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  • Robert
    Sep 12, 2013
      According to The Pulse Of Radio, BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi has posted an update at his official web site in which he recaps the band's just-finished North American tour, while also revealing that he headed right back into the hospital for more cancer treatments as soon as the trek was completed. Iommi wrote, "Well, we've finished the U.S. leg of our world tour. It was a bit longer than I would have liked as I've already been in hospital having another infusion. The tour was amazing though, you always hope it's going to go well but you never know, it's great to look out and see so many people of all ages." SABBATH has been touring in support of "13", the band's first album in 35 years to feature Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler and singer Ozzy Osbourne playing together. Iommi wrote, "The new songs have been going down well, we've played them enough now so we're comfortable and that helps the performance." Iommi revealed in January of 2012 that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma, which is described by the Mayo Clinic as "a cancer of the lymphatic system, the body's disease-fighting network." He described his "infusion" treatments to the Birmingham Mail earlier this year, explaining, "I have to have an antibody administered by drip every six weeks or so to keep the lymphoma in check. It sort of coats the cancer cells, stops it from going anywhere else. I have to come back home no matter where I might be in the world." He added, "The tour dates are arranged so that I can always get back for treatment. It's the only way I can manage my illness and keep on the road. I'd love to play more shows . . . but my health has to be sorted out first." The legendary guitarist said that his treatment is a relatively new process and doctors are not sure what all the side effects might be. He also said that it "takes around 10 days to fully recover from each round of treatment, but if that's what it takes, I have to accept it." BLACK SABBATH will next head to South America, beginning on October 4, to be followed by European and U.K. treks.
      The Star recently conducted an interview with DEF LEPPARD singer Joe Elliott. You can now watch the chat below. According to The Pulse Of Radio, DEF LEPPARD's recent Las Vegas extravaganza will hit the silver screen for two nights in October. NCM Fathom Events together with AEG Live and Network Live are bringing DEF LEPPARD "Viva! Hysteria" concert to over 250 theaters across the country with a full front-to-back performance of 1987's multi-platinum "Hysteria" album — along with a healthy dose of the band's greatest hits. Tickets for the screenings are available at participating theater box offices and online at www.FathomEvents.com. A clip of the "Pour Some Sugar On Me" performance from "Viva! Hysteria" can be seen below. Elliott shed some light DEF LEPPARD's recent Vegas residency at the 4,000-capacity Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, explaining, "We've been asked for many years if we'd ever play an album in its entirety, and the answer was always no because we'd be out promoting a new album. Then in March and April 2013 when we had no new music to promote, we had a chance to revisit arguably our most important album. It was an easy decision to make." He went on to say that the stigma involved in rock musicians playing "Sin City" has long passed: "As for Vegas, it's no longer perceived as the place crooners go to die! Artists like MÖTLEY CRÜE, ELTON JOHN, GUNS N' ROSES and CHEAP TRICK have recently done residencies and rock n' roll has definitely moved in! So, there was no better place for us to take the show. It was a fantastic experience for us and for our fans." Joe Elliott told The Pulse Of Radio that the band's humble beginnings back in England never even hinted at where they'd be today. "35 years after starting out in a little school in Sheffield, and then the next thing we're doing a residency in Vegas," he said. "It was never on the agenda back then, y'know? But being in a band more than seven or eight years wasn't either. So, at this moment in time you're just kinda making things up as you go along, because, things just keep appearing for us. Like; 'Hey — you guys fancy doing this?' 'Well, that's something we've never done.' And as soon as we can say that out loud, it's appealing for us to do it, ''cause it gets you off the treadmill." The theatrical showings will be followed by a companion DVD, Blu-ray and live album that Elliott tells Billboard.com will chronicle "the whole shebang" — not only the "Hysteria" set but all of the other songs DEF LEPPARD played over the two nights the show was filmed. "VIVA! Hysteria - Live at the Joint, Las Vegas" will be made available on CD, Blu-ray disc, DVD Video, and digital download in October at your favorite music retailer. * North America: October 22 * Germany, Austria, Switzerland: October 18 * Rest Of Europe & Oceania: October 21 * Japan: October 9
      In a brand new interview with the Las Vegas Sun, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine spoke about the reaction to the band's latest album, "Super Collider", and his plans for the follow-up effort. "A record is that — a record, a piece of time," Mustaine said of the fan response to "Super Collider". "I was going through a lot of really cool stuff with the band, but a lot of really heavy, personal stuff with my mother-in-law's Alzheimer's. So people like some songs, don't like others, and that's always been the way with MEGADETH's fans. They're opinionated. "I think when you have a band that doesn't really follow a set formula, people are going to react to certain songs and not to other songs. I mean, the very first song we ever did, we started with piano. Who would've ever thought that?" Regarding the recent reports that MEGADETH has already begun work on the material for the next CD, Mustaine said: "I do want to continue to write. I think it's fun to write songs and as a musician, sometimes you've got something stuck in your soul that you gotta get it out. "['Forget To Remember' on 'Super Collider'] is this whole process of watching this loved one in my family just melt in front of your eyes; it's hard. It really, really challenged what I was made of; she's still alive, but she's not there anymore. And how do you put that in a song if it's not going to be a sad song? It'd be pretty fucked up to make a happy song about something tragic. "So, yeah, we always have a lot of stuff we want to write about. I think it comes in due time. We're always picking up the guitar and making noises, sometimes it's a cool riff, and you're 'tape that real quick,' and other times it's 'stop.' [laughs] And that's the great thing when you're close like we are. We're four guys who are really, really close, and I can't tell you how many times I've gone into the jam room and told Chris [Broderick, MEGADETH guitarist] to knock it off, and he'll do the same solo for an hour and a half straight. It's Chinese water torture. [laughs] Mustaine was also asked if he ever feels the new stuff has to compete with his past successes or even just with nostalgia. "I don't feel like that, but some fans certainly act like that," he said. "We always hear, 'Make 'Rust In Peace' again.' It'd be real easy to do it, but where's the artistic integrity of doing that? And people say, 'You should get Marty [Friedman, former MEGADETH guitarist] back in the band.' Marty doesn't want to be in MEGADETH. He quit, he's a quitter, so get over it. And Nick [Menza, former MEGADETH drummer] isn't very healthy. Look at any of the video clips of him lately. So it's like either you're stupid or you're a dreamer. And when you make a record, you don't stake your whole life on the success or failure of any one song. Some people like it, some don't. ['Super Collider'] entered the charts at No. 6. If that's something to be critical of, then bring it. I'll take that all day long."
