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  • Vivek Gupta
    Dear All, I wholeheartedly support the demands of the demands of the research scholars and scientists at MAMC.  Although AIIMS is being mentioned as a sort of
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2013
      Dear All,

      I wholeheartedly support the demands of the demands of the research scholars and scientists at MAMC. 

      Although AIIMS is being mentioned as a sort of standard in this mail but I would like to clarify that things are no less cloudy there even though it may be better off when compared to other institutes. It at least has a dedicated Research Section and a separate Dean of Research as well. My comments are based on my involvement with four research projects at AIIMS during 2009-2012 and as a resident doctor during 2003-2009.

      Salaries of research staff frequently get delayed at AIIMS as well in spite of a designated Research Section. The system of release of salaries is such that the research staff needs to hand back a signed salary slip each month to the research section. If the same is not sent on time, then salary gets delayed. Many a times it is due to non-receipt of funds from funding agency and many times, it is due to negligence of research section staff. 

      The recruitment of scientists at AIIMS was not a walk in the park but it happened after a pitched fight between long serving research staff and the administration. Further it is not a regular system of appointment in most departments. Even after recruitment of scientists, there's lack of clarity over their roles and positioning within the "hierarchy". Now there are unwritten rules that research staff should not be allowed to work continuously "without break period" across research projects so that administration will not be forced to recruit them due to continuous service. 

      With regards to hostel facility, AIIMS does not provide hostel to research project staff. PhDs can avail this facility but often there are delays. A married PhD gets a married accommodation where part of one flat is "shared" by two PhD students (although bedrooms are separate !). However this has to be seen in light of the fact that even regular MD/MS students have difficulties getting hostel facility in initial months there and married SRs do not get married accommodation before their final year. 

      Currently, there are very few avenues in Indian institutes for PhDs to gain the mandatory three years experience before they become eligible for faculty positions. Scientist positions within institutions are few and far between. Further many a times, I have heard senior faculty mentioning (but never saw any document related to it) that for a faculty position, if your experience after MD/PhD is Research (and not Teaching), only half of that period of research experience will be actually considered. 

      Another issue that I believe is not unique to MAMC but is pervasive throughout medical colleges and hospitals is the lack of standardization with regards to the stipends and pay structures of research scholars across funding agencies. ICMR has one set of scales for internal scientists while another for ad-hoc projects. Institutes also have their own internal scales. There are delays in notifications of revision of pay scales from major research bodies. Some institutes, there is provision of maternity and health benefits while in others there is none. For the same required qualifications and experience, there are multiple posts (with varying names) sanctioned in same facility with major differences in pay structures. These are often mentioned as fexibilities for PIs to get research work done. However, what contributes to "flexibility" in allowing project investigators to conduct research also contributes to "confusion" and possible exploitation for research staff. 

      Suffice to say that while Research is "said" to be one of the three key roles of Medical Colleges and Hospitals (apart from education and patient care), it is definitely accorded least priority. This attitude needs to change. I believe that the GoI must look towards establishing a set of Minimum Common Guidelines for all GoI supported medical institutions for PhD students and for handling research work. There are accreditation committees for hospitals (NABH) , and for educational role of medical colleges (MCI). Why not for the research role of these instutuions ?

      Dr. Vivek Gupta, MBBS, MD (Community Medicine)
      Assistant Professor,
      Department of Epidemiology,
      National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences,
      Bangalore, 560029,  India
      Phone:(+91) 9620751050,  (+91)9899410420

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      Dear respected Sir,
              With due respect and humble submission it is bring into you most kind attention towards the grievances of all Research scholars, PhD students and young scientists at MAMC and its associated hospitals. Although MAMC and its associated hospitals receives huge funding from the extramural research projects from DBT,DST,NCT,UGC and ICMR .These researc scholars are the backbone of the success of these projects .These Research scholars ,PhD students and young scientists contribute to majority of the research work of the Institute right from bench work, diagnostic work, writing of research proposals, submitting reports and communicating research publications, which is a long standing motive behind the success of these projects ” still  are treated isolated and discriminated. No health care and teaching will improve if research is no given priority. Large number of research scholars are looking towards leading institutions of the country such as AIIMS, MAMC, UCMS, LHMC, VMMC, etc. for their career development. We the research scholars have been facing various problems since years ago.Some of the issues are listed below .
      1.     Research scholars, PhD students and young scientists are not provided accommodation in MAMC and its associated hospitals.  
      2.     We are not getting salary on time.
      3.     There is no recruitment of scientist positions at  MAMC and its all associated hospitals .Although there is great need of at least one scientist in each department. If there is a recruitment of scientists in UCMS and AIIMS why not in MAMC and its hospitals.
      4.     There is no Research cell in MAMC and its associated hospitals .That is why we the Research scholars, PhD students and young scientists are not getting salary on time .There is a great need to develop an active research cell to look after the research projects and salary of these scholars. If there is a separate research cell in AIIMS, UCMS, why not in MAMC and its associated hospitals.
      5.     As of now MAMC and associated hospitals have more than 100 students registered for the PhD programme and more than 100 are working in different research projects funded by different funding agencies.
      6.     We dont understand, on one hand we acclaim that our country is an evolving superpower, but when it comes to investments in Scientific Institutions and thereby encouraging them, our country seems to be still a poor country. We wonder is technology alone can drive a nation and science as such has no role to play. If not, than why the science is lagging behind in our country?
      7. There is discrepancy in selection criteria and eligibility of PhD scholar in different departments in Delhi University. Why such discrimination exists when such things are not in AIIMS, and other universities.  
      At last, we feel that some immediate steps be taken and our problems be addressed at the earliest.
      Thankyou very much 
      (Research scholars ,PhD students and young scientists )
       (MAMC and its associated hospitals)
      To conduct research through outstanding programs that integrate diagnosis, prevention and cure of  a disease .


      Prof. Jugal Kishore
      Department of Community Medicine, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi-2
      Phone: 09968604249
      Executive Director (Hony): Center for Inquiry (India) 
      Advisory Member of *International Mental Health Collaboration Network 
      President (Hony): Kishore Foundations, Sabasva Foundation,

      Editor (Hony): Journal of Nursing Science and Practice, Research Review: Journal of Health Professions, Journal of Energy, Environment and Carbon Credit, Journal of Medicine,   

      Author of following books: 
      National Health Programs of India: National Policies and Legislations
      related to health; A Dictionary of Public Health; Practical and Viva of Community Medicine
      Question Bank Community Medicine; Textbook for Health Worker and Auxiliary Nurse Midwife  
      Inequity in India healthcare; Female feticide: An instigating of female status 
      Effect of educational booklet on depressions; How to prevent and manage your low back pain: A guide for health posture and and lifestyle; A Comprehensive Review of Community Medicine
      Biomedical Waste Management in India; Breastfeeding and college girls 
      A Pioneering Social Reformers of India; Great Warriers of Human Rights Movement From India;
      Vanishing Girl Child; Living With out God; Bhavnayen (An anthology of poems in Hindi)

      For my books please Visit http://centurypublications.co.in, http://centurypublications.blogspot.com 
      or contact: 09868010950

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