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ROB HALFORD: RIPPER OWENS And I 'Have A Wonderful Musical And Professional Relationship'

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  • Robert 666
    Classic Rock Revisited recently conducted an exclusive interview with JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow: Classic
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2005
      Classic Rock Revisited recently conducted an exclusive
      interview with JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford. A
      couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

      Classic Rock Revisited: When the title track to
      [HALFORD's] "Resurrection" came out, a lot of fans
      were going, "Damn, Rob is starting to sound like
      PRIEST again."

      Rob: "That was a deliberate effort on my part to
      reestablish the bridge back to the band. I felt that
      it was important to show that I still had a love and a
      dedication to metal. It was not an attempt to copy
      JUDAS PRIEST by any stretch of the imagination. I
      happened to work with a terrific producer named Roy Z,
      who was also a hardcore PRIEST fan, so much so that he
      ended up producing 'Angel of Retribution'. He really
      laid the tracks down in a way that was very important
      for the moment of reunification. I wanted to let
      everybody know that was still my world."

      Classic Rock Revisited: During the same time, JUDAS
      PRIEST found Ripper Owens. Deep inside, did that dash
      any hopes that you may not get back with the band?

      Rob: "Again, it is that unanswered question, isn't it?
      You just don't know. It is just a question of time and
      waiting and seeing. I didn't expect JUDAS PRIEST to
      sit around and wait for me to possibly come back or
      not. The band had to keep working. It took a while
      because Ripper was out there but they needed time to
      find him. He came in and did great work. Ripper is a
      great friend of mine. We have a wonderful musical and
      professional relationship."

      Classic Rock Revisited: Really?

      Rob: "Absolutely. Why shouldn't we?"

      Classic Rock Revisited: Well, he did do you very

      Rob: "He came from a tribute band to PRIEST. All the
      pieces were correct. Personally, I don't think they
      could have made a better choice. In his own heart he
      was waiting and hoping for the reunion. He stepped
      aside and was just as happy as everyone else was to
      see PRIEST reunited."

      Classic Rock Revisited: Tell me about the upcoming

      Rob: "We had a lot of fun in Japan. We were
      reminiscing about our early visits. We had not been
      there since our 'Painkiller' tour in 1991. We just
      brought in a DVD crew to capture it. When we looked at
      all the stuff we got after our two shows at the
      Budokan — which is very, very famous. It is like the
      Madison Square Garden of Tokyo. We watched our
      performance and we just knew we had to share this with
      our fans. It is not only the first time you see the
      band reunited but we are in a country that is part of
      the metal community. We wanted to have something of
      historical reference to capture everything that had
      been going on around us for the last 18 months."

      Classic Rock Revisited: When you came out and spoke
      publicly about your sexuality, a lot of people thought
      that would be the end of your career. There was a
      belief that metal fans were white trash, homophobic
      and small minded. They did not turn on you.

      Rob: "They didn't and it was wonderful, wasn't it? I
      think that just destroyed that myth. I, personally,
      was concerned about the backlash afterward. When I
      made the announcement, it was a very unpremeditated
      and off-the-cuff remark. It wasn't until 24 hours
      later that the fire storm went around the world and I
      wondered what the ramifications were going to be.
      Nothing negative came back from it. It was like
      everyone said, 'We don't care. What we want to see
      more than anything else is to see Rob back in PRIEST.'
      Metal fans are just as tolerant and compassionate as
      everybody else — probably more so, in this instance.
      It has not changed anything by one lick. The fans are
      still there, the show attendance is still there and
      the record sales are still there. It is wonderful to
      have them look at me and accept me for what I am
      outside of my musical career."

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