      Jammit, the leading music platform for jamming with original multi-track master recordings, has announced its partnership with iconic metal band MEGADETH. Jammit's platform allows musicians of all skill levels to isolate an instrument from the original master recording in order to learn individual parts for guitar, drums, bass, keyboards or vocals and play along with their favorite bands. "Whether you're a musician or a discerning fan, you can now tear into MEGADETH like never before and hear every nuance of each historical performance against the mega-accurate scrolling notation and tab, all cheaper than sheet music alone," says Frank Gryner, VP of operations at Jammit. The Jammit catalog currently includes isolated parts from "Rust In Peace", "Youthanasia", "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?" and "Countdown To Extinction", with more of MEGADETH's classics to follow. Created by renowned, multi-platinum music producer Scott Humphrey (MÖTLEY CRÜE, ROB ZOMBIE, OZZY OSBOURNE), Jammit is the definitive music platform that combines original isolated tracks with scrolling notation. This not only allows users to improve their playing, but also experience music from the perspective of those who originally created it. The free Jammit app is available on the Apple Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or as software for Mac or PC. Users can utilize their Jammit song files on multiple platforms for the price of a single download. The MEGADETH classics are now on Jammit.com.
      According to a posting on the official Instagram account of Philip Anselmo (DOWN, PANTERA), DOWN is back in "writing mode" at Philip's New Orleans studio, Nodferatu's Lair, for an EP that is tentatively due in early 2014. In a recent interview with Natalie's World, Anselmo stated about DOWN's recording plans: "We just wrapped up our touring for the 'Purple' EP, and actually, we already have a lot of ammunition for the next EP in the works. And I think we start heads-down work on that sucker in November. So I'm looking forward to that. And really, I think in November we can knock it out, and I think it's not too far-fetched to think that the next EP would be coming out within the first three months of 2014." Released last September, "Down IV Part I - The Purple EP" was DOWN's first in a series of four EPs to be released over the next few years (with a year between EPs), each touching on a different aspect of the band's sound. "Down IV Part I - The Purple EP", which heralds the sound of DOWN going back to its roots, with influences from BLACK SABBATH, SAINT VITUS and WITCHFINDER GENERAL, was released on purple vinyl on February 26. "Down IV Part I" sold 12,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 35 on The Billboard 200 chart.
      Part one of a documentary web series focusing on Swedish occult rockers GHOST can be seen below (courtesy of Vice's Noisey.com). Director Greg Olliver, who co-directed and produced 2010's "Lemmy" film and the soon-to-be-released psychological thriller/horror "Devoured", directed the video for GHOST. Filming for the series and planned feature-length documentary began on the summer festival circuit and continues through the year. The first episode features live performance, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from GHOST's tour in Sweden, Germany and Belgium. The project is being produced through Olliver's New York City-based production company Secret Weapon Films. "Greg has the perfect mix of story-telling acumen, musical taste and a fondness for the macabre... it made him the ideal choice to tell the story of GHOST," said Adam Farrell, creative director of the band's label, Loma Vista. "You can't point a camera at GHOST without every frame of footage looking like heavy-metal gold," said Olliver. "I was thrilled to hear that they wanted to work with me. "Making films with legends like Lemmy and Johnny Winter, who have well-known stories, is one thing, but to work with a band that's on a fast rise to fame and has a mysterious story which is currently unraveling requires an entirely different approach. Add in the anonymity of the group and the look that they have... and you suddenly have a whole lot to chew on as a director. The only downside is that I felt a bit silly on stage filming while NOT wearing a robe and black mask." GHOST's sophomore album, "Infestissumam", sold around 14,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 28 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD topped the official chart in the group's home country after selling nearly five times as many copies as the No. 2 album, MISS LI's "Wolves".
