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Re: [Axemaster] A Guitar's sound...

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  • Rod Cir
    From MY personal experience over the last twenty plus years playing myself as well as live AND studio mixing for various acts, the biggest difference is in the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2006
      From MY personal experience over the last twenty plus
      years playing myself as well as live AND studio mixing
      for various acts, the biggest difference is in the
      equipment used and HOW that equipment is connected ie,
      the order and individual settings of EACH pice of
      equipment. You said that between the cheaper and more
      expensive guitars that there is little difference. The
      best way to determine this is to take two of your
      favorite guitar designs like a Strat compared to a
      vintage Les Paul, there is SO MUCH difference that you
      would be hard pressed to NOT notice it!! The board(s)
      used to play through as well can be a huge factor in
      your individual sound. There are eq's built into EACH
      TRACK of a sound board that can either be used alone
      or in conjunction with an eq pedal. The rest of the
      effects (octavers, chorus or even the multi digi-tech
      units out there) that can make a major impact on the
      sound that you produce. Then there is pick-style for
      your individual playing that changes tonality and
      clarity of your notes. Techniques like palm-muting
      during play can give you more of a 'squealing' sound
      than just up and down strumming... there are way too
      many factors to list, these are just a few rudimentary
      examples of the factors that can and DO make a
      difference for each player... keep pushing your own
      envelop until you hit on what works for you and then
      TURN IT UP!! Hope that helps or at least clears some
      shit up for you... anybody else have any thoughts on

      --- CHRIS ANDREADAKIS <manowarking2001@...>

      > I would like to hear your opinion about this. I have
      > spended too much
      > time(years) on this and I still haven't a clear
      > opinion on the subject.
      > I am searching to find the factor which is possible
      > for the variety of
      > guitar sounds.Every group has it's unique sound...
      > After thousands and
      > thousands of tests etc. I have understand that the
      > guitars and amps
      > (WITHOUT EFFECTS) we all have reproduce almost the
      > same sound
      > <<colour>>. I think the reason for this is that the
      > bass,medium and high
      > (only 3 buttons) of most trade amps are regulated
      > and have almost the
      > same frequency range except of some amps that have
      > great highs.
      > The changes are very small.
      > 1)distortion amp - overdrive amp. Distortion amp
      > puts out a little bit
      > clearer sound than overdrive amp(more highs)
      > 2)expensive guitars put out a little bit clearer
      > sound than the cheaper
      > (the difference is very small-for me at least)
      > 3)Bigger amps makes more noise than the smaller.
      > 4)Some distorted amps have great highs.
      > So I have ended up with the idea that the factor is
      > either THE EQUALIZER
      > or the EFFECTS PEDAL. The equalizer must be
      > resposible because of the
      > reason that you can use many basses,mediums and
      > highs that will change
      > the frequency sound ,but some trademen told me that
      > it would not give
      > me another sound "colour".
      > They tell me to buy an effect pedal.So are all the
      > different guitar
      > sounds that we hear EFFECTS?!! used in a small
      > climax each one(to give
      > you the impression that there is no effect)? A
      > little bit of
      > phaser,flanger,chorus,autowah,pitch etc. compined
      > with i/o equalizer ?
      > Thanks for your opinion and patience to read this.

      Carpe Noctem, Carpe Morta

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