 7” and the last album, but he was there for most of the ride.

          Knowing how much he meant to WZ and thinking of his departure, which you don’t go into in the book, but he left just before things blew up, didn’t he?

          Yeah…it was real upsetting. I don’t know if it was just a misunderstanding between him and Rob or whatever, but they kind of got into a fight on stage. Ivan felt he wasn’t going to put up with whatever and said he quit and Rob said “Good” and it was just a bad scene. The next thing you know Rob’s holding him to it and got him a bus ticket home…

          No shit, he got Mustained?!…



          Yeah, so we were in the middle of a tour, I think we were supporting Testament and all of a sudden this kid from Wisconsin shows up and he knows our tour manager. His name is Phil…I can’t remember his last name. But he shows up the very next day and our tour manager say’s “well this guy can fill in” and we’re needing someone, right? So we start playing with this guy and he knows all the songs!?

          So I didn’t know if this was planned or what but at the time it was just uncanny. He was in and we just carried on, there may have been a day off in there but I don’t think we missed a show. But you know, it was never the same after Ivan. We were like family, he was like my little brother and it was upsetting. So it was like we have this new guy in the band that we’re not friends with and…but that’s why I didn’t really go into it. Too unpleasant.

          Still though, his contributions are great moments in the book. The stories of you guys rehearsing in his basement are fucking hilarious!

          (laughing) Oh god, I don’t even go into half of it, man! Ivan grew up in Park Slope, New York. Park Slope now is all nice and expensive now, totally yuppied out, right? But back then his family had this building and there were like hookers on his block and it wasn’t all that great. His Mother was Russian and she’d yell at Rob and I all the time, like “what is wrong with your hair?” because we had dreadlocks and she just thought we were freaks.

          At one time there was a raccoon loose and it was living in the drop ceiling, but then we found out the raccoon was the pet of a Vietnam vet who lived upstairs and it was like every single person in that house was, a real character (laughing) and I guess we fit in there too, in a weird way. But all in all his mother put up with us making all that noise in the basement for years.

          Ivan’s influence by way of Metallica’s ‘Ride the Lightning’ plays a role in the story of White Zombie. Both Metallica and Cliff Burton were sort of name checked in the book around the time the “Metal-morphesis” of WZ was taking place. Ivan mentions he took a lot of heat for liking Metallica and Slayer in 85/86.

          Oh well, Ivan was always with the boots, the bullet belt, I mean he was a serious Brooklyn Metal head, he was sixteen when we first met him; still in high school! But yeah, he got made fun of quite a bit. All those drives we’d take to play The Rat in Boston or Toad’s Place in Connecticut, well Ivan would have all his cassettes and he’d be blasting Slayer and Metallica and the three of us would be like “oh god, what is this?” But the more we heard it, the more it sunk in and the more we liked it and it definitely rubbed off on us!

          Was Cliff Burton an influence? Both Bassists - your classical background, his classical background..

          Definitely an influence, huge influence, his style, and headbanging, total original, just one of a kind.

          Your description of the two scenes in which WZ in existed early on was pretty fucking funny. From “art student drop-outs with vintage guitars, dressed in sixties garage style trying to play it cool vs. high school drop outs in leather and mullets, ready to fight, fuck or get fucked up.”

          Which was the difference between say CBGB’s and other NYC gigs and L’amour’s in Brooklyn. The Metal kids took to you fast; they embraced you, how awesome was that?

          Exactly! We were just so happy to have an audience that liked us. Because at CBGB’s or anywhere in the East Village, you know only a smattering of people would even come and bother to see you. If they did they were also in a band so they’d be feeling competitive so they’d come out but for like all the wrong reasons. Not to support, but to check out the “competition” or they wouldn’t even pay attention, it was very strange.

          So we get out to L’amour’s in Brooklyn and people were moshing and going ape-shit, it was like “Wow! This scene is alive, alive and kicking!” (laughs) and they embraced us. I don’t know if I mention this in the book but we definitely owe a lot to Biohazard and the Cro-Mags for inviting us to open for them because that was kind of our entrance to that whole Metal scene.

          After that show we go to open up for Pantera at L’Amour’s on their ‘Cowboys from Hell’ tour, Slayer invited us to open a couple of shows. That was incredible and we didn’t get booed off stage! We actually had a pit by our second song, and this was back in 89 when we were still pretty noisy! I think we were still chaotic enough for them to like it.