      Justin R. Beckner of Classic Rock Revisited recently conducted an interview with legendary Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Classic Rock Revisited: Do you ever get caught up in thinking about commercial appeal of what you're writing or composing? Yngwie: I did at one point, when that actually existed. The radio format doesn't exist, the singles don't exist. The record label doesn't exist. The record stores don't exist. That whole entire thing is gone. Classic Rock Revisited: Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Yngwie: Well, first of all is very bizarre, especially for someone like me. When I started out, it was very much like the guy with the big cigar in a big office saying, "I'll give you a record deal, boy." You had tour support, tour buses, local A&R people, the whole nine yards. I did that, but it's all gone now. It can be for better or worse, because if you don't have name recognition now. If you want to start out now, how the fuck do you do it? Back in the day, DEF LEPPARD said if they could get a few singles on MTV, they'd be able to make it, and they did. That happened with a lot of bands who did that back then. Now we have YouTube, but there are billions of videos and musicians on there and if nobody knows your name, nobody's going to look you up. It's a little bit weird, but in that sense, the music industry situation is really bad for whoever wants to start out now. The good part is that there is no longer this slavery to a certain format going on, where in the '80s, if you didn't follow format, they wouldn't give you the time of day. You had to conform to get a shot at a record deal. That's gone now, and it's bizarre. Classic Rock Revisited: The Internet changed a lot for the industry; piracy has certainly had a hand in changing the game. Do you think that piracy can be beneficial to some of those bands starting out? How has it affected you? Yngwie: How could it possibly be positive? If you go into a store and you see a car that you like, you can't just drive off with it. The cost and the blood and sweat and tears that go into making music is the same thing, it's not free. Try telling the engineer and the producer that they have to work for free. It's utterly bizarre. It's like just going into a store and taking things off the shelves. It's stealing. The reason there are no bands coming out now is that the money that was once there is not there anymore. So what happened was, in essence, by pirating music, you kill the music industry. The music industry died because of the piracy, and now all the fans will have no new music. Isn't that wonderful? It's a direct consequence of that. Classic Rock Revisited: I think that, with piracy, we've lost the album art, the liner notes, the waiting in line to get the next record. It seems that there used to be this aura of awesomeness that used to surround a new record being released. Now it's just a click away. One sad little click. Yngwie: Yeah, that's another aspect of it that I totally agree with what you're saying. But I think that kind of got lost with the CD a little bit too. I think when the LP went, that's when the art went. You know, when I was a little kid, I used to record cassette tapes for friends. So this music-sharing thing has been going on for a long time and the Internet just sped it up. Classic Rock Revisited: It seems to me that over the years, you've been portrayed as a musical dictator of sorts. Most bands talk about the glory of collaboration and all the great things that come out of that. I find it interesting that you feel differently. Yngwie: It's funny; I was just talking to someone about this the other day. Yeah, you've got Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and you've got VAN HALEN, who wrote as a team, and that's great for them, and I love that. For me, I look at it in the way that I am an artist. An artiste. When you're a writer, you write the whole book. When you're a painter like Da Vinci, you don't say to someone, "Hey, come over here and help me with my painting." There are a few reasons why I work this way. First of all, I'm so full of creativity that I don't need any other input. The other is that I feel so strongly about my work; it's like a burning passion to create something that is uniquely me. This comes with the full realization that you may love it or you may hate it. But this is what I'm going to do, and I'm not about to have any kind of discussion with anybody about how it should be done. I'm a very serious creative person. I don't compromise, because I don't collaborate. I tried it and I hated it every time and I was never pleased with the end result. I've been doing this way too long to change how I do things now. I'm not doing things this way because of some egotistical dictator type of reason. Ask Rembrandt if he would have liked for someone to come and paint in his paining. That's exactly how I approach it. I have to love what I do. If other people love it, I'm happy. If other people hate it, I'm still happy because I'm doing what I want to do. I'm a tennis player, I'm a boxer — I don't play team sports. I'm not a team player; I never have been and I never will be. In tennis, if I win, it's because of my serve or my backhand. It's a battle and is a challenge to myself. After it's over, I don't want to say, "Good job, pal, I couldn't have done it without you." I can't live like that. It's a lot of work to do things like that, but that's how it has to be.
      "I Am", a brand new song from American progressive metallers FATES WARNING, can be streamed below. The track comes off the band's eleventh studio album, "Darkness In A Different Light", which will be released on September 27 via InsideOut Music. Featuring founding guitarist Jim Matheos alongside classic-lineup members Ray Alder (vocals) and Frank Aresti (guitar), longtime bassist Joey Vera and drummer Bobby Jarzombek, the CD was produced by Matheos and mixed by longtime FATES WARNING engineer Phil Magnotti. The effort was mastered by Maor Appelbaum (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, SEPULTURA, ANVIL) at Maor Appelbaum Mastering in California. The cover artwork was designed by Conte di San Pietro. In addition to the standard CD jewel case and the digital download format, "Darkness In A Different Light" will be available in Europe as 2CD mediabook edition and as gatefold 2LP version (180-gram vinyl in black, red or white vinyl) with four bonus tracks. "Darkness In A Different Light" track listing: CD 1 01. One Thousand 02. Firefly 03. Desire 04. Falling 05. I Am 06. Lighthouse 07. Into The Black 08. Kneel And Obey 09. O Chloroform 10. And Yet It Moves CD 2 01. Firefly (extended) 02. Falling Further 03. One (live) 04. Life In Still Water (live) Regarding the song "Firefly", Alder said: "'Firefly' is very personal to me in more ways than one.... "After I had written the melody for this song, I knew immediately what the title was going to be, as well as the subject; it just fit the mood. "As for the subject, I'm pretty sure we've all felt this way at one time or another. "Sometimes things just don't work out the way you think they would, but that's okay, that's part of life... We move on. Ironically, while recording 'Firefly' in New Hampshire, I was outside the studio late one night, and there they were, floating through the trees in the forest! I hadn't seen a single firefly for at least fifteen years since I had left my hometown of San Antonio, Texas, so I kinda took it as a sign. A sign of what, I don't know... But very ironic nonetheless..." On the topic of "Darkness In A Different Light" as a whole, Alder said: "'Darkness In A Different Light' is the result of almost two years of very hard work from everyone in the band. "I believe that this lineup is the best that FATES WARNING has ever had, and I also think that it comes through in the music on this album. "It's been almost nine years since our last studio album and I couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished here. "We are looking very much forward to playing some new songs for our fans who have stuck by us over all these years. "We plan on touring as much as possible for 'Darkness In A Different Light' and hopefully we'll hit a few places we've never been." FATES WARNING will embark on a North American tour in November. The trek will launch November 15 in Joliet, Illinois and wrap December 14 in Seattle, Washington. The "Parallels" lineup of FATES WARNING played a number of shows in 2010 in support of the released special edition of the album, which was made available through Metal Blade Records. In addition to remastered audio, there is a second audio disc of live and demo material. The package also includes a DVD with nearly three hours of material, including a complete live show from the 1992 "Parallels" tour and a documentary on the making of "Parallels" which includes live, studio, and current day interview footage with all the band members, Terry Brown (producer) and Brian Slagel (CEO of Metal Blade Records). FATES WARNING's last CD, "X", was released in 2004 on Metal Blade Records. The follow-up to 2000's "Disconnected" was recorded at Carriage House studios in Stamford, Connecticut and features cover artwork by renowned record-cover artist Ioannis (DREAM THEATER, SEPULTURA, DEEP PURPLE, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, KING CRIMSON, BIOHAZARD, VOIVOD, UFO, OVERKILL).
