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Re: [iapsm_youthmembers] National Rural Health Mission - direction vs goals

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  • amit chopra
    To, Yahoo members of IAPSM Subject: Wishing a Very Happy and Colorful New Year, and a query??? Dear Madam, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2@@7. I am studying in MD 1st year in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2007
            Yahoo members of IAPSM
      Subject: Wishing a Very Happy and Colorful New Year, and a query???
      Dear Madam,
                        HAPPY NEW YEAR 2@@7.
                      I am studying in MD 1st year in Medical College, Jabalpur
                      Plz send me list of books essential for the subject.
                       Thanking Youn with Regards!
                                                                Dr. Amit K. Chopra
                                                                NSCB Medical College,

      neeti goswami <drneeti2003@...> wrote:
      Hi and happy New year to all,
      The experience shared by Dr.Kapil is sincerely appalling.But this as realised by all of us is ground level stuation.
      Plan of running PHC 24x7 in NRHM is also one of those long desired goals which surely can add impetus to NRHM, but present scenario raises only slight hope.
       Situations in two PHC currently assisted by our instituion  in Delhi are deterrant enough to decrease any young medico dream of promoting quality health care .
      Essential drug required are raely available but surely you can have few of the fancy and rarecombination and by all means syrup for kids (as simple as Vitamin A, cough and PCM syrup ) are too menial to be given place in PHC.
      Surely autoclaved instruments for CuT insertion are there(carried by our interns to the PHC),but  sterile gloves or for that matter water to wash the instruments and for OPD sinks is something you should not hope often. 

      "Dr. Kapil Yadav" <dr_kapilyadav@ yahoo.co. in> wrote:
      hi and happy new year,
      i would like to share from my brief and limited ground level experience on implementation of NRHM.. everybody i think is unanimous on the issue that NRHM is atleast good idea on paper,, the debate is whether its implementable or not..
      i got the chance to implement the recruitment of ASHA workers in a primary Health Centre in Haryana. The guidelines for recruitment are very clearly laid down in NRHM(the document on ASHA) but when actual recruitment was done I was the sole authority to decide,, anyways all said and done we recruited 37 ASHAs and despite discouragement and dissuation from all segments the group we got was good...
      but even though ours was the last PHC in the Block to recruit ASHAs and no training was given to our ASHAs they are carrying on their work to best of their abilities...
      As someone said "Failure is a rule in PUBLic HEALTH rather than an exception" but the way forward lies in Being optimist... because if we also start saying that Public Health Delivery is Impossible na is a failure then we r mearly repeating what people from Other discipline and administartion hjas been repeating for past many years..
      one of the best example of red tapism during this episode was that after recruitment when asked for training of ASHA, CMO said he didnt have funds for training but for their renumeration only,, when i applied for that he said but he can not renumerate them till they are trained... so i offered that i will train them give me the manuals,, he told me no u cannot,,, but funnily when i asked him to give me all this in writing he released the funds from next day itsel...

      DR RK SOOD <drrksood@gmail. com> wrote:
      Dear friends,
      Wishing u all a successful 2007.
      The concept of NRHM looks wonderful on paper. How much of this
      actually reflects on the ground remains to be seen.
      Let us initiate an experience sharing on the how the MRHM is being
      implemented: goals versus direction.We just need to take time and look
      around ourselves and document the situational snalysis.
      This can be a big achievement of IAPSM youth committee in terms of:
      Pointing out leaasons from failures of past programmes and compiling
      operational research for Advocacy for Mid course corections will
      definitely lead to a better health and preven wasteage of precious
      Looking forward to your inputs and a enthusiatic discussion.
      In case you have not yet studied this programme do go online at
      http://www.mohfw. nic.in/national_ rural_health_ mission.htm
      Dr RK Sood
      drrksood@gmail. com

      Dr. Kapil Yadav,
      M.B.B.S, M.D.(Comm. Med.), AIIMS.
      34th National Conference of IAPSM
      Feb. 22-24, 2007
      Centre for Community Medicine
      All India Institute of Medical Sciences
      New Delhi-29, India.
      Theme: " India-Vision 2020: Strengthening Public Health ~ translating ideas into action"

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