          Continuing on the subject of New York, the way you describe the East Village back then, the horror/porn theaters and just the sleaze/danger element…it reminded me of the book ‘The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon ' by John 'Bloodclot' Joseph. The way he described New York growing up, the streets, the vibe, the whole culture of a neighborhood come to life was.

          But he also said the New York City he grew up in is dead to him. From the changes and the way it’s all cleaned up, he just sounded disheartened. Is it the same to you when you go to New York now?

          You know, I’m not really bitter about it, but mostly because I didn’t grow up there like those kids, I know a lot of New Yorkers who are really hateful about how cleaned up it is. I see it but you know? It is a shame how everything got bought out and it’s almost like a big shopping mall.

          I remember when the first McDonalds came into the East Village, people were like ”whoa” and when they built a Gap on St. Marks Street…people threw rocks at it and kept breaking their windows. Nothing like that was accepted, but now you walk around Soho or the Village and it’s all corporate. Back when everything was Mom and Pop stores and independent and places you’d only find in New York.

          So that part is a bummer. But I have to say, I don’t mind that it’s cleaner and safer! I’m not going to lie, as a female if I’m walking alone I like that I don’t have to feel like I’m going to get knifed or mugged. Back then I definitely found myself in some dicey situations, but it also seems these days some of the grit may be coming back…

          Some of the what?

          The grit. Since the economic downturn a few years ago I’ve heard a few things about the area. You hear and see some people and things, some places going under and things like that. I’m not saying it will ever get as bad as it was in the early 80’s, but it’s definitely there.

          Part of it’s original charm was it was nurturing to artists. These days there’s just no way someone could live there and try to start a band or be a painter or photographer. Back then you’d see all sorts of freaks in the street, not anymore.

          Speaking of freaks, how funny is it the photos you took with Kyuss on the Danzig tour (1992) and Glen’s bodyguard was Jesse James…the West Coast Choppers guy? He’s like a tabloid freak now.

          Yeah! That was mind-blowing! I mean, first I kept hearing about him from different media things and I’m thinking, “no way that’s the same guy.” But then again, how many guys are named Jesse James (laughs)? But he was a really nice guy. Funny guy, we hung out a lot with him on that tour. In the pictures he’s got a broken arm, he broke it in Detroit at Harpo’s on the last night of the tour!

          But yeah, I hadn’t seen Jesse since touring days and that was very strange. When I saw he had a TV show I was like , “Oh, cool for him.” The he married Sandra Bulloch and I was like “Wow, great for him…”

          Great for his bank account as well.

          (laughs) But strange to see someone you know, or knew totally swept up in the Hollywood world!

          Not to bring up a bummer, but there’s quite a few Pantera tour mementos in the book. There are words and some great photos of two bands that seemed to really enjoy each others company. After the events of December 8, 2004 the tributes and memories were massive. Did you ever get a chance to release a statement, either something personal or on the part of White Zombie?

          I went to his funeral, and Rita had asked me to go up and tell a story or something…(long pause) but I didn’t have the heart to. It was really, really upsetting…I don’t know, just so senseless and so terrible. You know some people, when I think back about them like Kurt Cobain and others; I can’t even listen to the music.

          But when I hear Pantera it makes me happy, you know? Darryl was such a good soul [and a] great person with such good energy it feels like he’s still here, not to sound corny. It’s hard to put into words because it’s not like he took his own life or OD’d or something, but it was sudden and I only think of good things when I think of Darryl.

          How’s the book tour going?

          Great! It’s been keeping me really busy and they keep selling out of books, so that’s been telling me it’s going good!

          What type of reactions have you been receiving? Me, personally I can see people gravitating to a few different things with it, of course the visual stuff is fantastic. But I also really enjoyed the writing too.

          It’s funny; there are some people who thought it was going to be all writing and not all that visual, not a coffee table styled book. Then there’s the other half who thought it was going to be all visual and were surprised at all the stories, so (laughing) it’s this hybrid kind of book, but yeah the response has been great.


          Away-Team.com recently conducted an interview with drummer Tommy Clufetos (TED NUGENT, ALICE COOPER, ROB ZOMBIE, OZZY OSBOURNE). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

          Away-Team.com: So how did you get the gig with Ozzy? Did you have to audition? Or did they call you and say "Hey, what are you doing? We want you to play with us"? How did that work out?

