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India launches programme for child-health screening

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  • Vikash R Keshri
    Dear ALL, Please find link to an article published in the Lancet about launching of child health screening programme in India. The Indian Government
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2013
      Dear ALL,

      Please find link to an article published in the Lancet about launching of "child health screening programme" in India. 

      The Indian Government announced a new and ambitious child-health screening initiative last month that will run nationally, covering 270 million children. Tamoghna Biswas reports.
      Birth defects affect 6% of all children in India, which translates to a staggering 1·7 million birth defects annually. Developmental delays are also a substantial cause of morbidity in early childhood, affecting around 10% of children. That's why many experts have welcomed a new government initiative to screen children for birth defects and intervene early, although concerns have been raised about implementation of the programme.
      The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare launched the Child Health Screening and Early Intervention Services initiative last month under the umbrella of the National Rural Health Mission to provide targeted, comprehensive care to children aged 0—18 years.
      Follow link for detail report:

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