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Re: [medico-legal-queries] ALL INDIA IMA DOCTORS STRIKE

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  • surendernikhil gupta
    Respected Dr. Gupta, I personally feel very great about you, the way you are fighting for the profession. Such numbers are only on finger tips. The
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2012
      Respected Dr. Gupta,

      I personally feel very great about you, the way you are fighting for the profession. Such numbers are only on finger tips. The determination and grit that you have repeatedly shown is something marvelous. But I have been very closely watching you since long for your frank opinion for CEA and its near and distant implications towards the profession.

      I am of this considered opinion that when the right/wrong people are not coming forward on one account or the other, may be because of their ulterior motive. Forget that part.

      It is dire need of the time that you should yourself hold the legal reins, argue and win the case in the competent court of law. On the positive notes, show the way to the world looking at you, rather we should keep shouting at them. I AM SURE YOU CAN DELIVER THE GOODS.
      Thank you very much.
      With warm personal regards,
      Dr. Surender N. Gupta,
      PGDCHFWM;FAIMS;;MA (Phil);
      FIMS;MAE (Epidemiology); OCCRTI
      Faculty, Regional Health and Family Welfare Training Centre,
      Chheb, Kangra-Himachal Pradesh, India.
      01892-265472 (Fax); 01892-263472 (Office)
      Mobile: 094181-28634.

      -Editorial Board Member_African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

      -Member_National Editorial Advisory Board_Indian  Journal of Emergency Pediatrics
      Editorial Board Member_Journal of Environmental Science & Water Resources

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      Subject: Re: [medico-legal-queries] ALL INDIA IMA DOCTORS STRIKE
      To: "Arun Malhotra" <arun.jbp@...>
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      Date: Friday, May 25, 2012, 12:16 PM


      Dear Dr. Malhotra,

      I do not have a copy. I had made the basic draft which was modified by the local advocates concerned as necessary. I do not have further details except that--

      The WP has been admitted. Notices have been issued to the respondents. The Government has probably not yet filed the reply.

      Since the matter is of obvious interest to me, I have written to senior IMA people in TN and also sent them personal messages through senior doctors in Kerala / TN that I would like to have a copy and the necessary details and would be willing to provide help, gratis. There has been no response.

      I fully appreciate that nobody is bound to contact or inform me.

      Why the IMA is secretive? I do not know. Maybe it has to do with their general unwillingness to share with the medical profession necessary information. I strongly believe that the IMA website should have an interactive section where doctors should be able to pose their doubts / queries and the same should be replied by the IMA. Replying to them would mean transparency, which the IMA would not like, given its track record about getting crores from commercial giants for certifying the quality of cold drinks, Dettol and water purifiers manufactured by them. The case is presently in the Delhi High Court, courtesy the efforts made by Dr. K V Babu. The IMA has rewarded him by issuing a show cause notice to explain why he should not be expelled from the primary membership of the IMA.

      Hope that answers your query.

      Another example of mis-information / suppression of information:

      I had earlier been closely involved in drafting the WP for Punjab and haryana HC against the CEA 2010. It was, with necessary changes,  filed and argued by another advocate(s). It was dismissed. For many months the fact of dismissal was concealed. Then I was told that it was dismissed because the HC said--"lt is premature. Let the Act be notified first". After several more months, I came across a copy of the order. It says nothing about the WP being premature or the Act not being notified!

      --M C Gupta


      On 25 May 2012 09:02, Arun Malhotra <arun.jbp@...> wrote:


      Could I have a copy of the proceedings in the writ petition in the Madras High Court against CEA, which you have mentioned in the mail,
      What is there that the  IMA wishes to hide from its members

      Dr Arun Malhotra

      (Ex)Prof. M C Gupta
      MD (Medicine), MPH, LL.M.,
      Advocate & Medico-legal Consultant

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