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  • bella2032003
    ... Welcome in world of Community Medicine /Public Health. There are bright future prospects and career opportunities in this field. Careers in Public Health
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      --- In iapsm_youthmembers@yahoogroups.com, Surya Bali
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      > Dear Dr Sunil, Sorry for being late in replying your mail.
      Welcome in world of Community Medicine /Public Health. There are
      bright future prospects and career opportunities in this field.
      Careers in Public Health will give you lots of satisfaction, world
      view, global thoughts, and obviously handsome salary. After doing
      your specialization in Community Medicine/ Public Health you can
      choose any of following mentioned branches for your super
      specialization. q Epidemiology q Biostatistics q
      Environmental Health q Health Policy q Behavioral Health
      q International Health q Health Management q Health
      Promotion q Health Administration q Mother and Child Health
      q Nutritional Health q Behavioral science/social science
      q Family Medicine Generally Public health functions include: •
      Health surveillance, monitoring and analysis • Investigation of
      disease outbreaks, epidemics and risk to health • Establishing,
      designing and managing
      > health promotion and disease prevention programmes • Enabling and
      empowering communities to promote health and reduce inequalities •
      Creating and sustaining cross-Government and intersectoral
      partnerships to improve health and reduce inequalities •Ensuring
      compliance with regulations and laws to protect and promote health •
      Developing and maintaining a well-educated and trained, multi-
      disciplinary public health workforce • Ensuring the effective
      performance of NHS services to meet goals in improving health,
      preventing disease and reducing inequalities • Research,
      development, evaluation and innovation • Quality assuring the public
      health function and many more. Distinctions Between Public Health
      and Clinical Health Professions Public Health
      > Clinical Health
      > Population
      > Individual
      > Health
      > Disease
      > Prevention and Health Promotion
      > Diagnosis and Treatment
      > Public health careers offer something for everyone. Epidemiology
      and biostatistics involve mathematics and modeling. Environmental
      health includes a wide range of science skills. Health
      administration incorporates business and management skills. Health
      education involves skills required to develop community-wide
      prevention programs. Health policy includes an understand of law-
      making processes.
      > Perhaps never has there been a more exciting time to pursue a
      career in public health. Why? Because....
      > Most experts agree that major advances in improvement of health
      over the next decades will not come from new medical findings or
      cures, but rather the broader development and application of
      population-based prevention programs.
      > Health services delivery systems are undergoing rapid change.
      Greater emphasis is being placed on health promotion and disease
      prevention as a means to reduce the costs of care by improving the
      health of our populations. These changes have created a broad array
      of new opportunities for professionals with advanced training in
      public health.
      > As the public has become better informed about the effects of
      toxic wastes and pollutants on their health, greater emphasis is
      being placed on assuring the safety of our communities as well as
      worker health and safety. As a result, there is growing demand for
      experts in environmental health and industrial hygiene.
      > Public health research is focusing more on women's health, and
      child and substance abuse, and an increased emphasis is being placed
      on behavioral change to prevent the risk of STDs, HIV/AIDS,
      tuberculosis, and unplanned pregnancies. Greater emphasis is also
      being placed on school health and the health of minority and
      disadvantaged populations.
      > A Sample of Related Occupations
      > Ambulatory Services Specialist
      > Health and Safety Officer
      > Physician
      > Consultant
      > Industrial Hygienist
      > Planner & Program Analyst
      > Counselor
      > Investigator
      > Program Director
      > Dietician
      > Managed Care Coordinator
      > Public Health Consultant
      > Environmental Health Specialist
      > Medical Officer
      > Public Health Nurse
      > Epidemiologist
      > Medical Program Analyst
      > Public Health Nutritionist
      > Health Center Administrator
      > Occupational Health Specialist
      > Research Assistant
      > Health Educator
      > Occupational Therapist
      > Residence Counselor
      > Health Officer
      > Outreach Worker
      > Social Worker
      > Health Planner
      > Physician Assistant
      > Supervisor of Medical Records
      > Health Policy Practitioner
      > Training Coordinator/Director
      > This is exhaustive mail just only to give full overview of this
      discipline. If you need further detail please feel free to write me.
      > With regards
      > Dr. Surya Bali
      > MD(Community Medicine), CDM,PGDHHM
      > Asst. Professor
      > Department of Community Medicine
      > M.L.N. Medical College, Allahabad University
      > Allahabad ,U.P., India, 211001
      > Ph: +919451848851

      Thanks a lot Sir...for providing this valuable information..Do
      you know of Public Health Schools in India..Can you provide the list
      of same..Thank you...

      Priyanka Jadhav

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