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[IBOGAINE] NDE & waking REM events

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  • Dana Beal
    ... Maybe we re just in touch with our higher power. ... My higher power is as good as your higher power. In fact they are, I suspect, one & the same. ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2000
      At 6:42 PM -0400 9/26/00, White Light wrote:
      >Some people are, i donnt want to say in a bad way but *out there*
      >dana beal has PKD, patrick kroupa is tlaking about i dont know what
      >but he sees lights all the time and the purple light fixes
      >everything, nick sandberg is writing articles about the same thing.
      >the difference between all of u and NA is in na they keep telling
      >you to do all this to get intouch with your 'higher power' you guys
      >are *on* all the time.

      Maybe we're just in touch with our higher power.

      At 10:50 PM -0400 9/27/00, booker w wrote:
      >Hi. You're right in that for each addict it "takes whatever it
      >takes," and that seems to be a very individual road. I took
      >ibogaine 3 times - still relapsed. No doubt the ibogaine made my
      >relapse so uncomfortable that I knew I couldn't continue to get
      >high, but also didn't know how to stay quit. I know you don't like
      >it, but for me the 12 step road is definitely proving to be the way
      >for me to stay quit continuously. I resisted the 12 step route for
      >twenty-five years! Why...I don't have a clue as I am not stupid and
      >knew that they had the highest success rate. I was just too
      >stubborn and rebellious and hadn't been knocked down enough I guess.
      >Addictions are such a puzzle and again it seems to take whatever it
      >takes. It seems like if you just keep throwing stuff at it,
      >whatever you do, finally something softens and maybe it can end. I
      >only have three months clean again, but I do feel like I may've
      >found the lasting way to stay clean - the "tools" as they say. Even
      >tho I still desire to get high often, when I was getting high this
      >last time there was absolutely no real enjoyment of it and no peace
      >whatsoever. At least I have that peace now. In my opinion trying
      >more ibogaine could help, but I agree with Jane, just keep trying
      >anything. I had hoped that ibogaine was that "magic pill" too, but
      >even tho it made a lasting difference, it definitely wasn't the
      >whole answer.
      >Best of wishes and don't give up.

      My higher power is as good as your higher power. In fact they are, I
      suspect, one & the same.

      At 7:13 PM -0400 9/29/00, White Light wrote:
      >Patrick i've read some of what you wrote and no way am I doing that.
      >If you think ibogaine is weak as a 'headchange tool and spiritual
      >integrater' and follow it up with 2 or 3 mg of lsd because that will
      >'blow apart ego boundaries' you are you and you are not me. ibogaine
      >was not 'weak' to me, it was hell. I would rather spend 10 years in
      >NA meetings then eat 20 or 30 doses of lsd. I hate acid its even
      >more awful then ibogaine. I know u didnt recommend that to me but
      >even doing 2 or 3 doses is awful and I dont want to do acid or
      >ketamine or anything that makes me 'trip' i dont like it.
      >Nick yes the us and them people are everywhere. I'm not a us and
      >them person I think whatever floats your boat is fine. I am not sure
      >if its because i'm repressed or in denial or whatever people have
      >said to me through mail but you, patrick, are both saying that there
      >has to be something wrong with me if I like to get high. Maybe im
      >not you guys and i dont like pschedelic drugs, I like heroin. I want
      >to stay off it and will try what I can if i have to do ibogaine
      >again i will do it after that I dont know what yet but it wont be
      >lsd. all ibogaine had reminded me of is how much i hate pschedelics
      >and dont want to ever do them.

      Tried melatonin? Dreaming at nite definitely takes the edge off.
      Gives you a feeling of more SPACE in your head to fall back into, so
      life doesn't seem so jammed up. A pretty benign way to get some of
      the same NMDA action as Ibo--and naturally, while you're asleep.


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