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  • Bharat Dube
    ... From: Niraj Pandit Date: Oct 19, 2007 11:25 PM Subject: for our youn friends To: Bharat Dube This info also
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      Date: Oct 19, 2007 11:25 PM
      Subject: for our youn friends
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      This info also put on out group iapsm_young



      What's the big Idea?

      An idea is a business opportunity to improve people's lives and create value for individuals and communities. If it does that, it automatically makes marketing sense. And the simpler
      the idea, the more sustainable it is likely to be. Primary drivers for economic
      development today are the environment, Education & Healthy Living, so make
      sure your idea addresses one of these key areas. All you have to do is fill
      in the entry form, along with a short synopsis of your idea or project, and
      how it encapsulates sense and simplicity.
      Apply Now Then stand by for fame & fortune.

      What's the Idea about?

      Your idea could be a product, a process, a system….just about anything,
      so long as it presents a simple solution that improves life for many.
      Presented in a business model that is sound and sensible. That being
      the corporate philosophy at Philips, we would like to identify and
      appreciate all those who share this philosophy.

      Please visit


      Dr Niraj Pandit,
      Community Physician,
      Mobile 98253 71135

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