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      You can also view this update at: ftp://ftp.solutionexchange.net.in/public/mch/comm_update/mch-update-65-290212.pdf (PDF, Size: 193 KB)


      Maternal and Child Health Community



      Community Update

      No. 65: February 15, 2012


      In this Issue

      Letter from the Moderator
      Dear friends,
      Greetings from Solution Exchange!
      The MCH Community had a flying start in the new year. The first discussion of 2012 on Universalisation of Double Fortified Salt received a very enthusiastic response from the community members. I would like to thank all the members for taking interest and sending their inputs on this query.
      Later in the month, the Guidelines for Mother & Baby Friendly Health Services were put up for discussion. The consultation received few but very useful inputs from the members. A special thanks to all those who contributed. A dissemination meeting is planned for 20th February, 2012 to formalise these guidelines.
      The month of January also witnessed the release of HUNGaMA (Hunger and Malnutrition) Report – 2011 by the honourable Prime Minister. The survey was undertaken across 100 focus districts and interviewed 74,020 mothers and measured 109,093 children in 4 months. One of the major findings of the survey was reduction in prevalence of child underweight from 53 percent (DLHS, 2004) to 42 percent in the 100 focus districts. You may access the full report here.
      The raw data for the Coverage Evaluation Survey done by UNICEF in 2009 is now accessible. The details of these are provided in a separate section in the update. Go to the Section
      There are some other important announcements in the update i.e NEW WHO South-East Asia Journal of Public Health, upcoming events, call for expression of interests which members may find useful.

      Last but not the least; I encourage all of you to join the MCH Community Facebook Page.


      I will be glad to receive your feedback on the update to make it more and more useful for you!




      Meenakshi Aggarwal

      MCH Community

      Solution Exchange

      Fifth Common Review Mission Report 2011
      Description: C:\Users\maggarwal\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Untitled.png
      The report of the Fifth Common Review Mission (CRM), conducted in 15 States, presents the findings by multidisciplinary teams of public health experts drawn from government functionaries, civil society organizations and development partners. CRM was held between November 8 and November 15, 2011, and covered ten high focus and five non high focus states and covered fifteen major components of the NRHM.

