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ICED EARTH Singer TIM 'RIPPER' OWENS On Illegal Music Downloading, Possibility Of Solo Album

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  • Robert/Rocknrollcola
    Sweden s Metalshrine conducted an interview with ICED EARTH/ex-JUDAS PRIEST singer Tim Ripper Owens on October 25, 2007 in Stockholm. A couple of excerpts
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      Sweden's Metalshrine conducted an interview with ICED
      EARTH/ex-JUDAS PRIEST singer Tim "Ripper" Owens on
      October 25, 2007 in Stockholm. A couple of excerpts
      from the chat follow:

      Metalshrine: Do you see any fear of not being able to
      make a living out of releasing records and playing
      live, since people are just downloading these days and
      artists don't sell as many records as they used to?

      Owens: Definitely, yeah! It's definitely something
      that hurts. I don't think people realize what they're
      doing to the industry. It gets silly, really, that
      people even think that it's right to download stuff
      for free. But I think it's starting... now they have
      so many sites where you pay to download, so I think
      that people more and more have done that. You have
      iTunes and the sites where you pay to download. It
      hurts. I mean, it definitely takes more away. It
      scales down touring budgets and they don't realize how
      much it scales down everything. It's a shame. You just
      release them and see what you can do.

      Metalshrine: Do you see it like totally getting away
      from the record companies and releasing stuff by
      yourself, through a website or whatever?

      Owens: I don't know. Maybe there will end up being
      more specialized companies that sell records. Maybe
      labels are gonna try to be more "online labels." I
      think they are trying to do both now. Labels obviously
      have to focus on the Internet and making albums. I
      don't know. It's hard to say. I think there will
      always be CDs for quite a while. People still want
      some CDs, they want the artwork, so people will still
      buy them. It's hard. I buy a lot of my stuff, the
      majority of it, from iTunes, but I'm still buying it,
      though, that's the difference.

      Metalshrine: Do you have any other projects going on?
      Have you ever thought of releasing a solo album?

      Owens: I have been kind of contemplating it. Maybe
      trying to make some type of album and get a bunch of
      different musicians to do it with me. My idea would be
      kind of neat to just try and get 5 or 6 different
      guitar players, or just different people who each of
      them write a song for the album and then I write the
      lyrics and the melodies. Just try to release an album
      like that, would be kind of cool. Try to get Scott Ian
      [ANTHRAX] on a song.

      Metalshrine: Yeah, I read about that. Scott Ian and
      Jon Oliva [SAVATAGE].

      Owens: Yeah, Jon Oliva. Have him do some songs with me
      and maybe get Michael Wilton from QUEENSRŸCHE to do a
      song and maybe even Jeff Waters from ANNIHILATOR to do
      a song. Get Chris Caffery [SAVATAGE] to do a song. I
      think it would be kind of neat. I'd also like to make
      an album with Jon Oliva. I think that would be fun.
      But I've got the BEYOND FEAR thing now and I have some
      other things in the works. I have some people who have
      sent me some music and I've worked on some songs with
      them, so we'll see what happens with that.

      Metalshrine: You've got an awesome voice, did you ever
      take lessons or are you totally self taught?

      Owens: I started singing when I was a kid and I was in
      choirs and had some good teachers. Something I was
      born with, you know. I think I would've rather been
      born to be a brain surgeon, then my wife would've been
      a little happier (laughs). It's something I was born
      with and had the natural ability to do it, but then
      I've taken care of it and worked on it. It's not I
      just took for granted. OK, I've got this gift, but I'm
      not gonna run it into the ground, which I've seen a
      lot of people do. A lot of practice have gone into it.

      Metalshrine: Just a few things about your JUDAS PRIEST
      days. Do you know if there's anything recorded with
      you that hasn't been released?

      Owens: No, I think everything's been released. There's
      nothing. No extra tracks or no extra things that
      hasn't been released. I'm certain that nothing's left.

      Metalshrine: If you got the chance, would you open up
      for JUDAS PRIEST?

      Owens: Ah, man, we would open for them any day. I
      mean, I think it's a great combination and I think the
      fans would love it. I think ICED EARTH supporting
      JUDAS PRIEST on a tour would be a good thing and I
      know Jon says the same thing. There are bands that you
      want to open for. JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, HEAVEN
      AND HELL. Anybody that's big. You know, METALLICA,
      that would be the opportunity of a lifetime to open up
      for anyone of them.

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