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Ex-ICED EARTH Drummer's BURNING INSIDE Releases New Material

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  • Robert/Rocknrollcola
    Acclaimed heavy metal drummer Richard Christy (ICED EARTH, DEATH, LEASH LAW, CONTROL DENIED, BURNING INSIDE), who currently works for The Howard Stern Show ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2007
      Acclaimed heavy metal drummer Richard Christy (ICED
      INSIDE), who currently works for "The Howard Stern
      Show", has issued the following update:

      "I have some great news for BURNING INSIDE fans who've
      been asking when we're going to have some new material
      out! We just released our third album worldwide on
      most payable download sites including iTunes,
      Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, and Sony Connect. It is a
      self-titled, six-song EP and we are extremely proud of
      it! With technology being so amazing these days and
      artists able to distribute music themselves over the
      Internet, BURNING INSIDE decided to release this album
      directly from the band right to the fans. I know a lot
      of fans have struggled to find our albums in the past
      but this makes it alot easier for fellow metalheads to
      find and buy our music, plus you get to sample the
      tracks before you buy them which is really cool. We
      wrote up a fancy press release to describe the album
      so here it is:

      "The third and possibly final BURNING INSIDE album is
      now available worldwide on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody,
      eMusic and Sony Connect. The album is a self-titled
      six song EP of technical yet raw, crushing death
      metal. The members of BURNING INSIDE are Richard
      Christy (drums), Steve Childers (guitar), Michael
      Estes (guitar), and Jamie Prim (bass and vocals). The
      drums were recorded at AudioHammer Studios in Sanford,
      Florida with engineer Jason Suecof, while the rest of
      the album was tracked at Stiffington Studios in Winter
      Park, Florida. This is BURNING INSIDE's first album in
      six years and their most technically proficient and
      well written album overall. The six songs range from
      blindingly fast to atmospheric doom and everything in
      between. Fans of true metal will not be disappointed.
      BURNING INSIDE was formed in 1995 by Steve Childers
      and Richard Christy, with members Jamie Prim and
      Michael Estes joining soon after. Since the beginning,
      BURNING INSIDE's goal was to have their own sound,
      super heavy and technical, yet melodic. They released
      the album 'The Eve of the Entities' in 2000 and the
      album 'Apparition' in 2001. Go to RichardChristy.com
      for more information on BURNING INSIDE.

      "Me and all the BURNING INSIDE guys would like to
      thank the fans who've emailed us in the last six years
      asking about new material, it's because of you that
      this album was finished and released!

      "Also, in more exciting BURNING INSIDE news, someone
      posted several videos of a live BURNING INSIDE
      performance in Tampa, Florida from 2003 on YouTube! I
      was really surprised and happy to see that somebody
      actually had some live footage of us that was of
      decent quality. You can find it on YouTube by typing
      in BURNING INSIDE TAMPA on the YouTube search, I'll
      also put links up on my website RichardChristy.com.

      "Also, I would like to thank the people at Modern
      Drummer magazine for including me in the new October
      2007 issue on its list of Top 50 All Time Prog
      Classics for my drumming on the DEATH album 'The Sound
      Of Perseverance'! It is an honor to be including in
      such a prestigious list that includes some of my
      favorite drummers like Neil Peart, Lars Ulrich, Steve
      Flynn, Sean Reinert, Chris Pennie, Mike Portnoy, Tomas
      Haake, and too many others to name. I am extremely
      proud and honored to have played drums with my
      all-time favorite metal band DEATH and my metal
      brother, the legendary Chuck Schuldiner.

      "Well, I gotta get back to blasting and banging my
      head to the new AMON AMARTH album, which freaking
      rules, by the way!"

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