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  • Larry Arnold
    Jun 19, 2017


      OSFL speech impediment elucidated by one of my old birding buddies…


      I often get the hiccups after quickly drinking three beers!” 






      From: Larry Arnold [mailto:larnold47@...]
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      Subject: Avalanche!!!



      Of birds……     =)


      Missy and I are home from our trek north of the 45th parallel.  The Panhandle is one of our favorite places in Idaho at this time of year, light enough to use optics from 0430 hrs to 2130 hrs, feels other-worldly.  Our bird pile weighed in at 145 sp, of which 20 were year birds.  Favorite birding places included Smith Creek Rd, West Side Rd, Snow Creek Rd to Roman Nose (all in Boundary County), Johnson Creek Rd from Clark Fork, Hoodoo Valley (Bonner County), Moose Meadows, East Fork Rd, Freezeout (Latah County), and Seven Devils Rd to Heaven’s Gate (Idaho County).  Toppermost of many trip highlights were these:


      Boundary and Bonner Counties – Passerines were out in force!  Flycatchers, vireos, chickadees, nuthatches, thrushes, warblers, and northern finches.  Congratulations to you thrushes (all eight sp of you) for grabbing first place among the songsters!   =)


      Seven Devils in Idaho County – Speaking of avalanches, road closures due to snow slides are not always a bad thing, eh?  The Seven Devils road to Heaven’s Gate was blocked about two miles below Windy Saddle, forcing us to hoof it upslope from there.  We were rewarded with an extraordinarily scenic hike (on par with the Sawtooths), no wind, no people, no vehicles on the road, virtually no ambient noise, and *many* woodpeckers and corvids:  Red-naped Sapsucker 1, Hairy Woodpecker 6, Three-toed Woodpecker 5, Pileated Woodpecker 1, Gray Jay 5 (about 150 m past mm 16), Steller’s Jay 3, and Clark’s Nutcracker 10+.  The Gray Jays started dropping hard little pinecones on us!  LOL.   There was an Olive-sided Flycatcher / OSFL / with a speech impediment, singing in four syllables instead of the usual three, sounding kind of like a hiccup in the middle of its 3rd syllable.  LOL again.  I‘ve heard OSFL singing in January in E Venezuela that sounded more convincing than this guy.  Mammals thereabouts (6800+ ft elevation) were also a treat, e.g., Snow-shoe Hares and Loud-mouth Pikas. 


      Placerville area in Boise County – Several nighthawks at dusk (our FOY), Flammulated Owl 1, Northern Saw-whet Owl 4, Veery 3, Swainson’s Thrush 2, and Killdeer 1 (1130 pm).  I think we were inspired by birders like Stoddard who don’t know when to hit the sack.   ;-)


      In celebration of Birthdays, Father’s Day, Feather Days…… this trek rivaled our first pelagic trip out of Seward AK in search of puffins, oystercatchers, kittiwakes, etc. (Father’s Day 1994)

      Larry and Missy




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