      "Feast", the 14th studio album from Canadian thrash metal veterans ANNIHILATOR, sold around 800 copies in the United States in its first week of release. ANNIHILATOR filmed a video for the song "No Way Out" last month in Hannover, Germany. The clip is expected to make its online debut soon. Jeff Waters and his bandmates tear through each release with honest, raw power and energy, along with excellent technical skill, giving the metal world the most-tasteful mixtures of huge, metal riffs with the idea of the perfect song and some legendary solo shredding as the icing on the cake. That's why Jeff and ANNIHILATOR have been a major influence on countless well-known metal acts and musicians around the world. Tours with everyone from JUDAS PRIEST to PANTERA to TRIVIUM, plus dozens of headlining tours and festivals around the world, have been going on steady since 1989 for this band; no rest as the demand for this band never ends. ANNIHILATOR has been touted as one of the best live acts in metal music. High-end musicianship, tight playing and massive energy and fun are what these lads are known for. Their music? Honest, melodic thrash and heavy metal, combined with traces of blues, classical and jazz. Hell, there is even some death and punk in there, too. Says Waters: "We truly are among the few bands with a long history that have always waved the flag for honesty, integrity and perseverance in this hard-edged category of music." "Feast" track listing 01. Deadlock 02. No Way Out 03. Smear Campaign 04. No Surrender 05. Wrapped 06. Perfect Angel Eyes 07. Demon Code 08. Fight The World 09. One Falls, Two Rise Bonus disc: "Re-Kill" (best of ANNIHILATOR, re-recorded in 2012) 01. Fun Palace 02. Alison Hell 03. King Of The Kill 04. Never, Neverland 05. Set The World On Fire 06. Welcome To Your Death W.T.Y.D. 07. Nozone 08. Bloodbath 09. 21 10. Stonewall 11. Ultra Motion 12. Time Bomb 13. Refresh The Demon 14. Word Salad 15. Brain Dance "Feast" will be made available in the following formats: * Limited-edition eco-book + bonus disc "Re-Kill" (best of ANNIHILATOR, re-recorded in 2012) * CD jewel case * LP gatefold * Digital download * D2C fan-package ANNIHILATOR touring lineup: Jeff Waters - Guitar, Vocals Dave Padden - Lead Vocals Mike Harshaw - Drums Alberto Campuzano – Bass
      "Alone In Heaven", the new video from Finnish melodic metallers SONATA ARTICA, can be seen below. The song comes off the band's latest album, "Stones Grow Her Name", which was released in Europe on May 18, 2012 and in North America on May 22, 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was recorded in several studios all over Finland, mixed at Sonic Pump Studios by Mikko Karmila and mastered at Chartmakers by Svante Forsbäck. The effort was released as a limited-edition digipak, standard jewel case, vinyl and download. Commented SONATA ARTICA vocalist and keyboardist Tony Kakko: "'Alone In Heaven' got sparked lyrically after I had suffered few personal losses in relatively short period of time. Those will make you think about a possibility of afterlife and such things. At least for me it was like that. "I will always remember those passed on through this song every time we play it. "I was initially a little hesitant wether or not this is a suitable track for SONATA, being rather 'hard/soft rockish.' But the guys fell in love with it immediately and it fell right in on the quite mellow-mooded 'Stones Grow Her Name' album. I think it's a nice emotional rock song with some extremely beautiful parts to it. It has become a little bit of a fan favorite and crowd pleaser, being quite approachable and straight forward arrangement wise. Very live friendly track we'll surely play also in the future. The video is like the song, fairly simple and ...soft. Enjoy." "Stones Grow Her Name" sold around 2,100 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 9 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200. SONATA ARCTICA recently parted ways with bassist Marko Paasikoski and replaced him with Pasi Kauppinen (SILENT VOICES, ex-REQUIEM, WINTERBORN). According to Timo Isoaho of Finland's Soundi magazine, Tony Kakko has written around 50 songs for the follow-up to 2012's "Stones Grow Her Name", with plans to track and mix the effort over a three-month period beginning in October.

      Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal of Metal Assault recently conducted an interview with GWAR frontman Dave Brockie (a.k.a. Oderus Urungus). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Metal Assault: Your new album, "Battle Maximus", comes on Tuesday, September 17. What can your fans expect from this one? Oderus Urungus: Well, they can expect it to be the new album of GWAR music. But I'm pretty sure that everybody knows that already. I don't know what to say except that they will have an experience unlike what they've had with any other GWAR album because of all kinds of different reasons. First of all, the music is different, and secondly the guitar player is different. The songtitles are also different. So, you know, like every other GWAR album, it will sound unlike any other GWAR album but it happens to be a work of titanic mastery and it will leave them gasping with shit-stained pants and urine-clogged thighs, having literally lost their ability to hold their bowels together and it being released all into themselves, just with joy. Even after everything that GWAR has been through in the last two years, somehow we've made an even greater album than the last one. Metal Assault: On this album, what are the lyrical subjects that you've explored? Oderus Urungus: The album attempts to do three things at once. First, kick ass. Second, tell the next chapter in the story of GWAR's quest against all the insidious fucks who're trying to steal the secret of eternal life from GWAR. And also, the album is a tribute to our scumdog brother Flattus Maximus who departed to the stars and who we made this "Battle Maximus" for. Metal Assault: Usually does it take time or effort for you to come up with these lyrical themes or are you just natural and too used to it by now? Oderus Urungus: It's basically what I enjoy and it also describes the events that are happening in my life. My life is pretty fucking full of events! Shit is always popping off when you're Oderus Urungus. One second you're on tour, one second you're on TV, one second you're in the studio, next thing there's a superpower mutated fucking asshole is destroying the building trying to chop your balls off. So, basically, once I get through the battle, victoriously, I might add, I sit back in my throne and I ruminate about such things and they turn into the ideas behind our songs. It's a purely natural process. Sometimes it can take a lot of time and sometimes it can happen very quickly. And I have to say the new album is a combination of both of those things. Metal Assault: A lot of your critics or haters say that you're nothing without the costumes. But I think if you actually did the shows without costumes, people would get to see what it's like. Oderus Urungus: Well, the biggest problem with that idea is, they would not come to the show if they already had such an opinion. But you know, the thing is, anyone who says that GWAR is just a costume band is completely not getting it because I've been trying to explain the fact that these are not costumes! This is what we wear. I can't tell how many times I've said that. Nobody seems to understand what I'm talking about.

      Mikee Goodman of SIKTH and PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION fame has revealed details of his new band, OUTPATIENTS. The lineup will feature Yuuri on vocals, Mikee W. Goodman on vocals, Kieron Pepper on bass/keys/samples, Charley Olsen on guitar and Will Romain on drums. Mikee describes how the collaboration came about: "I went to Tokyo last year in a search for something new to inspire my mind. Finding Yuuri opened up many more possibilities. Her versatile style and unique melodic voice works so well with my own." He continued: "I phoned Kieron from Japan and he sent over beats to match our ideas. "It's heavy, got electronic elements and really tough grooves, but also contains epic, dark melodies. I am singing in a very aggressive style on most songs, which I like doing. "This band feels as if it has gone somewhere very different. "We are so excited about playing these songs live!” The band's first music video, for the song "Throw Rocks", can be seen below. "The 'Throw Rocks' music video was mainly recorded on one cold day in December 2012," explains Mikee. "Will, our drummer found this barn. It was falling apart, in total decay. A tree was growing through the bricks, and we even had debris falling on us throughout the shoot… But this was perfect for what we wanted, where we felt we should be, for the vibe of the song. After filming there, I edited and kept on adding new layers. "The song and the visuals really complement each other. I am really proud of it. We all are. "I actually think SIKTH fans would be into this band too, 'cause of the dual vocals and frantic nature, but this is very much out there on its own, in terms of style and sound."
      Live Metal recently conducted an interview with Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, SEPULTURA). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Live Metal: We're obviously here to talk about the new [SOULFLY] album, "Savages", which is due out Oct. 1, 2013. My first question is, what does "Savages" refer to? Are these savages of the past, present, or our society as a whole? Max Cavalera: It's pretty much mostly about right now and the state of the world. We claim to be sophisticated, and with the Internet and computers, but we're still decapitating each other, chemical-gassing people — it's just (savagery). I think the human spirit is still very much a savage, so that's why I thought the name would be cool. I think (savages) is a cool word, a simple word, but it works with the album cover, with the big skull. And we love the stuff that's going to go inside with the record. The lyrics — stuff like "Cannibal Holocaust" and "El Comegente", that deals with serial killers and cannibal people. I think all together it really works on the level and the whole savagery idea for the whole record. Live Metal: Obviously, you have been a part of so many influential and just classic metal records, again, going back to the SEPULTURA days, and even for those guys, too, it almost set the standard for everything you guys have done since. Now is this pressure that you feel going into each and every album trying to live up to the past SEPULTURA and SOULFLY albums, and to fans expectations? Max Cavalera: A little bit. There's always a little bit of pressure, but I work good with pressure. I think it's motivation. And it's always a challenge making a new record. I just gotta follow my heart really on an album and don't even pay attention about what people are gonna say. You now, a lot of people didn't like "Roots" when it first came out. There was a lot of negative reaction. And now it's a classic record. Now people praise the album. So you let the time do the talking. I think time fixes everything. And to me, the way I feel about records is, if the record's good and powerful, I'm good with it. And that's how I feel about "Roots", and that's how I feel about "Savages". It's a powerful record done from the heart and exactly what I wanted the record to sound like. And 10 years from now, we'll see where that record will be in people's minds. But I think it will remembered great. Live Metal: What's the status of CAVALERA CONSPIRACY? Are we gonna hear any more of that in the future from you and (your brother) Igor (Cavalera)? Max Cavalera: Yeah, we're making another record next year — all grindcore. I wanna do a grindcore record with that. Live Metal: A grindcore record? Max Cavalera: Yeah. (laughs) Live Metal: Seriously? Max Cavalera: Yeah, I think it would be really cool. People haven't heard that from me yet, and I think people will be surprised. I love that kind of stuff — (bands like) WORMROT, NAILS and PULLING TEETH. Just super-heavy with like one-minute songs and kind of old NAPALM DEATH style. I think Igor is going to go for it, man. I think we're going to pull it out. And then we'll really shock the world with that. Live Metal: That sounds very cool, very interesting. Max Cavalera: It's always good to do something new, something exciting. I thought of the grindcore idea when I was going through my music collection, and I thought, "I've never done a grindcore album. OK, well maybe it's time to do one? OK, let's do it with CAVALERA (CONSPIRACY) ... OK, let's do it." Live Metal: I'm not trying to put you on the spot here or anything, but with the new SEPULTURA album coming out with Ross Robinson as producer, I'm very interested to hear that. He, of course, did the "Roots" album and the first SOULFLY record, so I think I have good expectations for this thing coming out. Are you interested to hear their new album — or have you heard any of it — and what are your thoughts of them getting back together with Ross Robinson? Max Cavalera: Ross hasn't done anything good in a long time. He had spent the last 10 years without anything except Vanilla Ice or some shit like that, which I was like totally disappointed, you know? It's like, "What is he doing? What the hell is he doing recording with Vanilla Ice, man?" You know, ... that's not cool. I don't know. I don't really care for SEPULTURA. To me, I kind of don't care what they do. It's kind of a hard topic because I created the band and still consider that part of my life. And it's really hard to deal with the fact that they continue with the name without me — without any Cavalera. After my brother left, it was even more hard for me to look at them seriously. There's nobody original in the band. It's like if MEGADETH was playing without Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson, it would be like, "Why are they still calling it MEGADETH?" That's how I look at SEPULTURA, and I think a lot of fans share the same opinion. I talk to a lot of fans, and they don't take them seriously either. You know, I don't know, maybe Ross can get something out of them, but nobody else could. But I really don't care what they do. It's not important for me. I got all my life, my work, my projects, and that's what I care about. I've been in SOULFLY now longer than I was in SEPULTURA, and I love SOULFLY and I love what SOULFLY has created. And I'm very busy here, so I don't really give a fuck about what those guys do.