          Tommy Clufetos: I was kinda in the right place at the right time. I was brought in to help out during [guitarist] Gus G.'s audition. He came in from Greece, and their drummer at the time couldn't make it, so I was asked to do it just so Gus could be comfortable and focus on playing guitar… and the music would be solid. So that's what I came in to do, and then they asked me to play at a thing called BlizzCon in California, which, again, Mike Bordin, who's an amazing drummer, could not make due to commitments with FAITH NO MORE. They asked me to do that, and out of those couple experiences they asked me to join the band. So I was very lucky, and excited, and so ecstatic to say, "Yes."

          Away-Team.com: So now you left Rob Zombie's band to take the gig with Ozzy. I understand Rob was a little bitter when you left him. Have you spoken to him since and managed to salvage your friendship?

          Tommy Clufetos: I have not spoken to him. But I have nothing but great things to say about Rob and my time spent there, and, ya know, I base our relationship on what I saw when I was there and I have nothing but great things to say about that. I wouldn't say anything negative, just because of a couple statements in the press. So, no hard feelings on my end. I wish him, his wife Sheri, and all the guys nothing but the best. I still think the world of all of them. So, that's how I feel.

          Away-Team.com: So these days Ozzy seems to be a bit more energized than he has been in the past few years. I'm sure in part it has to do with some of you younger guys being around. With guys like yourself and Gus being closer in age to Ozzy's kids, than the man himself; do Ozzy and Sharon treat you with more of a parental instinct? Or are you still just one of the guys?

          Tommy Clufetos: The age thing doesn't really come into play. We play in his band, and it's business. But this is more like a family than anything I've ever been involved with. They're super-cool and super-nice, and ya know, we just played an L.A. show and Ozzy's whole family was out there. They couldn't be better to us, they treat us all great despite the age. Whether you're old or young, it's all the same thing.

          Away-Team.com: So of all the legends that you've played with — Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and Ozzy — what's the best advice any of them has ever given you?

          Tommy Clufetos: Best advice anybody has ever given me… that's a tough one. (pauses) I have no idea. I learned alot from Ted Nugent, he gave me my first big break, we're both from Detroit, share alot of the same influences, come from the same place and look at things the same way so I learned a lot of things from him. But most of the stuff, my parents gave me the tools, I knew what I was doing. I was ready when anything came down the pipeline. I'm talking emotionally, and mentally I was ready. The best advice I can give somebody, if they wanna do this, is to keep the music number one. If something else comes in front of your music, or whatever you wanna do in your life, you will not make it. Everything I do during the day has to do with me wanting to play music for the rest of my life. And when you get away from that, when you start getting into drugs, and start drinking, when the partying becomes too much eventually, it may take years, you're gonna
          fall. I don't care who you are, when you stop practicing as much you will lose your chops. You will lose it, I've seen so many drummers that are like, "Oh yeah, I don't really pick up the sticks in between tours." WHAT? You don't pick up the sticks? I have to pick up the sticks, I have to play, I have to stay hungry for it. Or year after year after year you will become dull, and you will lose it slowly. You gotta keep the hunger, and you gotta keep the music number one. So that's my biggest advice, and everybody who I've worked for, that's what they do and they have 42-year careers because of it. So they may not say something, they may not say the advice, but if you're smart enough and perceptive you can pick it up on your own. Watch and learn.

          According to Reuters, publisher Activision has announced that it will disband the unit that makes its "Guitar Hero" games, citing declining popularity for music-themed video games.

          The "Guitar Hero" series was a series of music video games first published in 2005 by RedOctane and Harmonix Music Systems, and distributed by Activision, in which players use a guitar-shaped game controller to simulate playing lead, bass guitar, and rhythm guitar across numerous rock music songs.

          The "Guitar Hero" franchise released band-centric games from AEROSMITH, METALLICA and VAN HALEN.

          According to The Pulse Of Radio, Guitar Hero: Metallica had sold 1.5 million copies as of April 2010, while the VAN HALEN edition hadn't even reached 250,000 copies sold, although that had only been out since December 2009.

