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    MUSIC EXTREME # 31 www.musicextreme.com - info@musicextreme.com Labels and Bands send your CDs, demos, etc. for reviewing to: Federico Marongiu/ Music Extreme
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2005
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      MUSIC EXTREME # 31
      www.musicextreme.com - info@...
      Labels and Bands send your CDs, demos, etc. for reviewing to:
      Federico Marongiu/ Music Extreme
      Billinghurst 2380 2-A
      (C1425DTV) Buenos Aires

      Hello again Extreme Music Lovers!!
      First of all we wish you a great year 2005 !!!!
      And we have a new issue out !!!
      Music Extreme #31 is online now at www.musicextreme.com !! We have
      surpased the 53.000 visits from over 90 countries in the world!! I am
      going to give you some details of what we have on this issue:

      Crucified Mortals
      Cryptic Warning
      Crystal Blaze
      Dead Pad
      Seventh One
      The Watch

      CDs and DEMOS REVIEWS: There are more than 200 reviews on this issue.
      the following artists have been reviewed: Aarni, Absent, Absent
      Society, Absentia Lunae, Achtlos, Aethellis, Agnosys.Ahumado Granujo,
      Aisling; Alamaailman Vasarat, All Parallels, Alpha Cat, Altars of Mad
      Death Vol.1, Amala,Andrea Torretta,Anger, Anima Damnata, AOP, Aphob,
      Arch Eney, Ars Macabra, Arsis, Ascendancy, Atrophia Red Sun,
      Audiopain, Autophagia, Autumn Tears, Ave, Aygghon, Babylon Mystery
      Orchestra, Baltak, Bethlehem, Bishop of Hexen, Bloodwritten,
      Borgogna, Braindead, Buio Omega, Bury your Dead, Byproduct, CAB4,
      Cancer, Capitollium, Caprice, Catafalc, Cerebral Noize, Chemical
      Burn, Chinchilla, Code Black, Corior, Corrosif, Crucified Mortals,
      Cryptic Vision, Dan Lorenzo, Dark order, Dark Shine, Darkthrone,
      De/Test, Dead by Dawn, Dead to Fall, Death Angel, Death du Jour,
      Debauchery, Decomposed, Deita Klaus, Der Eremit, Deviant Surgeons,
      Devil in the Kitchen, Dies Ater, Dimhymn, Din Addict, Dispersion,
      Dirty Infamous, Djam Karet, Doomed and Disgusting, Dynabyte, E-Force,
      Ectoparasite, Eden Weint Im Grab, Elenium, Emancer, Emeth, Emptiness,
      Endorphine, Ensiferum, Entwine, Erikm/Müller/Nakamura, Eskaton, Eyes
      from the Ashes, Facewreck, Farmakon, Finntroll, Five Fifteen,
      Flagellation, Fluttr, Forcefed Flesh, Forest of Shadows, Forgotten
      Suns, Forsaken, Frogg Cafe, Gergovia, Godflesh, Gods of Fire,
      Golgothian denial, Gordian Knot, Grim Aria, Guerilla, Handful of
      Hate, High Wheel, Holier THan Thou Vol. 5, Hyacintus, I-Reject, Ian
      Yeager, Illuminandi, Innerfire, Intense, Irritant/Golgotha´s Pyre,
      Jadallys, Jadis, Jason Kahn/Günter Müller, Jebo, Jeff Kaiser
      Ockodektet, Joe Satriani, Juggernott, Kotipelto, Kots, Kyle Honea,
      La tulipe Noir, Landmarq, Leisur Hive, Lingua, Lividity, Lowmotor
      Corp., Lunatic Gods, Lust of Decay, Madwork, Maggot Shoes, Manias,
      Manning, Mario Millo, Megadeth; Mermaid Kiss, Mincing Fury/Screaming
      Afterbirth, Misericordia, Monkey Hole, Moonlyght, Moonsorrow, Mord,
      Necrocide, Necrotic Disgorgement, Nightwish, Noname, Noswad, Old
      Man´s Child, Overhead, Pandemonic, Paranoise, Penetrator, Pica
      Fierce Plutonium, Psychotron, Pyuria, Rejected Youth, Rellik, Rite,
      Riverside, Rompeprop/Tu Carne, Ronin, Royal Downfall, Sanctimonious
      Order, Saxorior, Screaming Afterbirth, Serpent Soul, Seventh One,
      Shadowplay, Shatterpoint, Slight, Sodomized Monkeys, Sotajumal,
      Spiral Madness, Stockyard Stoics, Submission Hold, Sycronomica, Tanz
      der Nacht, The Abstractions, The Black league, The Enchanted, The
      Goddamned, The Pythons, The Watch, Thodde/Malnatt, Thorwald/Pulmonary
      Fibrosis, Three Sixes, Thy Gate Beyond, TOC, Torian, Tr3inity,
      Trepalium, Twilight Guardians, Twilight Odyssey, Unleashed, Vampyro,
      Vittorio Vandelli, Wasteland, Y.O.C., Zen Rock´n´roll, Zombi.

      NEWS SECTION: We have news from the following bands: Resection,
      Eidolon, Impelliteri, Sirenia, Torture Kiler, Psyopus, Loudness,
      Graveyard Rodeo, Yngwie Malmsteen, Voivod, Acheron; Darzamat, James
      Gilmore, Relevant Few, Norther, Exhumed, Down the Drain; Accept,
      Mesmerized, Waysted, Gorefest, Internal Bleeding, Scenes, The Project
      Hate, Invocator

      NEW RELEASES: We have added news from The Falming Arts, Embrace My
      Funeral Recs, City Canyon Records, Miriquidi Records.
      As always all bands, labels and artists are encouraged to send their
      material for a sure review. We review every material that is sent to
      us. Send your CDs, tapes, videos, fanzines, comics, etc, etc. to the
      following postal address:

      Federico Marongiu/ Music Extreme
      Billinghurst 2380 2-A
      (C1425DTV) Buenos Aires

      EMAIL: info@...
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