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Re: [iapsm_youthmembers] New Executive for IAPSM Youth Committee

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  • Bharat Dube
    Happy B Day IAPSM Youth Committee !!!! This group is doing really commendable job by providing latest information, like important policy changes, forth coming
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2007
       Happy B'Day
                    IAPSM Youth Committee !!!!
                This group is doing really commendable job by providing latest information, like important policy changes, forth coming events, job opportunities, study materials and   good platform to young budding public health professionals to socialise in web world.
      My Best Wishes to Dr Sumit Malhotra and Dr Thiruselvakumar D.
      On 6/30/07, Chandrakant Lahariya <youth_iapsm@...> wrote:

      Dear Friends,

      Today, I would like you congratulate you all. Today is the first
      birthday of IAPSM Youth Committee. It was June 29 last year that we
      had starting this group after an initial discussion in a workshop in
      All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Since than, almost 150
      members have jointed this group, more than 400 messages have been
      exchanged, around 30 files uploaded with many downloads. The members
      have been benefited by this exercise immensely. The group got due
      recognition in the national conference of IAPSM in Delhi early this

      As the current chairperson of Youth Committee, I would like to thank
      and congratulate all the members for their wholehearted and
      coordinated efforts to make group activities successful. I would
      specially like to thank Dr Rajesh Kumar and Dr Bir Singh Former and
      Present Secretary Generals of IAPSM, respectively, for their special
      encouragement in these activities.

      As per the discussion in the conference, the new team of executive
      members would take charge of the activities of the group from July
      01, 2007. I welcome Dr Sumit Malhotra and Dr Thiruselvakumar D as
      Chairperson and Convener respectively, of this group for next one
      year and am sure their team would do wonderful job in next one year
      including during the forthcoming conference at JIPMER. I would still
      continue to provide my services as and when desired and asked.

      Thanks for your cooperation,

      With regards,
      Chandrakant Lahariya

      Dr Bharat Dubey
      JR-III, Community Medicine / Public Health
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