          METALLICA's James Hetfield told The Pulse Of Radio in 2009 why his band decided to embrace the video game format. "A lot of kids that maybe wanted to play guitar, or even, especially adults that wanted to play guitar and never did, they're getting a chance to somewhat live a little bit of that in their living room or whatever it is," he said. "And it's a good way to get your music out there. With all the big record stores closing up, getting music to people, it's getting a little limiting. But there are many places, new places to explore, and one of them is Guitar Hero."

          Hetfield may have been too optimistic about video games being the new way to get music to people. Other titles, like Guitar Hero V, DJ Hero, and Lego Rock Band have all more or less bombed.

          Industry analyst Michael Pachter told The Wrap last year, "The issue with music games was how fast they grew. They penetrated the installed base so fast that their growth was unsustainable."

          Iconic punk champions BAD RELIGION will be hitting the road along with melodic hardcore upstarts RISE AGAINST for what is sure to be one of the most electrifying and rousing tours of the year.

          In the last months BAD RELIGION have celebrated thirty years of innovative and genre defining music, capping the landmark with the release of their critically acclaimed new album "The Dissent Of Man" featuring radio hits "The Devil In Stitches" and "Cyanide". The band is now set to take its exquisitely inflammatory live act across America, performing a charged mixture of new material and beloved classics.

          BAD RELIGION with RISE AGAINST tour dates:

          Apr. 05 - The Joint - Las Vegas, NV
          Apr. 07 - Long Beach Arena - Long Beach, CA
          Apr. 08 - RIMAC Arena - La Jolla, CA
          Apr. 09 - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium - San Francisco, CA
          Apr. 11 - Rose Garden Arena - Portland, OR
          Apr. 12 - WaMu Theater - Seattle, WA
          Apr. 14 - The Great Saltair - Magna, UT
          Apr. 15 - Fillmore Auditorium - Denver, CO
          Apr. 19 - Stubb's - Austin, TX
          Apr. 20 - Concrete Street Amphitheater - Corpus Christi, TX
          Apr. 22 - St. Augustine Amphitheatre - St. Augustine, FL
          Apr. 23 - Sunset Cove Amphitheater - Boca Raton, FL
          Apr. 25 - House of Blues - Myrtle Beach, SC
          Apr. 26 - 9:30 Club - Washington, D.C.
          Apr. 27 - Rams Head Live - Baltimore, MD
          Apr. 29 - House of Blues - Boston, MA
          May 02 - Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA
          May 03 - Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA
          May 05 - Terminal 5 - New York, NY
          May 06 - Terminal 5 - New York, NY
          May 07 - Nautica Pavilion - Cleveland, OH
          May 08 - Assembly Hall - Champaign, IL
          May 10 - Pops - Sauget, IL
          May 11 - Midland Theatre - Kansas City, MO
          May 13 - Aragon Ballroom - Chicago, IL

          Due to a sudden illness in the band, DISTURBED will not be performing tonight (Wednesday, February 9) at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas as part of the "Music As A Weapon V" tour with KORN, SEVENDUST and IN THIS MOMENT. KORN will play an extended set in DISTURBED's place.

          For anyone wanting his/her money back, refunds will be available at the point of purchase.

          DISTURBED guitarist Dan Donegan told The Pulse Of Radio why his band decided to share headlining status this time around with KORN. "With such a tough economy and tours, you know, being a little more difficult to encourage the kids to come out, we thought it would be better to get another heavy hitter, somebody who's been around as long as KORN and who's just as big, you know," he said. "So we thought it would be great to kind of team up and add for a more powerful tour by having two big headliners."

          DISTURBED's latest album, "Asylum", sold 179,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 chart.

          The band's previous three albums — 2008's platinum "Indestructible" (first-week sales: 253,000), 2005's double-platinum "Ten Thousand Fists" (first-week sales: 238,000) and 2002's platinum "Believe" (first-week sales: 284,000) — also debuted at No. 1.

          DISTURBED's best-selling release to date is its 2000 debut, "The Sickness", which has shifted more than four million copies in the U.S. alone, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

          According to SYSTEM OF A DOWN bassist Shavo Odadjian, the band completed its "first rehearsal in five years" on Tuesday, February 8. Writing on his Twitter profile, Shavo went on to call the experience "amazing," before adding, "I love my band."

          SYSTEM OF A DOWN officially announced its return on November 29, 2010, with the band confirming that it will headline or co-headline several prominent European festivals this summer. A dozen or so gigs across Europe have been announced, with North American tour plans yet to be confirmed.

