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Dream or Nightmare - Big step forward with new CD

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  • simsmetal@aol.com
    Hey!!!!      I m really happy to let you know that we ve completed the mix and graphics for our new CD which is titled Light Burning Bright Till the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2004
           I'm really happy to let you know that we've completed the mix and graphics
      for our new CD which is titled "Light Burning Bright Till the Dawn". After a long search, we've decided on a company to master the disc and have sent them
      our material; if all goes well, as soon as the mastering is completed we'll be
      sending the finished product off to be replicated and printed. It's impossible to
      put an exact timetable on this process (I'll get back with you once we have
      more of a definite date), but after all the technical problems and delays we've
      had recording and mixing this, we're one big step forward toward the CD's
           The disc will include 4 tracks of what we call "hybrid" metal (a unique
      mixture of the different metal genres, it doesn't fit neatly into any one specific category), and will be professionally packaged. It'll be a definite improvement
      over the prior material we released (2002 Demo) in originality, vocally, and musicianship.
           I'd like to personally thank all our contacts, fans, and friends who stuck
      with us and supported us through what seemed like endless delays with this
      project - you kick ass!!!! We've been working our asses off to make your
      patience worthwhile, and once you get the chance to check out the finished
      product you'll see that the extra time and effort paid off.

      Joe Sims
      Website: www.dreamornightmare.com
      Music Downloads (2002 Demo): www.metalnetradio.com/Soundz/Soundz.htm
      Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DreamOrNightmare/

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