      Radio.com recently conducted an interview with KORN singer Jonathan Davis. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Radio.com: How has the band been since Brian's ["Head" Welch] return? Jonathan: One word: happy. It's so nice to see my bandmates, Fieldy and Munky and Ray, just up there smiling and having such a good time cause he's back and I missed him so much. And he's not crazy anymore. He's not preaching or doing any of that stuff. He was gone for almost ten years… he's like a little kid again. He's experiencing this for the first time all over 'cause he was so messed up on drugs, so I'm having a blast watching him. Radio.com: Seeing Brian's return, former drummer David Silveria [1993-2006] has made it public that he'd come back if asked. Jonathan: I don't think it's the right time or place… Right now we're really really happy where we're at. I guess that's all I can say. Radio.com: The first single, "Never Never" has a big electronic breakdown toward the end. Is that indicative of the rest of "The Paradigm Shift"? Jonathan: We wanted to do what we did on "Follow The Leader" when we infused hip-hop with rock. We wanted to write for fun, do interesting music and just see what happens and then add electronic elements after. "Never Never" is probably the most electronic one on the album. On this record there's a song for everybody. There's a song for old-school fans, a song for new-school fans, it's all over the place. I think it's the best album we've done in a long long time. Radio.com: In the trailer for "The Paradigm Shift", there's a focus on six words: money, fame, fortune, separation and depression. How does each one come into play on the album? Jonathan: I think money screws things up. I think money takes away from your creativity. If you get anything you want than your creativity goes away. It's an easy out. Fame has changed our lives. Being able to go and do things… do what we used to do. I remember when my oldest was out with me and people would come up to me, it would scare him and really freak him out. My other kids love it, they eat that shit up. I've bought everything I could dream of. I remember when I bought my first Bentley. I always loved those cars as a kid and growing up and I could finally afford one. And then it became the stupidest thing I ever bought. Over the years… I think money ruins everything. It's nice to have it and not worry about but it also brings a lot of problems. Addiction. This is pretty self-explanatory. I'm sure [Brian Welch] was depressed through all that, but I've always been battling depression so it's a part of our band. When he [Brian] was going through all that stuff, he had to separate himself from us in order to go get his head together again. He was a single dad. He had a daughter to take care of, he had all kinds of things going on in his life and he couldn't be in a band and deal with all that.
      Inner Wound Recordings has announced the signing of the Swedish power metal band PERSUADER. The group's new album, "The Fiction Maze", will be released late 2013/early 2014. PERSUADER was formed in Umeå, Sweden 1997, and has thus far released three albums: "The Hunter" (2000), "Evolution Purgatory" (2004) and "When Eden Burns" (2006). PERSUADER is: Jens Carlsson - Vocals Fredrik Hedström - Bass Emil Norberg - Guitar Daniel Sundbom - Guitar Efraim Juntunen - Drums Says PERSUADER: "So finally, we're back! A journey that began some five years ago has finally come to the end of the line and we're extremely proud to uncover the new PERSUADER album entitled 'The Fiction Maze'. "A lot of hard work was put into creating the perfect mix of everything we've done so far, expanded on the PERSUADER sound while keeping the core that is the band; heavy riffing, strong melodies, pounding rythms and soaring vocals. Combined with a crushing production courtesy of mixer extraordinaire Ronnie Björnström [AEON, APOSTASY, BONE GNAWER] this turned out to be quite a beast of an album, the true pinnacle of our career so far. "The time has come. Now join us through the fiction maze!"

      Ulterium Records has announced the signing of the Italian symphonic metal band SLEEPING ROMANCE. The group's debut album, "Enlighten", will be released on November 1 in Europe and December 3 in North America. The CD was mastered by Roberto Priori (DANGER ZONE, VISION DIVINE) and the artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, ICED EARTH). Featuring the emotional vocals of Federica Lanna and the epic songwriting of guitar player Federico Truzzi, SLEEPING ROMANCE creates something really exciting together that should appeal to fans in the scene. "Enlighten" track listing: 01. Hybrid Overture 02. Enlighten 03. The Promise Inside 04. Soul Reborn 05. Free Me 06. December Flower 07. Finding My Way 08. Passion Lost 09. Devil's Cave 10. Aeternum An album teaser can be seen below. SLEEPING ROMANCE will tour Europe with THEOCRACY in November.