          Odadjian told The Pulse of Radio a while back that he could never envision SYSTEM OF A DOWN going away permanently. "We're brothers, man, we'll take bullets for each other," he said. "So it's like, you kind of miss each other after a while and you, one guy makes the first move, then another starts making phone calls....this is a juggernaut, man. SYSTEM OF A DOWN is my lifeline. It'll never go away. We could not make a record for 10 years — that's not gonna happen, but I'm just saying we could — and we'll come back strong."

          Odadjian hinted in a 2010 interview that financial problems and creative differences led the band to take a break and prevent a permanent split.

          There is no word yet on whether SYSTEM plans to record a new album.

          SYSTEM OF A DOWN went on hiatus in late 2006 after touring behind its two 2005 albums, "Mezmerize" and "Hypnotize". All four members of the group expressed a desire to work on separate projects.

          Tankian has issued two solo albums, while guitarist Daron Malakian and drummer John Dolmayan launched a short-lived band called SCARS ON BROADWAY in 2008. Odadjian worked on a project with RZA from the WU-TANG CLAN called ACHOZEN, but no music from that has surfaced.

          LAMB OF GOD drummer Chris Adler and manager Larry Mazer have formed ReThink Records, a joint venture with The End Records with distribution through RED. The label's first signing is the Portland, Maine-based band TOO LATE THE HERO. The group's debut CD, "Statement Of Purpose", was produced by Josh Wilbur and is due on April 12. Following the album's release, the band will tour throughout 2011, beginning with a show on April 14 at the New England Metal And Hardcore Festival.

          Starting Monday, February 14, TOO LATE THE HERO will stream a track from the album with a new track debuting each subsequent Monday.

          "Statement of Purpose" track listing:

          01. Hold Your Applause
          02. Still Insists She Sees The Ghosts
          03. Life As Fiction
          04. The Hunt
          05. Dead And Gone
          06. The Ground Is Lava
          07. Statement Of Purpose
          08. Scary How Fast
          09. Left As Your Reflection
          10. Requiem Of A Scenester
          11. Wicked Self

          TOO LATE THE HERO is:

          Aaron Caple - Drums
          Kevin Billingslea - Guitar
          Jack Stolz - Guitar
          Nate Duckworth - Bass
          Jared Wilbur – Vocals

          Reunited heavy metal band SLEEPY HOLLOW has inked a three-album deal with Pure Steel Records. The band's new LP, "Skull Thirteen", will be made available in May on vinyl through High Roller Records, to be followed by the physical CD release in the fall via Pure Steel.

          Commented vocalist Bob Mitchell: "With the band now being signed, it just solidifies our reunion and it lends credibility to our return to the metal world. We thank our fans for the years of support, even though we have been away for all of these years. We thank you for waiting."

          A tour of Europe, as a support act, is on tap for 2012, including an appearance at the Swordbrothers Festival in Andernach, Germany.

          SLEEPY HOLLOW is:

          Bob Mitchell - Vocals
          Steve Stegg - Guitar
          Steve Brink - Bass
          Tom Wassman - Drums

          Legendary Texas metallers HELSTAR will film the performance part of the video for the song "Pandemonium" during their headlining performance this coming Saturday, February 12 at Numbers in Houston.

          HELSTAR released its new album, "Glory Of Chaos", in Europe on November 5, 2010 and in North America on February 8 via Germany's AFM Records.

          "Glory Of Chaos" track listing:

          01. Angels Fall To Hell
          02. Pandemonium
          03. Monarch Of Bloodshed
          04. Bone Crusher
          05. Summer Of Hate
          06. Dethtrap
          07. Anger
          08. Trinity Of Heresy
          09. Alma Negra
          10. Zero One

          Formed in Houston in the early '80s, HELSTAR cut its teeth playing backyard parties and small club gigs. It soon became apparent that HELSTAR had much more to offer then its contemporaries. Combat Records snapped up the band and released HELSTAR's debut, "Burning Star", in 1984. Next came "Remnants of War", followed by HELSTAR's breakthrough album, "A Distant Thunder", in 1988. The success of "A Distant Thunder" ultimately set up HELSTAR's most critically acclaimed album, 1989's "Nosferatu".

