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Re: Display To Larger Screen

Try RS BA1 software from Icom. Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE Smartphone ...   You would think that with the 10,000 plus numbers of this
Sep 17

Re: Display To Larger Screen

You would think that with the 10,000 plus numbers of this radio sold that someone experienced in electronics would have cracked the code on making a mod to
Sep 17

Re: Display To Larger Screen

Hi Gary, How about replacing the 7300 for a 7610??? lol...... Just kidding! 73, Rich. de 5B4AJG No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However, a
R. L.
Sep 16

Display To Larger Screen

Has anyone figured out how to output the screen from a 7300 to a larger screen?? "Tired old eyes" sure would like to know!! 73, Gary J N5BAA
Sep 16

Re: 7300 Spectrum display with N1MM and Windows 7

Worked fine on my laptop running W7. Don't expect a bigger screen will make it look better. Resolution is still rather pathetic. Better off looking at a
Sep 13

Re: Icom RS-BA1 question

Moe This kit from Funk Amateur in Germany adds a 4 way antenna switch controlled by the IC7300 CI-V http://www.box73.de/product_info.php?products_id=3686
Sep 7

Re : RS-BA1 question

You could make a band decoder (analog voltage on pin 5 of the 13-pin ACC connector) Supposing you have a wire antenna for lower bands 160-40, and a yagi for
Luc D
Sep 7

Re: Icom RS-BA1 question

With just the software and the 7300...I think you are out of luck. The 7300 only has one SO-239 so there is no software control of an antenna "b" On Sep 6,
m rosenberg
Sep 6

Re: Icom RS-BA1 question

Well the LDG pro2 has two antennas used it in the past was thinking if there was some control on the remote to do this. Still looking but thought I would ask
Sep 6

Re: Icom RS-BA1 question

Haven't thought about that. There are stand alone products that can switch antennas...I only use the software to use the 7300 with my beam. I will have to
m rosenberg
Sep 6

Re: Icom RS-BA1 question

Thanks Mark was hoping that I could tie in with a relay on some function on the radio that would be controlled with the remote software Sent from my iPhone
Sep 6

Re: Icom RS-BA1 question

You can't switch antennas as far as I know 73 Mark 4x1ks On Sep 6, 2017 18:16, "moe19542000@... [ic7300]"
m rosenberg
Sep 6

Icom RS-BA1 question

Hello I have ordered the Icom RS-BA1 to run the radio remotely as well as a LDG IC-PACcable to connect the radio to the LDG Pro2. My question is can I switch
Sep 6

7300 Spectrum display with N1MM and Windows 7

Has anyone successfully used the SPECTRUM window with a Windows 7 computer? My computer bombs as soon as I select "SPECTRUM" . I know it works with Windows 10
Aug 25

Re: Touch Screen

Thanks. On Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 11:28:12 PM PDT, jan jan@... [ic7300] wrote:   Yes Responds as it shoud be No stylus
Danny Tiongco
Aug 24
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