      Former MEGADETH drummer Nick Menza was interviewed on the latest episode of the "Focus On Metal" podcast. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below. Menza has been writing, recording and producing constantly but only releasing sporadic singles for years. That will all change when he opens the floodgates with the upcoming release of his memoir, "Nick Menza: Megalife", by acclaimed writer J. Marshall Craig. "MEGADETH was a big part of my story," Menza says, "but it was just one part. Jeff [Craig] has got me to talk about it all!" Menza is currently negotiating a publishing deal for the book, which was written over the past 18 months. It features rare and never-before-seen photos of Menza with every band he's ever been in, including, of course, MEGADETH. "It's a memoir of music," writer Craig says. "But a lot more. It's a book about chasing the ultimate gig, the ultimate drum setup, the ultimate sound and, it will come as no surprise to Nick's fans, the ultimate aliens, government conspiracies and anything else his muse sees fit to lay across his path." Menza's first performance was at the age of two on stage at the Montreux Jazz Festival when legendary jazz percussionist Jack DeJohnette (Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Joe Henderson) placed Nick on his kit. Thirty years later, he was stepping out on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans every night. Menza, son of legendary jazz saxophonist Don Menza, was at the top of his game when MEGADETH started a world tour in support of its album, "Cryptic Writings", but began to suffer knee problems and escalating pain. Doctors diagnosed him with a tumor. Surgery waylaid the drummer briefly, but he was relieved to learn the tumor was benign and was eager to rejoin his bandmates, who had continued their tour with a replacement drummer. But deteriorating relations within the band exploded and Menza was replaced permanently. What does Nick have to say about it all now? "Buy the book. It's all in there!" "Nick Menza: Megalife", by J. Marshall Craig, is due in stores, in Kindle and eBook versions, in late 2013. J. Marshall Craig is best known for his critically acclaimed work as writer for Eric Burdon's "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood", THE ROLLING STONES keyboardist Chuck Leavell's "Between Rock And A Home Place", West Coast hip-hop history "Guilty By Association" (Damizza and J. Marshall Craig). Author of more than a dozen books, his work has been translated and published all over the world. The cover art for "Nick Menza: Megalife" is expected to be released some time next week. Menza will take part in The Rock N Roll Autograph Show, set to take place September 13-15 at The Westin Los Angeles Airport. The show will provide attendees to meet musicians and performers that have played a major role in rock music history. Proceeds from this event with benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Said Menza: "I'm very honored to be part of this major event, as well as seeing my good friend David Ellefson whom I have not talked to in years. I will be on sight for from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, September 15 signing posters for my upcoming book release. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the working title and cover art. Come on out; it's for a great cause!" Following the reissue of the entire MEGADETH catalog, Menza was invited to reunite with the band in 2004. Days after a reunion was announced, Menza was fired after rehearsals and replaced with Shawn Drover. Mustaine said that this was because Nick "just wasn't prepared."
      FMQB recently conducted an interview with FOZZY singer and WWE wrestling superstar Chris Jericho. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. FMQB: You're about to kick off your next North American tour with old school British Metal group SAXON. Why did you choose to tour with them, instead of a newer band? Jericho: SAXON is a legendary, influential band; huge all around the world; sold millions of records all around the world; and this is their first extensive U.S. tour in years. When the opportunity came up for us to go out with them, I thought it was a great mix because the most important thing when you tour with other bands is that you want to gain new fans. I've got a lot of respect for SAXON, I'm a big fan of theirs, but most importantly their new album, "Sacrifice", is one of the best records they've done ever. They're not phoning it in. They're still putting out great material and they're still a vibrant, living, breathing rock n roll band. It's a really cool mix, because there's going to be a lot of SAXON fans that don't know FOZZY and a lot of FOZZY fans that don't know SAXON. We all come from the same place, we both have very heavy but melodic music, and at the end of the night, I think we're both going to have new fans gained. People that are there that don't know one of the bands are going to leave as fans of both and that's the most important thing, so it's a great mix. Our last U.S. tour, we went out with SHINEDOWN and GODSMACK, and now we're going out with SAXON, so you get a real diverse, cross section of fans that are seeing us and that's the way to build our band. FMQB: One thing that's really impressive about FOZZY is the lengths you go to with your fans. How do the VIP meet-and-greets work before your shows? Jericho: We're very fan-friendly, from everything that we do on social media to the shows themselves. We demand a lot of audience participation from our fans, and we get it. That's one of the reasons we have such a great reputation as a live band. We started a VIP program a few years ago. I was looking at other bands doing VIPs, but I thought that bands were charging a lot of money and not really delivering a lot. So we came up with a whole VIP meet-and-greet system that's a little bit different from the norm. We let fans watch the soundcheck. If we're headlining, we have dinner with the fans, if not, we make sure to spend time with them and take them on the bus, and get to know people a little bit. It's not just a run-and-gun, and I think we've created a whole new society of FOZZY fans that met each other just from our VIP program. People have gotten married from meeting each other as FOZZY VIPs. It's a cool, underground society that we have cultivated. Especially in Europe, because we've toured there so much, and we're really excited about doing that on this tour as well. FMQB: What's next for FOZZY beyond this fall tour? Jericho: We have this tour with SAXON coming up, then I think we're going to Australia before the year's end. We've already started writing the new record. We plan to have all the songwriting done by the end of December, and start recording it in January, February and March, and then have it out and ready to for next summer. So that's the plan and we're excited, because there's a lot of great momentum with FOZZY. We've done a lot of touring on "Sin And Bones", I think we're up to 100 gigs already, and when you get to three digits on one record, that's success. So we want to keep that going and keep it rolling.