          German heavy rockers SINNER are back with a new studio album and a revamped lineup. Joining mainman Mat Sinner (PRIMAL FEAR) and guitarist Christof Leim (THE NEW BLACK) in the group's latest incarnation are Alex Scholpp (TARJA, FARMER BOYS) on guitar, André Hilgers (RAGE) on drums and Alex Beyrodt (PRIMAL FEAR, VOODOO CIRCLE) on third guitar.

          SINNER is currently recording its new album, "One Bullet Left", in Stuttgart, Germany with Mat Sinner producing and Achim Köhler engineering. A September 9 release via AFM Records is expected. A single and video, "Back On Trail", will precede the full-length CD in early August.

          SINNER's last album, "Crash & Burn", was released in September 2008 via AFM Records. The CD was produced by Mat Sinner and Henny Wolter at the House Of Music studios and features guest appearances by Dirty Sanchez (percussion), Dennis Ward (backing vocals, percussion) and Nena (backing vocals). The limited-edition digipack version of the album includes two bonus tracks — "One Night Only" (written by Mat Sinner and Magnus Karlsson) and "Fast Decision 2008" — and the video for the song "Revolution".

          Allentown, Pennsylvania traditional metal band SINISTER REALM has completed the recording process for its sophomore CD, entitled "The Crystal Eye", due out in late May on Shadow Kingdom Records. Bassist and founder John Gaffney comments: "This album continues in the tradition of our first release mixing classic early '80s metal with touches of doom."

          With influences ranging from IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and BLACK SABBATH to CANDLEMASS and MERCYFUL FATE, "The Crystal Eye" promises to deliver heavy riffs with memorable melody lines. Plans are being assembled for the band to hit the road in the summer in promotion of the new album, including a Friday-night slot at the Days Of The Doomed Fest in Kenosha, Wisconsin on June 17.

          Formed in 2009 by former PALE DIVINE bass player John Gaffney and current PALE DIVINE and FALCON drummer Darin McCloskey, SINISTER REALM released its self-titled debut in August 2009 on Shadow Kingdom Records.

          "The Crystal Eye" track listing:

          01. Winds of Vengeance
          02. The Shroud of Misery
          03. With Swords Held High
          04. The Crystal Eye
          05. At the Hands of the Tormentor
          06. Signal the Earth
          07. Battle for the Sinister Realm
          08. The Tower is Burning

          Mikael Stanne (DARK TRANQUILLITY), Björn "Speed" Strid (SOILWORK) and Niklas Isfeldt (DREAM EVIL) recently stopped by Fredman Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden to lay down guest vocals on "Inner Monster Out", a track that will appear on the forthcoming third album from Brazilian female-fronted metallers SHADOWSIDE.

          SHADOWSIDE members Dani Nolden (vocals), Raphael Mattos (guitar), Ricardo Piccoli (bass) and Fabio Buitvidas (drums) have completed all the recordings and are currently putting the finishing touches on the new CD, which is being produced by Fredrik Nordström, who has previously worked with AT THE GATES, IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUILLITY, ARCH ENEMY, SOILWORK and BRING ME THE HORIZON, among others. The album will feature the song "Gag Order", which the band debuted during its recent two-month European tour as the support act for W.A.S.P. A June 7 release via SHP Records is expected.

          SHADOWSIDE's tour with W.A.S.P lasted nearly two months, hitting such countries as Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.

          SHADOWSIDE's second album, "Dare to Dream", was produced and mixed by Dave Schiffman (RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, AUDIOSLAVE, AVENGED SEVENFOLD) and mastered by Howie Weinberg, whose client list includes several gold- and platinum-selling artists, such as AEROSMITH, IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA, PANTERA and RUSH.

          For more information, visit www.myspace.com/shadowsideband.

          Hard-hitting Danish groove metal outfit THE BURNING has parted ways with bassist Thue Møller and is seeking a replacement. The band explains, "Thue has been struggling with tinnitus for a while, and, unfortunately, it has only been getting worse, and his doctor now advises him to quit music altogether. We are very sad to see him go, and we hope he will get better soon.

          "The band seeks a new dedicated, experienced replacement, that can step into a band with high tour activity. It's less important if you playing style is fast, technical or heavy and basic, as long as you pound that thing with everything you've got, can let loose, and have no problem being away from home."

          Intersted parties can contact THE BURNING at band@... or you can reach Tobias Høst by telephone at +45 20819101.