      The report can be accessed at http://nhsrcindia.org/crm_report.php 

      Upcoming Events
      From Prasad Pore, Pune
      CME on "Healthy Ageing"
      Date to be held: 4 April 2012
      Organized by: Department of Community Medicine, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University Medical College, Pune
      Last date for Registration: 20 March 2012
      Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University Medical College is organising a one day continuing medical education on healthy ageing keeping in mind the ever growing aging populations
      Recently Held Events 
      From Priya Desai, India Water Portal, Delhi
      Safe Water Dissemination Workshop
      Date held - January 19-20, 2012, New Delhi
      Organized by - PATH
      Report of the workshop available at http://www.indiawaterportal.org/post/23374
      The workshop shared learning’s and tools from PATH’s Safe Water Project and presented the experiences of other organizations that are leveraging market-based approaches to achieve a sustainable public health impact.
      From Shiv Chandra Mathur, Visiting Professor, CGG HCMRIPA, Jaipur
       Center for Good Governance (CGG), HCM Rajasthan Institute of Public Administration (HCMRIPA) is developing an anthology of success stories in health sector. The primary mandate is to compile the successful management of health facilities/program/project/event in the state of Rajasthan.
       We request members to contribute and help us collect material worth quoting in the direction of good governance.
      Call for Papers
      From Om Prakash Kansal, Becton Dickinson India, Gurgaon
      WHO South-East Asia Journal of Public Health – Call for Papers
      Visit Link to Know More: http://www.searo.who.int/LinkFiles/SEAJPH_Call_for_Papers.pdf (PDF, Size: 3.3 MB)
      A newly launched peer-reviewed journal which will provide an avenue to scientists for publication of original research work so as to facilitate use of research for public health action.
      From Anant Bhan, Independent Researcher, Pune
      Quality of Maternal Health Care: A Call for Papers
      Maternal Health Task Force–PLoS Medicine
      Last Date: 1 April, 2012
      Invites primary research (both quantitative and qualitative) and incisive commentary related to quality of maternal health services broadly, and more specifically in the areas that have been identified by the global maternal health community as critical needs.
      From Pavitra Mohan, UNICEF, New Delhi
      Original Data Set for Coverage Evaluation Survey (2009) Available
      The UNICEF has conducted the Coverage Evaluation Survey in 2009 (CES 2009) to assess the impact of the NRHM strategies on coverage levels of Maternal, New born and child health services including immunization among women and children. The CES 2009 covered all the states and Union Territories of India with funding from IKEA social initiative. The data was collected from 22,604 mothers/care takers of children aged 12 – 23 months and 22,984 mothers who delivered during 12 months prior to the survey. The original data set is now being made available to public for further and reanalysis purposes at user end. Please access the procedure of accessing the CES data at ftp://ftp.solutionexchange.net.in/public/mch/comm_update/res-65-290212-05.pdf  (PDF, Size: 50 KB)
      From Anna Schurmann, KHPT/IntraHealth International, Karnataka
      The Sukshema Project releases MCNH District-Level Situation Analysis Reports for the North of Karnataka
      The Sukshema project is providing technical assistance to the NRHM in the north of Karnataka with the goal of improving maternal and child health outcomes. To reach this goal, the project focuses on improving the availability, accessibility, quality, utilization and coverage of critical maternal newborn and child health services. As a part of the development of the implementation strategy for the project, situation assessments were carried out in the project districts. Based on the assessment findings, each of the eight districts has a District Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Situation Analysis Report, as a one-stop reference. The reports are available online at: http://www.khpt.org/sukshema.html.
      If you require a hard copy, please email: lakshmi.c@...
      Expression of Interests    
      From Shiv Chandra Mathur, Visiting Professor, CGG HCMRIPA, Jaipur
      Expression of Interest on “Policy Analysis on Public and Private Role in Health Professional Production/ Employment”
      By - The Asia Pacific Action Alliance on Human Resources for Health (AAAH)
      Last Date for Application: 16 March 2012
      Contact for further details: Prof Shiv Chandra Mathur, Country Focal Point at shiv_mathur@...
      The AAAH expression of interest will have activities focussing on country situation and member countries will report the progress and result of the research findings in the next AAAH Annual Conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in December 2012.
      Training Courses   
      From Smita Kumari, HLFPPT, Uttar Pradesh
      Foundation Certificate Course in Adolescent Health
      Date – 2-3 March, 2012
      Venue – Bhopal
      Last Date to Apply: 24 February 2012
      Visit Link to Know More – http://www.hlfppt.org/pdffile/2012/ARSH%20Brochure.pdf (PDF, Size: 1 MB)
      Enrolment Form available here.
      The training program aims at providing an overview of Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health especially in the context of NRHM.
      From Meenakshi Aggarwal, MCH Community
      International Seminar on Strategic Leadership and Management in Health Care
      Date – 19 – 23 March, 2012
      Venue – IIHMR, Delhi
      Last Date to Register – 10 March 2012
      Registration Form Available at - ftp://ftp.solutionexchange.net.in/public/mch/comm_update/res-64-310112-09.doc (DOC, Size: 43 KB)
      Designed to help participants strengthen their leadership and management skills to become more effective leaders.
      Resource Corner 
      From Jashodhara Dasgupta, Sahayog, Lucknow
      Maternal Mortality and Human Rights: Landmark Decision by United Nations Human Rights Body
      Editorial; by Judith Bueno de Mesquita and Eszter Kismödi; Bull World Health Organ 2012;90:79–79A
      View article here
      How many births in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia will not be attended by a skilled birth attendant between 2011 and 2015?
      Research Article; by Sonya Crowe, Martin Utley, Anthony Costello, Christina Pagel; BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2012, 12:4; 17 January 2012.
      The article aimed to generate estimates of the absolute number of non-SBA birth between 2011 and 2015 in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, given optimistic assumptions of future trends in SBA attendance.
      From Soumitra Dutta, Freedom from Hunger Liasion Office, Kolkatta
      India Health and Microfinance Community Newsletter
      Newsletter; by Freedom from Hunger, IIPH, Gandhinagar and Microcredit Summit Campaign; January 2012
      The newsletter presents the latest updates related to microfinance in health sector.
      From Priya Desai, India Water Portal, Delhi

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