      "Worse Than War", the new video from Denver thrashers HAVOK, can be seen below. Directed by Roy Warner, who worked on the band's "From The Cradle To The Grave" and "Point Of No Return" clips, the video addresses the eight stages of genocide: classification, symbolization, dehumanization, organization, polarization, preparation, extermination and denial. "Worse Than War" comes off HAVOK's latest album, "Unnatural Selection", which was released in June via Candlelight Records. The ten-song CD was produced by David Sanchez, with mixing handled by Terry Date (PANTERA, OVERKILL, DEFTONES). It features original artwork from Polish illustrator Rafal Wechterowicz (SLAYER, MASTODON) and was mastered by James Murphy (ABORTED, WORLD UNDER BLOOD, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS). "Unnatural Selection" is a far more mature collection of songs when compared to "Burn" (2009), and "Time Is Up" (2011). HAVOK has truly hit their mark with a sound that will please fans new and old. Another standout is the band's rendition of the BLACK SABBATH classic "Children Of The Grave". "Unnatural Selection" track listing: 01. I Am The State 02. Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death 03. It Is True 04. Under the Gun 05. Waste of Life 06. Untitled 07. Chasing the Edge 08. Worse Than War 09. Children of the Grave 10. Unnatural Selection HAVOK is guitarist/vocalist Dave Sanchez, bassist Mike Leon, guitarist Reece Scruggs, and drummer Pete Webber.
      Eclipse Records is has announced the signing of OUR LAST ENEMY. The Sydney, Australia-based band features former GENITORTURERS and THE UNDEAD member Bryce "Bizz" Bernius on guitar. OUR LAST ENEMY caught the eye of Eclipse when they released their EP last year, and it climbed to the No. 2 position on the Australian iTunes metal chart, second only to MESHUGGAH, released on the same day. "When I first heard OUR LAST ENEMY, they immediately commanded my attention," states Eclipse president Chris Poland. "Their sound is just so damn heavy — like a ton of lead being balanced on your head!" "Of all the labels we had been speaking with, Chris and the team at Eclipse seemed to really understand what the band is trying to do and how to take us there," says OUR LAST ENEMY vocalist Oliver Fogwell. Bassist Matt Heywood adds: "Signing with Eclipse makes us extremely happy because they've been responsible for launching some of our favorite bands. It's a very exciting time for us." OUR LAST ENEMY recently wrapped up production of its brand new full-length album, "Pariah", for an early 2014 release. The CD was recorded at Temple Studios in Los Angeles, California with producer Christian Olde Wolbers (ex-FEAR FACTORY bassist/guitarist), who has previously worked with BLEED THE SKY, GOD FORBID and MNEMIC. OUR LAST ENEMY is: Oliver Fogwell (vocals) Matt Heywood (bass/vocals) Jeff Ritchie (keys/samples) Bryce "Bizz" Bernius (guitar) Zot Cillia (drums)
      "Essence", the new video from Costa Rica-based melodic metallers SIGHT OF EMPTINESS, can be seen below. The clip features a guest appearance by Whitfield Crane of UGLY KID JOE. The song comes off SIGHT OF EMPTINESS' third album, "Instincts", which features additional guest appearances by the following musicians: Glen Drover (KING DIAMOND, MEGADETH), Christian Älvestam (SCAR SYMMETRY, MISERATION, SOLUTION .45), Ralph Santolla (DEICIDE, ICED EARTH, OBITUARY), Ole Halvard Sveen (EXTOL, MANTRIC, LENGSEL) and last but not least, one that comes as a shocking-but-pleasant surprise, no other than the Minister of Culture of Costa Rica; Manuel Obregón, who plays the Marimba and the acoustic piano. "Instincts" was recorded at SoloHits Studios in San José, Costa Rica with Swedish producer Thomas "Plec" Johansson (SCAR SYMMETRY, WATAIN, MORS PRINCIPIUM EST, SOLUTION .45, MISERATION), who traveled all the way to Costa Rica to work with the band closely for about 22 days. The CD was mixed and mastered by Thomas Johansson at Panic Room Studios in Skara, Sweden.
      "Apocalyze", the new album from the Japanese quintet CROSSFAITH — featuring Kenta Koie (vocals), Terufumi Tamano (programming), Kazuki Takemura (guitar), Hiroki Ikegawa (bass) and Tatsuya Amano (drums) — sold around 1,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD, which was released in the United States and Canada through The End Records on September 3, was produced by Machine (LAMB OF GOD, EVERY TIME I DIE, FOUR YEAR STRONG), who also helmed the group’s "Zion" EP. Koie had this to say about the recording process and CROSSFAITH's ongoing relationship with Machine. "Once again, it was great to work with the legendary Machine! He understood us so well after working together last year on the 'Zion' EP, and he made sure that we made the best CROSSFAITH record possible. He definitely shared our vision for the future!" "Apocalyze" track listing: 01. Prelude 02. We Are The Future 03. Hounds Of The Apocalypse 04. Eclipse 05. The Evolution 06. Scarlett 07. Gala Hala (Burn Down The Floor) 08. Countdown To Hell 09. Deathwish 10. Counting Stars 11. Burning White 12. Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes In addition to performing at the prestigious Loud Park and Summer Sonic festivals in its native country, CROSSFAITH has played for audiences all over the globe, including at Australia’s Soundwave festival, Belgium’s Groezrock, Vans Warped Tour at London’s Alexandra Palace as well as supporting a diverse set of acts such as MACHINE HEAD, HATEBREED, AUGUST BURNS RED, PIERCE THE VEIL, PARKWAY DRIVE,

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