          THE BURNING's new album, "Hail The Horde", was released in October in Europe via Massacre Records. The cover art was created by Brent Elliot White, who has previously worked with MEGADETH, DEATH ANGEL and WHITECHAPEL.

          "Hail The Horde" was produced by Jacob Bredahl (HATESPHERE, PURIFIED IN BLOOD), while the drum recordings and mastering were handled by Tue Madsen (SUICIDE SILENCE, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, SICK OF IT ALL). The album features guest vocals by Scott and Bjørn Jensen (DAWN OF DEMISE) and Søren "Nico" Adamsen (ARTILLERY).

          THE BURNING previously stated about the new CD: "This is by far the most uncompromising, raw and natural sounding album we have ever done. You can actually tell that it is people playing; we left in small mistakes, and we didn't drum replace or any of that stuff. And the whole thing sounds like you are in the rehearsal room with cabinets and smoking speakers in front of you.

          "Musically, the backbone is heavily inspired by mid-Nineties groove metal, mixed with heavy, dirty rock choruses and crossover thrash. Not unlike the albums released by bands like PANTERA, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, SEPULTURA and HELMET during the mid-Nineties."

          Female-fronted metallers HOLYHELL have recruited drummer John Macaluso (JAMES LABRIE, FOOL'S GAME, ARK, TNT, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) for all of their upcoming shows.

          Drummer Kenny Earl Edwards (a.k.a. Rhino; MANOWAR, HOLYHELL, ANGELS OF BABYLON) announced his departure from HOLYHELL last month.

          HOLYHELL's debut album was released in 2009 via MANOWAR's Magic Circle Music label.

          Already prominent players in the metal scene, HOLYHELL's "Apocalypse" EP landed on the German chart after selling over six thousand copies in a matter of weeks by virtue of the band's live performances alone. Motivated by the response from metal fans worldwide, HOLYHELL went back into the studio and committed to delivering the best their multifaceted talents could produce for their first complete album. In addition to "Eclipse", "Apocalypse", "Last Vision" and "Resurrection", it contains nine new tracks of incredibly powerful music guaranteed to please the most discerning metal fans.

          Consisting of new female vocal sensation Maria Breon, a classically trained singer possessing a unique and powerful voice; shred lord Joe Stump, an acclaimed heavy metal guitar virtuoso who has already made his mark in the world of power metal; Francisco Palomo, the newest keyboard prodigy on the rock and metal scene; bassist Jay Rigney, one of the Boston area's top studio musicians; HOLYHELL mixes elements of classic metal and hard rock with orchestral arrangements and haunting gothic melodies, making HOLYHELL a tour de force of powerful, heavy music.

          Video footage of HOLYHELL performing a cover of the DIO classic at last year's edition of the Metal Female Voices Fest, which was held October 22-24, 2010 in Wieze, Belgium, can be viewed below.

          For more information, visit www.holyhell.com.

          Los Angeles-based progressive metal band REDEMPTION, which features in its ranks vocalist Ray Alder of FATES WARNING, has set "This Mortal Coil" as the title of its fifth album, tentatively due in the fall. The CD will be produced by Neil Kernon, who has previously worked with such acts as NEVERMORE, NILE, QUEENSRŸCHE and DEICIDE, and will feature the following working songtitles, among others: "Noonday Devil", "No Tickets To The Funeral", "Rain In My Soul", "Focus", "Dreams From The Pit", "Path Of The Tornado", "Blink Of An Eye", "Perfect" and "Departure Of The Pale Horse".

          Commented guitarist/songwriter Nicolas van Dyk: "The band was really happy with 'Snowfall On Judgment Day' and so when it came time to put together new material, with our own expectations for ourselves always on the rise, we gave a lot of thought to how to deliver the goods and step up our game yet again.

          "We have worked well with some excellent producers in the past and they have put their mark on our sound, especially Tommy Newton, with whom we did two records and who we tried to involve early enough in the production process to help shape the records. But even with Tommy, most of the involvement came after we were finished with songs.

          "For this record, I thought we could bring in an outside producer very early on. Someone to help shape the music and raise the bar for us, challenging our ideas and getting the best from the band. I knew I wanted somebody with a depth of experience that reflected the many things REDEMPTION pursues in its music: melodic but heavy; intricate and complex when called for, but accessible; a bit of virtuosity but always in the service of the song. This is a tall order, when you think about it. We would need a producer, ideally, who had extensive experience in pop music but also maybe jazz fusion, had worked with somebody like KANSAS, had worked with somebody like NEVERMORE, had extensive experience in heavy technical music (like, say, SPIRAL ARCHITECT or even somebody like NILE) and hopefully also had particular domain expertise in prog metal (maybe someone like QUEENSRŸCHE).

