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Re: delphi7: How to inherited and set a method in TIB_Query

Hi. You can override DoOnNewRecord() method. WBR, Dmitry Beloshistov AKA [-=BDS=-] From: IBObjects@yahoogroups.com [mailto:IBObjects@yahoogroups.com] Sent:
Dmitry A. Beloshistov
Nov 25

delphi7: How to inherited and set a method in TIB_Query

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33886240/delphi7-how-to-inherited-and-set-a-method-in-ibobjects-tib-query# I am trying to create a component descended from
Nov 24

Version 5.7.7 [Build 2340], Delphi 10 Seattle win32

Hello, i used before an older IBO Version and had no problems with the function below. Now i use the newest version on Delphi 10 Seattle and IBO and i get from
Gerhard Knapp
Nov 20

IBOTable and TDBEdit problem, using IBO4_9_14_b36i

Win7 x64, XE2, Firebird I only program for my research app, which means I don't get back to the code or need to add or change features often. Which
Nov 19

Path issues with C++Builder 2010

Hi, I am trying to upgrade from IBO 4.x to 5.7.5. I have uninstalled the old IBO and installed the new one. I can see the IBO components on my forms ok. When I
Shawn Devlin
Nov 13

Fw: new message

Hello! New message, please read aggelosch@...
Nov 12

Re: Edit of a Query with a SubSelect causes Exception

I have worked around it by using the OnCalculateField event to generate the data. But what really concerns me is how many other problems will I run into
Michael Horne
Nov 12

Re: Edit of a Query with a SubSelect causes Exception

... Stopped ... with the subselect in IBObjects v4. I agree that this sounds like an error, Michael, but why not try rewriting the query to circumvent the
Nov 12

Edit of a Query with a SubSelect causes Exception

Delphi 7, IBObjects 5.7.7 2340 I have a tib_query with sql that contains a subselect SELECT STOCKPO.*, (select sum(spod_ordqty * spod_cost) from stockpod
Michael Horne
Nov 12

Re: Lookup Table for TEdit

Now, i took a TIB_Grid for my problem. That works very fine. I thought, i could not see a very quick and easy way with the IB_ComboBox or IB_LookupCombo Olaf
Nov 11

Re: Lookup Table for TEdit

Re: [IBO] Lookup Table for TEdit Hello zahn@... , Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 10:05:37 PM, you wrote: Hello everybody, I try to combine a LookUp
Helen Borrie
Nov 10

Re: Method to change FixedRows Height in TIB_Grid?

Reply to myself, I found: TDrawGrid(MyIB_Grid).RowHeights[0] := 25;
Nov 10

Method to change FixedRows Height in TIB_Grid?

There is a method to change height of fixed rows without change regular rows in TIB_Grid?
Nov 10

Re: Firebird 3.0

Hi Carlos, thank you very much for this answer. I not tried till yet :) but nice to read. Am 10.11.2015 um 13:29 schrieb 'Carlos H. Cantu'
Gerhard Knapp
Nov 10

Re: Firebird 3.0

Re: [IBO] Firebird 3.0 Hi Jason, is there any plan to let IBO also work with Firebird 3.0 ? From IBSuregon i got a download link today form Firebird 3.0. best
Carlos H. Cantu
Nov 10
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