          "Fortunately, such a producer exists! I am delighted to announce that we will be working on 'This Mortal Coil' with Neil Kernon, whose extensive CV includes all of those bands. He has immense experience in song craft, creating compelling intricate music across a variety of genres. It's a great fit for what we are looking for right now. He is, simply put, a legendary producer and we are really fired up to work with him.

          "Neil and I have known each other socially for several years, and actually about three years ago he called me and asked if REDEMPTION would be interested in creating a ''Rage For Order' for the next century.' Uh, YES, we would! However, at that time, we were already down the road with 'Snowfall On Judgment Day' so I explained that we would have to table the conversation until the next record.

          "So when the time came to consider how to make sure our next CD is our best (a goal we will always have!) I thought immediately back to that conversation. And as Neil and I spoke about the possibilities, it became obvious to us both that this could be a very special opportunity to make a really great CD. So we are really going to dig into pre-production together beginning just a few weeks from now and needless to say, I'm really looking forward to it!

          "I've been working on the basic structure of the songs for a couple of months now, and the band is very pleased with how things are coming together. We are taking more time to explore different drum parts than we have done before, and working out bass and drum parts together in a more organic way than we have had the luxury of doing in the past.

          "So the songs are in a bit of flux now, but at this point it looks like we will have ten or eleven tracks, with a fair amount of compositional diversity between them but all having the strong melody, the aggressive riffing and the sense of emotional and musical urgency that we hope is core to all of REDEMPTION's music.

          "This is not a rock opera but the songs are tied together, loosely, by the theme of confronting our mortality. You can imagine, given my medical adventure, that what I experienced would make its way into my songwriting.

          "After pre-production, we'll get to tracking and mixing and all that good stuff. We are shooting for a fall release date, assuming all goes well. We're also planning some pretty extensive and cool bonus materials, which will be fun to do and which we think our fans will really enjoy. We also have some tentative plans right now to play out a bit more extensively than we did on the last CD in support of the record."

          In November 2008, Nicolas van Dyk was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a disease that he described at the time as "a particularly bad form of blood cancer which is generally considered incurable and which has a five-year survival rate of 34%." He now says, "I continue to follow the very aggressive protocol of my brilliant doctor, Dr. Bart Barlogie, who is quite literally saving the lives of people diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma — he's the only doctor in the world who believes it can be cured. As of now, I remain in complete remission and have been there for around fifteen months. If I make it thirty six months, Bart's data shows I am almost certainly cured. So I continue to take three nasty meds to (hopefully) ensure I remain in remission. The odds at this point are very much in my favor. Incidentally, I have a different blood cancer than what Nergal of BEHEMOTH is battling, but a small part of the aggressive protocol I underwent consisted of two
          blood stem cell transplants that Nergal recently underwent."

          Swedish metallers PAIN, who are led by HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tägtgren, are working on the follow-up to 2008's "Cynic Paradise". NIGHTWISH singer Anette Olzon, who also happens to be the girlfriend of PAIN bassist Johan Husgafvel, writes on her official blog that Tägtgren is putting the finishing touches on the new CD this week.

          "The album will be out approximately in June," she says, "and so far I have listened to seven of the songs and they are really good! The new songs are more aggressive, faster tempo and also include new elements they haven't used before. A more 'dark' album in the lyrics and also in his way of singing. One song is more like HYPOCRISY, so if you like that you'll have that one as a favorite."

          She adds, "When I first heard the songs I thought it was quite different from the last album and it is. The more I listen to the songs the more I like them and I think it will be a great one! I can see them do their famous headspins live to this album, too."

          "Cynic Paradise", the latest album from PAIN, sold around 300 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The effort was made available in North America on June 8, 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records. The North American version of the LP features an alternate cover and a bonus live CD recorded on March 23-24, 2009 at the Zenith in Paris, France during the band's European tour with NIGHTWISH.

          "Monkey Business", the latest video from PAIN, can be viewed below. The clip was shot at the band's aforementioned March 2009 shows<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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